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Strange UFO Sighting in Antarctica Because of Satellite Images

We were able to locate what looks to be another another disk-shaped UFO in Antarctica thanks to recent satellite photographs. Antarctica, as we all know, is a very intriguing area to say the least.

There are several hypotheses that surround it, which we will not get into today, but what we will focus on is the latest UFO sighting beneath the ice of the Frozen Continent.

However, thanks to tools like Google Earth, we’ve been able to locate a lot of findings here without having to risk our lives visiting the area ourselves.

2 Strange UFO Sighting in Antarctica Because of Satellite Images

This is how the discoveries of today came about. As you can see from the caption and the image, Google Earth revealed what seemed to be a UFO buried beneath the snow and ice of Antarctica.

This finding was discovered by a UFO seeker who stated that it is plainly metallic and manmade in origin. Not only that, but the same program claimed to have found the location of the UFO, which they dubbed “Graham Land.”

3 Strange UFO Sighting in Antarctica Because of Satellite Images

The UFO looks to be either submerged deep beneath the snow and ice or, according to some, camouflaging itself away from mankind.

Because global warming is such a huge component in our globe right now, it’s very obvious that it’s one of the reasons why so many new UFOs are being observed in Antarctica to begin with.

It is estimated to be 12 meters in circumference and certainly extraterrestrial technology.

World Powers Could “Rescue” a Possible Alien UFO

Mars satellite images have shown a strange anomaly on the planet’s surface that is more than 182 meters wide and may be “recovered.”

2 World Powers Could Rescue a Possible Alien UFO

Images of the spacecraft on Mars’ surface.

Using satellite images, researchers discovered a strange anomaly in the Martian soil. This anomaly, which has a diameter of more than 182 meters, is supposed to be an alien spaceship.

The most astonishing part, though, is that some theorists believe world powers may “recover it.” Bringing it to Earth and utilizing its technologies will be conceivable.

A spacecraft has been discovered on Mars.

Artificial structures have already been discovered on the surface of Mars and the Moon. For years, there has been speculation about who owns this technology and, more crucially, if it has been seized by international powers.

Obviously, the technology needed to transport a crew to Mars must exist on Earth in order for this to be possible. As a result, it is believed that these improvements were employed not only to transport UFOs to the earth, but also to reverse engineer them.

The item, which is shaped like a heart, looks to be in perfect condition. There are only a few scratches and dents on the case.

Because of the power it bestows, this would make the thing a “valued treasure.” The UFO was discovered according to YouTube user UFOvni2012.

In the video, he claims that the original photo was taken on October 16, 2000 by NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor. One of the rovers with the finest imaging capabilities. So, pareidolia has been ruled out.

Is there a NASA cover-up going on?

3 World Powers Could Rescue a Possible Alien UFO

Steve Wingate is the most outspoken supporter of the UFO on Mars idea.

The user also mentioned that the ship’s landing runways, which were lengthy and upturned, were left behind. This merely indicates that the ship did not collide with the ground, but instead landed gently.

One of the world’s largest and strangest geological structures, Medusae Fossae, might be its habitat.

It is projected to be 965 kilometers long and spans Mars’ equator. Furthermore, the terrain has been worn down by constant winds and storms, giving it a smooth appearance.

It’s difficult to understand how the spacecraft ended up half-buried behind a shallow sand dune on Mars’ surface.

As a result, experts have pondered on whether this spaceship, which looks to be in good operational order, may be retrieved. If this is the case, you may be able to discover more about the ship’s technology and crew.

The image was discovered in a stack of photographs delivered to Earth by MGS, and it piqued the interest of NASA imaging expert Steve Wingate.

Wingate worked hard to get the unusual photos out there, but for whatever reason, it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves.

The image has been removed from NASA’s website several times, yet the original is still kept on NASA’s servers.

So far, the space agency has been mute on the matter. Theorists continue to speculate about the spaceship and whether or not one of the world’s powers will chase it.

Here’s the video:

Secrets of UFOs on Mars, real-life shooting, scientists baffled

Mars is the subject of several studies, and scientists have repeatedly sent probes and stations there, but it turns out that the red planet is studied by people from other planets as well. Evidence of the presence of UFOs on Mars is increasingly surfacing on the Internet.

