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70 Years of UFO Conspiracy and Cover-up Are Finally Coming to an End

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The government’s rules and regulations have always hampered the community’s effort to closely follow UFO sightings and ET encounters. But, the policy of debunking and denying the evidence of encounters with extraterrestrial objects is weakening. The 70-year-long effort of UFO cover-ups is crumbling.

It is said that when mankind acknowledges that there is other ‘life’ in the universe and it makes contact, it will be an important moment in humanity’s history. So, almost everyone agrees that there will be ramifications to such ‘contact’. But what if we had ‘contact’ with them years ago, and powerful institutions just hid it from the public?

As World UFO Day 2021 comes, the world is bracing for a potential release of information that will shock everyone. For over 70 years, highly trained individuals have been involved in reports of several interactions with things outside the world. These interactions have been investigated and documented but were ignored by most established institutions.

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It’s simple. Governments worldwide used the mainstream media to cover up and trivialize the reports about the subject. There’s even evidence that they’ve been doing this since the 1950s.

In recent years, a new acronym has replaced the term UFO – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP). This change hopes the sciences, academia, and media will be more open about investigating the subject. However, the stigma associated with this research makes it a ‘taboo’ for most people. With the trivialization and dismissal of the subject for so many years, it is unsurprising that people do not take these phenomena seriously. After all, for the longest time, no evidence was presented to them that would make them believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. But, they failed to understand that they were controlled by the propaganda machine created by the United States.

1 70 Years of UFO Conspiracy and Cover up Are Finally Coming to an End

In January 1953, a band of scientists met to figure out how to debunk the existence of flying saucers. Their meeting led to UFOs being debunked, trivialized, and scorned using all forms of media at the time. This group is now known as the ‘Robertson Panel’ headed by then-chairman Harold Percival Robertson. 

This policy effectively created the stigma that surrounds the subject today. Most astronomers won’t even consider the possibility of studying the mountains of proof on UFOs/UAPs. At the same time, those willing were either prevented from doing so or ridiculed to the ground.

Despite the huge powers trying to stop people from exploring the topic, there are developments. Recently, there seems to be a signal ending the long-standing policy of denying UFOs.

Last week, the US Navy Task Force submitted a preliminary assessment report to congress about the US Navy encounters with UAPs off the coasts of America. The report Cited 144 cases since 2004, and 143 remained unexplained. Given the resources of the US Navy, this statistic is surprising. We’ve also seen people from high positions in the government change their minds about this phenomenon. Senator Marco Rubio mentioned flying objects that aren’t ours in an interview. These objects were far too advanced to have come from other countries, and he wants them to be investigated.

2 70 Years of UFO Conspiracy and Cover up Are Finally Coming to an End

Another is former CIA Director John Brennan, who recently spoke at George Mason University. He said it’s arrogant for us to believe that we are alone in the universe. He said that some of the phenomena we could not explain are just things we do not understand yet, and they could involve activities from different life-form.

John Ratcliffe, a former director of national intelligence, said that some things are difficult to explain. We have to wonder whether our adversaries have technology far down the road than we realized. James Clapper, also a former director of the National Intelligence, Asked why they weren’t more transparent about the past.

And most surprisingly, former President Barack Obama also talked about UAPs publicly. On the James Corden Show, he revealed that there is footage of objects in the sky that we do not exactly understand. The way they moved and their trajectory was something we could not easily explain. The timing of the comments from these high-level individuals indicates that there is a possibility that the encounters we had before were real. And, if they are, the scientific community will now start investigating it properly. If it happens, this will have profound implications for the planet.

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