US Army Veteran Asserts Existence of 57 Alien Species Resembling Humans on Earth

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In the shadowy corridors of UFO lore, the tale of Sgt. Clifford Stone stands out as a saga draped in enigma and wonder. For over two decades, cloaked in the guise of a decorated Vietnam War veteran, Sgt. Stone served in a clandestine unit tasked with a mission so surreal it borders the realms of science fiction.

The Secret Assignment: Retrieving the Unknown

From the turbulent years of 1968 to the dawn of the ’90s, Stone found himself part of an elite squad. Their mandate? To recover the remnants of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and their otherworldly occupants. Stone’s journey into the unknown began at Fort McClellan, where he was first enlisted in a mundane NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) team. However, his destiny was to be far from ordinary.

An artistic representation of a secretive military team covertly investigating a UFO crash site in a remote area, under the cover of night. The scene captures the team’s intense focus and the otherworldly glow emanating from the crashed object.

A Cloak of Secrecy and Revelation

Sgt. Stone’s military records, altered to conceal the truth, depicted him merely as a typist, erasing any trace of his extraordinary encounters. Yet, he bravely unveiled the existence of covert operations like Project Moon Dust and Blue Fly through the Freedom of Information Act, revealing their role in masking the unearthly debris.

Whispers of Other Worlds

Sgt. Stone’s accounts, laden with details of his encounters and recoveries, speak of beings from beyond our understanding. He describes extraterrestrial entities communicating telepathically, their eyes larger, their minds capable of piercing through the veil of human thoughts. He recounts his gripping experience in 1973, where he secured a piece of alien craft, a memento of the unknown, buried in the sands of time near his New Mexico home.

The Disclosure Project: A Beacon of Truth

On a significant day in May 2001, Sgt. Stone, alongside other witnesses from the military and intelligence spheres, stepped into the light at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Their goal? To affirm the reality of UFOs, their extraterrestrial occupants, and the advanced technologies they herald. Sgt. Stone’s testimony, a tapestry of his experiences, was laid bare for the world to see, ready to be presented before Congress.

A Friend from the Stars and a Mission of Compassion

Paola Harris, in her captivating work, “Eyes Only,” unveils another layer of Stone’s saga – his childhood companion from the stars, Korona, and his Vietnam encounter where he sided with the extraterrestrial beings against his own.

The Enigmatic Legacy of Sgt. Clifford Stone

Sgt. Stone, a man who traversed the boundaries of our world and touched the fabric of the cosmos, passed away in 2021, leaving behind a legacy wrapped in mystery and a quest for truth that continues to echo through the annals of UFO research.

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