Real-life shooting of a UFO in the skies of Mars

Researchers and laypeople who have studied photographs received by space orbital and planetary stations think the images depict UFOs on Mars and are actual shots of things from extraterrestrial civilizations. The instruments on Mars deliver intriguing visuals in addition to data. Many people believe that these mysterious objects are proof of the presence of UFOs on Mars.

The rovers broadcast a large number of frames that NASA is unable to properly explain. Some images clearly depict enigmatic things that resemble balls and other geometric forms in shape.

2 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

Several unexplained objects may be seen in one of the photographs transmitted by the Curiosity rover. The items were captured during a dust storm that covered the surface of Mars from sunlight for 14 days. These are bigger than grains of sand since they can be seen from a distance of more than one kilometer.

3 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

In addition, the Curiosity camera captured the following frame, which clearly shows how a UFO lifts flight from Mars. We arrived at this conclusion after noticing a trail that is pointing upwards. This demonstrates that the spacecraft is in the process of taking off rather than landing.

4 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

And here’s another image of Mars with mysterious objects. He drew the attention of aficionados of unexplained flying objects (UFOs), in which a UFO lifts off from the surface of Mars into space. Because the objects have the same form and size, they can’t be grains of sand trapped in the frame of the rover’s camera.

5 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

For 10 minutes, the Curiosity Rover at Mount Sharp observed a cylindrical UFO flying across the lens. The photos were taken on April 28, 2014. A careful examination of the photographs by ufologists demonstrates that the Curiosity research rover has captured with its cameras multiple times how a UFO lifts flight from Mars.

The Spirit rover also delivered a slew of enigmatic frames. NASA does not want to investigate the landscapes in further depth due to a lack of time and so ignores some aspects.

6 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

Here’s a frame from the Spirit research device, which allegedly recorded the flight of an unidentified object.

7 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

The picture below, sent by the Curiosity rover, also depicts a weird flying object. Scott Waring, a researcher, rejects the theory that the black disk in the photo represents a blemish on the lens of the study apparatus’s panoramic camera lens.

Secrets of UFOs on Mars, real-life shooting, scientists baffled

This incredible shot of an unidentified flying object in the sky of Mars indicates a real object since the sunlight is more prominent at the top than at the bottom. It can’t be anything else because the UFO is only visible in this frame.

UFOs allegedly crashed on the surface of Mars

In their frames, research gear caught not only flying objects, but also intriguing photographs from the planet’s surface depicting UFO wreckage.

8 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

Ufologists claim to have discovered the wreckage of a UFO on Mars, based on this image. They assume it was an extraterrestrial mothership since it was more than a mile long. The strange item has an odd elongated form with curled ends. This photograph provides undeniable confirmation of the encounter, and maybe the presence of aliens on Mars.

9 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

Another enigma captured by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is this frame. Scientists found the existence of UFOs on the surface of Mars after studying this image. Since there is an unknown item that landed on the planet’s surface and produced a massive crater. It is also evident that the spacecraft is in the shape of a disk.

10 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

A mystery UFO flying saucer was discovered half-buried in the earth in the Candor Chasma region. The trench shows that the disk was flying low above the surface when it collided with the Martian soil and came to a rest, half-buried in the ground.

11 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

This image does not depict a UFO on Mars, where a trace of its impact with the planet may be seen after the crash. Scott Waring, a virtual scientist, says that the acquired trace cannot represent a native Martian structure.

12 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

A weird item is plainly seen in this shot, which was given by Curiosity, and its form resembles flying saucers to earthlings.

Scientists who discovered a UFO on Mars’ surface believe that an alien ship that crashed many years ago is visible here. However, there is another point of view. Despite the image’s sharpness and the fact that it plainly displays a disk, the researchers argue that the study instrument just recorded the rock of Mars in this case.

13 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

This image also shows an extraterrestrial ship on the surface of the scorching planet. The photograph indicates the item has a metallic shine that contrasts sharply with the surrounding Martian dirt and surroundings. A spherical geometric pattern with sharp edges is adequate evidence that this is a man-made artefact. The crashed UFO is believed to be 200-300 meters in diameter.

