We are descended from extraterrestrials who fled Earth 20,000 years ago

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In the whispered annals of the universe, extraterrestrial beings have claimed to gaze upon the tapestries of Earth’s destiny. They’ve witnessed our cosmic dance through ethereal projections, deducing results that defy our linear histories.

Could it be possible that these otherworldly visitors graced our world eons ago, perhaps bridging epochs? Perhaps they are the root of our lineage, watching over Earth with a blend of paternal concern and ownership.

In our nascent understanding, concepts such as teleportation, chronicle voyages, rebirth, and the like remain enshrouded in enigma.


Embarking on the quest for answers? First, delve deep within the recesses of your soul, traverse the annals of Earth’s metamorphosis, and the saga of humanity.

While in a trance-like state, probing our DNA might unlock cryptic truths. Alternatively, revelations might unveil themselves in the realm of dreams. Many sagacious minds and scholars opine that these celestial voyagers exert minimal sway over Earth’s dance. Yet, where do you stand in this cosmic debate?


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