The Batteries of Babylon, Which Should Rewrite History

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Beneath the dusty archives of a Baghdad museum in 1938, an enigmatic discovery was made by the Austrian archaeologist, Wilhelm Konig. He unearthed a diminutive, ancient clay vessel, radiating a sunlit hue, concealing within it a copper cylinder. Intriguingly, the cylinder’s rim appeared fused, in a manner reminiscent of modern soldering techniques.

Tarnishing was evident on the iron rod, suspended within the very heart of the copper cylinder. In Konig’s eyes, this relic seemed to resemble an arcane form of an electrical cell.

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This artifact hails from the time of the Parthians, spanning 248 BC to 226 CE. Yet, in that very museum, Konig’s eyes caught another marvel: copper vases adorned with silver from an era long before, tracing back to nearly 25000 BC.

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Speculation runs rampant that this technological marvel, seemingly ahead of its time, was a gift bestowed upon the Parthians by an even more ancient civilization. Furthermore, with the discovery of artifacts in distant lands hinting at ancient civilizations harnessing electricity, it’s conceivable that the origins of such batteries could trace back to the likes of ancient Egypt.

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While it’s clear that the power generated by these ancient batteries wouldn’t rival a grand dynamo, the implications of their existence are profound.

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For a deeper dive into this enigma, venture into the video that follows.


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