14 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

Traces of UFOs on Mars were also obtained by another NASA-launched probe named Mars Odyssey. In form, this figure resembles a helicopter propeller. According to virtual archaeologists, the image depicts an extraterrestrial ship on Mars. According to them, the UFO made an emergency landing on the planet and collided with a rock.

15 Secrets of UFOs on Mars real life shooting scientists baffled

This image also shows the crash of UFOs that occurred on Mars. This photograph was captured in the Aram Chaos area of Mars. UFO crash relics have a particular form that distinguishes them from the rest of the planet’s natural topography. This UFO has the appearance of a domed flying saucer with an upper deck.

Look at UFO-Mars.

Every day, virtual archaeologists examine photographs delivered to Earth by Mars research spacecraft in the hope of uncovering something strange. The world is learning about the presence of aliens on Mars thanks to the efforts of such scholars.

The article discusses the most intriguing incidents in which UFOs have been detected by ufologists. The information supplied by them demonstrates that Mars is worth investigating not only for Earthlings but also for other civilizations. The discovery of UFO wreckage proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mars has been visited on several occasions by spacecraft carrying intelligent humans.

All of this is true, but only if the photographs from Mars are not a hoax. On the Internet, there is a plethora of data to support this claim. This is not a topic that will be covered in this essay. Follow the links to the articles below to find out more; the facts will astound you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well.

An extraterrestrial subterranean race. UFOs can enter the Earth from within.

In 1946, scholars began discussing an unknown subterranean population for the first time. This occurred when writer, journalist, and scientist Richard Shaver informed readers of the American paranormal magazine Amazing Stories about his encounter with subsurface aliens.

According to Shaver, he spent many weeks in the underground realm of mutants, which resembled the demons depicted in old stories and earthling tales. Almost every nation, by the way, has mythology about a race of ancient people that inhabited the planet Earth millions of years before man laid foot on it. They are infinitely knowledgeable, brilliant, and culturally evolved, yet they do not wish to interact with people.

It would be possible to dismiss this “contact” as the author’s exuberant fantasy, if not for hundreds of responses from readers claiming that they, too, had visited underground cities, communicated with their inhabitants, and witnessed various technological marvels, not only providing underground inhabitants of the Earth with a comfortable existence in its very depths, but also giving the opportunity… control the consciousness of earthlings!

1 An extraterrestrial subterranean race UFOs can enter the Earth from within

Surprisingly, this remarkable account made a great impression on scientists and brought a fresh push to the study of the paranormal. However, the English astronomer of the XVII century Edmund Halley, novelists Jules Verne in the novel “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” Edgar Poe in “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym,” and others asserted in their writings that the Earth is an empty globe.

Furthermore, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the United States of America contemplated preparing a special scientific expedition to establish that our world is a hollow ball with easy access to its depths through holes in the earth’s crust. However, as time passed, it became clear that going underground was not that simple. The “Kola Superdeep Borehole” is located on Russia’s Kola Peninsula in Murmansk and is the deepest well to date. In 1970, it was drilled for scientific objectives.

Five years later, the Kola Superdeep Borehole had reached a depth of 7 km (about 23,000 ft). Work on the project proceeded until 1989, when the drill became trapped in the rock at a depth of little over 12 kilometers (almost 40,000 feet or 8 miles). This is the most recent record of human depth.

1 An extraterrestrial subterranean race UFOs can enter the Earth from within 1

As a result, the Earth’s shell is considerably greater than scientists can excavate.

The intriguing environment of the dungeon piqued the curiosity of Third Reich scientists as well. For example, with the cooperation of Goering and Himmler, an expedition comprised of the most accomplished brains of National Socialist Germany traveled in pursuit of a subterranean civilisation in complete secrecy in 1942.

It was supposed that the “home” of antiquity’s super-developed peoples would be found on the Baltic Sea island of Rugen. The expedition had additional objectives. German scientists anticipated that if they could deploy fundamentally new radar equipment underground, they would be extremely close to achieving world dominance.

Two American miners, David Fellin and Henry Thorne, were constructing a tunnel in 1963 when they noticed a massive door behind which marble stairs dropped.

