Archaeologists found a strange ring that looked like it came from another planet in Tutankhamun’s old tomb

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In the heart of Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, nestled beneath centuries of sand and secrets, lies an unscathed testament to the ancients: the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun from the Eighteenth Dynasty. The year 1922 saw Howard Carter pull back the veil of time to reveal treasures that captivated the world.

Though Tutankhamun’s tomb, christened as KV62, is not as grand as others in the Valley, the opulence within was unparalleled. A young king, whose reign spanned merely a decade, one can’t help but ponder the grandeur that might have filled the chambers of Egypt’s long-reigning pharaohs.

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The walls of Tutankhamun’s sanctuary are sparingly adorned. In stark contrast to the tombs of other royals, it houses only a fragment from the Amduat. The rest showcases a young pharaoh in communion with the gods or a depiction of funeral rites.

The tomb’s intimacy has sparked speculation. Perhaps it was originally intended for Ay, Tutankhamun’s successor, or even Horemheb, the subsequent pharaoh. Or could KV62 have been an existing structure, repurposed for the young king?

Inside, a cornucopia of over 3,500 artifacts was found huddled close, painting a vivid picture of royal life. Among the treasures was a ring bearing an entity of mystery.


Despite whispers of it showcasing the god Ptah, there is an uncanny extraterrestrial semblance that challenges traditional depictions. Inscribed with Amon-Ra, why then does it bear no resemblance to the revered sun god? The ring, a relic from a time between 664 and 322 BC, prompts us to question if, perhaps, the ancient Egyptians were more attuned to celestial entities than we once believed.

Held at The Walters Museum in Baltimore, the ring, purchased in Cairo in 1930, serves as a portal to a time when gods and cosmos were intertwined, challenging our understanding of Egypt’s storied past.

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