This narrative takes us to August 13, 1963, in Shepton, Pennsylvania, in the anthracite coal area of Schuylkill County, when the legendary catastrophe and rescue at the Sheptonmine occurred. A mining shaft collapsed, trapping three miners 330 feet down.

On Tuesday, August 27, about two weeks later, two of the miners, Henry Throne and David Fellin, were safely brought to the surface after rescuers successfully drilled a 17 1/2-inch and then a 28-inch hole in their chamber, while the third miner, Lou Bova, who was trapped in another part of the mine, unfortunately died.

The story of Throne and Fellin’s survival and rescue was enough to draw the attention of the entire world, but it was what they claimed to have seen and heard while in the mine (in addition to marble stairs, they saw humanoid figures and other interesting things) that drew public attention, statements that both men swore to be authentic, both individually and publicly, decisive statements that they took to the grave, despite the fact that others believed that th

On August 29, 1963, the Philadelphia Inquirer published David Felin’s “affidavit,” in which he stated:

They're now claiming that it was all hallucinations and that we made it all up. That is not the case. Our imaginations were not deceiving us. I've always been a realistic, hard-headed miner. My mind was clear when I returned to the mine. It is still obvious.

Fellin went on to say that some of what he and Throne observed could not be explained in words, while on the other side, he stated:

We spotted this door on the fourth or fifth day, despite the fact that there was no light from above or from our helmets. The door was illuminated by a brilliant blue light. It was very clear, much better than sunshine. The door was opened by two ordinary-looking males who were not miners. On the opposite side, we noticed lovely marble steps. We observed it for a while, then it disappeared... We've seen a lot of strange occurrences that we can't explain. But I'm not going to tell you about them since I'm still processing everything.

The findings of anthropologist James McCann, who explored a cave in Idaho that is well-known among the local people, is also intriguing. After many hundred meters of careful moving through a vast stone passage, McCann and his comrades heard shouts and groans, and soon awful findings in the form of human bones loomed before them. Unfortunately, further research of the cave, which was thought to be the gateway to the underworld in these sections, had to be halted since the sulfur stench was absolutely intolerable. In terms of scientific opinion, geologists do not agree with the hypothesis of the Earth’s omnipresent hollow, however they do not rule out the possibility of massive gaps in its bowels.

People are unlikely to be able to live there since our planet contains not only a pretty high temperature, but also very little oxygen, as well as other gases that are incompatible with human existence. All of this spurred intrepid scholars to concoct a novel theory: might a subterranean society be of alien origin? And why shouldn’t they? Perhaps alien entities, bored of mankind’s incessant wars and conflict, relocated below, from which they continue to observe our progress…

And it is from underground, not from other galaxies, that they appear in the skies in flying saucers, come into touch with humanity, and do horrific experiments on them. But a logical dilemma emerges here: if our Earth is still empty on the inside, why hasn’t the entry to the underworld been located yet?

Everything is extremely straightforward. In every manner conceivable, our science obstructs alternative research. Needless to say, excavations are not permitted even in the desert, but if old maps are to be believed, Africa once had a vibrant city and a lot of vegetation. Many dwellings across the world are buried to a depth of less than one meter, which cannot be justified just by the cultural layer. Why do we base everything on basic species judgements – that’s where gases and you can’t survive. In practice, we know little about the Earth’s internal structure. Some hypotheses and circumstantial evidence

1 An extraterrestrial subterranean race UFOs can enter the Earth from within 2

At the same moment, the observations of eyewitnesses from all around the world demonstrate. UFOs are frequently spotted around volcano vents and mountains. Don’t forget about the plethora of unexplained undersea things. Should I remind you how much of the ocean has already been explored? Not more than 7%!!!!! As a result, claiming that scientists have complete understanding of the Earth and that there are no entrances or underground civilizations is ridiculous. This is a desire to conceal rather than learn. I hope that the spirit of the researcher lives on in you, my readers, and that we will be able to discover answers to our problems together.

A Flying Saucer Emerges From The Ice in Antarctica

Everyone knows there’s something unusual going on in Antarctica, but no one appears to be able to do anything about it because it’s so far away and inhospitable.

UFOs are actually falling out of the ice as it thaws due to global warming (believe it or not, but global warming is a thing, it’s been proven), therefore there will be a lot more UFOs physically falling out of the ice. It’s melting the ice faster than ever before, and on the other end of the spectrum, it’s revealing fresh new archeological findings like thousands of years old Viking bow and arrows throughout Europe and the surrounding countries, which is interesting stuff that you should look into as well.

A Flying Saucer Emerges From The Ice in Antarctica
Credit: History Channel YouTube

Antarctica is also providing spectacular and wonderful discoveries to Google Earth users. But keep in mind that Antarctica is immense, with nothing but snow and ice falling on massive mountains. There are lakes, and while the majority of them are frozen, some are not. There are several unusual anomalies to be uncovered right now, as well as some of the top UFO sightings. You can see what I mean if you seek up UFOs and Antarctica on Google.

This is a silver UFO with a gleaming silver bezel that wraps around the whole circumference of the UFO. I honestly believe it’s the exterior of a metallic grey UFO. Here’s another unusual aspect of this story that made me wonder when it was discovered. I’m really certain that this UFO was discovered a long time ago, however it appears that someone has lately unearthed this amazing Flying Saucer; it doesn’t matter, but the facts do, right? It’s almost as if the producers of the History Channel’s UFO TV show are attempting to convince us that this was a recent find. Don’t be deceived, this is a previously known Flying Saucer that was written about a few years ago, and Secureteam10 even created a YouTube video for this specific UFO finding.

2 A Flying Saucer Emerges From The Ice in Antarctica
Credit: History Channel YouTube

I’ve outlined in red the region where the guy who discovered this had to zoom in, and how he noticed it from this I’ll never know, but what a fantastic demonstration of determination, and maybe some luck as well.

An investigator (author Brad Olsen) discovers something unusual while examining photographs of Antarctica, and I believe he has discovered a massive UFO. More information may be found in this video from Proof Is Out There Solar Spaceship & Invisibility Cloak. Is it true that this was a UFO that was parked thousands upon thousands of years ago and was part of a Mars transit system or service? I understand that it is likely that we may witness even more UFOs that will be unfrozen from the ice in Antarctica, therefore we should say “let’s wait till another one comes to light” before giving our view…

Here’s the video:

A Massive Unidentified Space Wheel Has Been Sighted Passing Through Our Solar System

Shortly later, NASA captured footage of an odd object flying at breakneck speed through our solar system.

A NASA satellite captured the image of this mysterious item. This asteroid has enormous proportions, being larger than our globe.

2 A Massive Unidentified Space Wheel Has Been Sighted Passing Through Our Solar System

However, it is not the object’s measurements that have sparked debate, but rather its unique form.

The item looks to be traveling for the Sun, and the NASA satellite’s cameras had an unexpected failure immediately after it was filmed.

Check out the video below to see for yourself:

Another UFO Crash in Antarctica – Visible on Satellite Images Since 1997, It’s Now Clear

Valentin Degterev, a Russian researcher, found an astonishing frozen extraterrestrial aircraft in Antarctica using Google Earth. He surprised his YouTube fans a few days ago by showing off his findings.

The researcher claims to have seen this strange object in photographs taken in 1997, although it was more coated in ice at the time. Now that the ice has melted, he can thoroughly inspect and identify the intriguing item.

Another UFO Crash in Antarctica - Visible on Satellite Images Since 1997, It's Now Clear

He believes it is most likely a crashed UFO, an ancient item going back hundreds of thousands of years.

Decterev wishes to launch an expedition to Antarctica, but no commercial firm could retrieve such a 2000-foot-long, 300-foot-tall item.

There are numerous mysteries in Antarctica, such as the Antarctic pyramids and other crashed UFOs and UFO entrances that we can see using Google Earth.

However, commercial companies are not authorized to do research there; you can probably guess why…

Here’s a short video:

A Giant crashed Disc-Shaped UFO was captured on Mars

Jean Ward, a renowned ufologist and virtual paleontologist, has revealed his astonishing discovery.

The ufologist noticed blueprints of a giant plate formed piece that likely destroyed as it slammed with the planet’s surface in a NASA rocket photograph of Mars’ outer layer.

The unusual object, which measures around 15 meters in length, is partially covered by Martian dirt.

According to the ufologist, this implies that the UFO had a high velocity before to impact, thus the pilot of the mechanical assembly sought to slow its growth on the planet’s outer layer.

The ufologist admits that even before the descent, the UFO was gravely wounded since its pilot had no choice but to make a crisis landing.

The expert draws attention to the fact that even outsider boats have drawbacks.

Here’s the full video:

The image under consideration here (PSP 001984 1735) was obtained by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on December 29, 2006.

Is this Ancient Egyptian Papyrus evidence of Aliens landing on The Sphinx?

0 Is This Ancient Egyptian Papyrus Evidence Of Aliens Landing On The

Many believe that the Egyptian God Ra swooped down from the heavens, settling in Egypt and building a strong society. This is a well-known myth, but is it true?

Warne Herschel, a South African author, has just proposed a fresh explanation for the star deity. His findings are based on a 3,000-year-old scene from the Djed Khonsu If Ankh burial papyrus, which is on exhibit at the Cairo Museum. According to the accounts, Ra’s ship does not resemble a typical boat but rather resembles a flying disc that emits blinding light. Herschel, like numerous other controversial authors, believes this is a UFO.

According to Herschel, the papyrus depicts not only the disk, but also the constellation nearest to the individual star of Ra, as well as other lost symbols. Additionally, he notes that the disc fell atop Egypt’s Sphinx.

“It is a disc with a dome that emits a dazzling colored light… and it is balanced on three legs in the manner of a tripod. It’s unsurprising that the rear of the Sphinx was flat. Wayne Herschel asserts that there is also a tomb depicting the Sphinx with a lion’s head, something that historians and authors have utterly overlooked. There are traces of what looks to be an arched entryway that has been filled in over thousands of years, and it is visible behind the Sphinx’s head!”

For years, the real meaning of the papyrus has been a source of contention, but it remains a mystery.

“Virtually all ancient civilizations were preoccupied with the origins of star gods,” Herschel writes. “Many went on to construct gigantic monuments marking the positions of the stars on the ground, practically all of them choosing the same ‘x’ that designates the site as their ultimate monument inside the precise star pattern.”

What are your thoughts about Herschel’s assertion?


Before patenting his UFO, Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence.

While pilots and government authorities are actively investigating UFOs, a Serbian-American inventor had previously filed a patent for it a decade ago. This happened despite famous scientists dismissing the idea of flying machines at the end of the 19th century.

Nikola Tesla, the scientist responsible for many scientific advances, was the first to create a functioning flying saucer or UFO.

Flying Saucer by Tesla

1 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla filed a disputed patent in 1928. It was the “World’s First Flying Saucer”. This was a first for Tesla. He has used Electromagnetic force instead of Gravitational force. Electromagnetic force is thought to be the strongest. So if this Flying Saucer is true, it should be the fastest aircraft.

The Electromagnetic force is (2.2 x 1039) greater than gravity. For example, if the energy required to mechanically raise a block one fourth of a millimetre is X. The same energy used to the block could elevate it (5.6 x 1024) kilometres. That’s how strong a magnetic-force-driven airplane would be!

2 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla’s Flying Saucer design resembles claims of persons who claimed to have seen a UFO from within. There is a discoidal capacitor and several additional tiny capacitors. The discoidal capacitor generates force while the other capacitors regulate the driving direction. His model has gyroscopic stabilization and electric propulsion control.

What is it?

3 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla’s flying contraption resembles both a helicopter and an airplane. It’s a torpedo. His machine’s inner surface is made up of circular channels. circle the craft’s center.

There are high-frequency coils in these channels. The design includes an electrostatic and electromagnetic load resonant transformer. The Tesla Coil within the ship is one of Tesla’s early creations.

4 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla’s flying contraption is powered by magnetohydrodynamics, which generates the structure. Michael Faraday noticed it first. This device works by applying a high-frequency, high-voltage alternating current to a pair of metal plates, causing a magnetic field to be formed. The magnetic and electric fields are perpendicular. Both fields work together to provide push in a direction perpendicular to both electric and magnetic fields.

5 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

This force is due to the reaction against the solid-state condition of space-time, not to any ejection of matter (Newton’s Third Law). The high-frequency electromagnetic pulse of that location helps this process. So thrust is frequency dependent, not fuel.

Before patenting his flying saucer, Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence.

Experiment Station for high-voltage, high-frequency electrical transmission developed by Tesla outside Colorado Springs in 1899. Tesla’s 1899 radio experiments spawned a slew of conspiracy theories. During one of his studies, he discovered an odd signal from his receiver. He thought it was alien communication.

6 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Nikola Tesla intercepted the transmissions here. On the other hand, he was researching

“I am convinced that very intelligent beings exist on Mars.

I have incredible experimental proof of life on Mars…” Tesla informed the press after his Colorado tests. “I caught signs that said 1–2–3–4.” Numbers are universal, thus I assume the Martians utilized them to communicate.

7 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

This encounter may have inspired Tesla’s development of the flying saucer.

Tesla’s Flying Saucer remained a fantasy. The major cause is a shortage of funds. After his feud with Thomas Edison, he struggled to get investors. Edison backed competitor Guglielmo Marconi’s proposals. He ignored Tesla’s futuristic inventions.

8 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla’s relationship with JP Morgan was short-lived due to investor skepticism about the system’s practicality. Edison’s team had achieved considerable advances in radio technology by then. Tesla was compelled to abandon his idea.

Tesla on future flying machines
Tesla predicted the future of hassle-free and rapid transportation in 1926, two years before patenting his flying saucer.

“Perhaps the most beneficial application of wireless power will propel flying machines,” Tesla stated in a 1926 interview with Collier magazine. We’ll travel from NYC to Europe in a day. International borders are substantially abolished, and a great step towards racial harmony is taken.”

9 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Also, Tesla made several revolutionary forecasts in this conversation. On wireless power, mobile phone technology, and even feminine dominance. Tesla said that humans will be able to “instantly converse with each other, regardless of distance.”

It was taken after his death, including his patents for the Flying Saucer.

10 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

Tesla’s voracious imagination changed the globe. His outstanding 1928 patent made the UFO an IFO (Identified Flying Object). Regardless, the initiative lacked funding.

11 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

The US secret agency confiscated his patents after his death. Why would the US secret service be interested in his patents if his inventions were weak? His flying saucer is rumoured to be thoroughly scrutinized and developed undercover.

12 Before patenting his UFO Nikola Tesla made direct communication with ET intelligence

The FBI claimed his innovations were of no “significant significance to this country”. Seizing his works, the Office of Alien Property Custodian property. But his works inexplicably vanished after the conflict.


Is Ezekiel’s Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs?

It’s possible that our forefathers were visited by intelligent entities who were mistaken for demigods, according to new interpretations of biblical scriptures based on modern technical advancements.

According to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, Ezekiel’s vision of the Merkabah, or Chariot of Fire, as a spaceship used to reach Earth and mankind is the most plausible interpretation.

It is Erich von Däniken, one of the strongest proponents of this idea, who provides a persuasive argument for an alternate interpretation of Ezekiel.

The God-Motorized Vehicles

Erich von Däniken met Josef F. Blumrich in the 1970s when he was invited to give a covert NASA lecture. Ezekiel’s vision was depicted as a spaceship, not a heavenly vehicle, according to von Däniken’s Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Blumrich’s encounter with von Däniken spurred him to action, and he set out to disprove the idea in question.

Blumrich, on the other hand, had a lightbulb moment as a result of the evidence. Clearly, Ezekiel was describing a high-tech spaceship. Ezekiel’s description of the ship was also utilized by Blumrich to patent his own omnidirectional wheel, or “wheels inside wheels”.

2 is Ezekiels Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs
Blumrich Omnidirectional Wheel Model.

It is said of Ezekiel that he was a prophet in various Old Testament writings. Unlike other third-person narratives of previous events handed down through the generations, the Book of Ezekiel uses the pronoun “I,” indicating that it was authored by Ezekiel himself in the first person perspective. Aside from the fact that it’s being told shortly after the fact, this appears to provide additional credibility to the tale.

“Humanlike” creatures, according to Ezekiel, were driving a cart as it descended toward him from above. This creature in the chariot is described as God in various Bible translations, however von Däniken points out that the original Hebrew language does not include the name “God,” and this word has since been inserted into many translations.

The wheeled carriage’s landing, as described by Ezekiel, resembles that of a spacecraft. Wind, lightning, and dazzling lights create the illusion of a spaceship landing on Earth, kicking up dust in a show that no one has ever seen before in such a primitive time period. It’s even described as “bright metal” in Ezekiel’s vision.

3 is Ezekiels Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs
Ezekiel’s Vision.

A massive dust storm moved in from the north, followed by a massive cloud of lightning and a massive ball of fire that was shining bronze. In the midst of the flames, there appeared to be four living beings. As a human, they each possessed four faces and four wings. Hoofed hooves like those of a calf glistened in the flames, while their legs were as strong, straight, and sturdily built as columns. Human hands might be found under each of their four wings on all four corners. Both faces and wings were on each of the four. They didn’t make a single turn; they just marched on.

Ezekiel 1:4-9

In many ways, this account differs from how Ezekiel’s vision has been shown in biblical art. The fire, the omnidirectional wheels, and the crystal dome that surrounds the heads of creatures that resemble humans are frequently not included in the photographs.

Each of the four animals had a wheel-like object on the ground next to it as I saw them. Here’s what the tires looked like when they were off: Wheels that glistened like diamonds in the sunlight, they were all the same. It appeared to be a gyroscope, with wheels on wheels. Only straight ahead, not turning off in any of the four directions. Huge eyeballs encircled the enormous rims. The wheels moved together with the animals, and the wheels also rose and fell in tandem with them. The wheels followed the spirit wherever it went, for the wheels carried the spirit of the living animals. Once the animals moved, the wheels moved; whenever the creatures stopped, the wheels stopped; and whenever the creatures pulled themselves off, the wheels lifted themselves off because the spirit of living beings was in the wheels, which were connected to the wheels. “A dome, gleaming like a sky full of cut glass, soared above the heads of the living animals.”

– Ezekiel 1:15-22

Finally, these aliens bring Ezekiel back to his ship and whisk him away to a temple on the highest peak of the mountain. The force of gravity, or G-Force, that is felt during rapid accelerations at extreme speed, might be regarded as God’s hand on Ezekiel during the flight.

Other Evidences

As Erich von Däniken’s idea unfolds, the Ark of the Covenant appears to be an intriguing relic.

The Kebra Nagast, an Ethiopian Orthodox Church Bible book that relates the account of King Solomon and Queen Sheba’s dynasty, is the most significant source.

King Solomon possessed flying devices that are not described in the Bible, as well as ownership of the Ark of the Covenant, which would have been taken to Ethiopia and stored at the Church of St. Mary of Zion in Ethiopia, according to this version.

According to these scriptures, people were scared of the Ark, and those who came into contact with it experienced symptoms similar to those of radiation poisoning. This suggests that the Ark of the Covenant may be a nuclear reactor.

Von Däniken argues that other Bible texts support his idea, including those that describe comparable temples or landing grounds for spaceships, like the one to which Ezekiel was carried. Erich Von Däniken

4 is Ezekiels Wheel a Biblical reference to UFOs
Mysterious figure of the Chavin Temple of Huantar.

This 3,100-meter-tall mountain in Peru is home to a 3,500-year-old pre-Inca civilization known as the Chavin de Huantar, whose origins are unknown.

To Erich von Däniken, it seems like the temple is ornamented with carved skulls with helmets, like those seen in the Book of Ezekiel’s vision.

Grey Aliens Demonstrated To This Woman The Earth’s Future

Sherry Wilde claims she was abducted by aliens from another galaxy. Sherry Wilde discusses the differences between abductees and volunteers in this lecture, as well as some surprising information about “her trip” with the aliens. Sherry was only seventeen years old at the time. She recalls a time when she was gone for an extended amount of time.

sherry wild

She had always been intrigued by what had occurred, but dismissed it as an instance of forgetfulness. However, she chose hypnotic regression, and it was through this process that she discovered she had been brought on board an extraterrestrial spacecraft multiple times as a child, not once, but multiple times.

The regression revealed that the aliens had returned her to Earth on a mission to volunteer and transform negative energy. If you’d want to learn more about this, a video is accessible here.