The hollow earth of Antarctica: A Way For Extraterrestrial Life To Enter

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In epochs past, scholars and leaders whispered of a bizarre belief – the Earth as hollow.

Owen Egerton, not merely a scribe of tales but a maestro behind eerie cinematic delights like “Mercy Black” and “Blood Fest”, explores this cryptic theory in his recent literary masterpiece, “Hollow”. As the tale unfolds, a desolate professor, grappling with his child’s absence, becomes engrossed in the legend of an advanced realm concealed within the Earth.

Egerton mused in the 444th episode of the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy podcast that “Hollow was the alchemy of two fascinations – the poignant narrative of Job and the enigmatic Hollow Earth Doctrine.” Such an intersection seems serendipitous, doesn’t it?

Though the Hollow Earth Theory might elicit chuckles today, it was once the subject of earnest debate among intellectuals and statesmen. Egerton fondly recalls, “At my Hollow book readings, there always lurked a few souls in the shadows who perhaps hoped for affirmation rather than a fictional tale.”

Fueled by this intrigue, Egerton almost embarked on an audacious quest – a voyage to the North Pole aboard a Russian icebreaker, seeking the mythical Symmes Holes, purported gateways to Earth’s core. Regrettably, destiny had other plans.

Initially, Egerton viewed the Hollow Earth Theory as whimsical folklore. Yet, as global events transpired and sociopolitical landscapes shifted, he came to appreciate the profound implications of embracing factually dubious beliefs.

Egerton’s tale serves as a lantern, illuminating dark corners of history and belief. As the narrative unfolds, one must ask – do we believe for comfort, or do we seek the truth, no matter how labyrinthine the path?

Dive deeper into Owen Egerton’s musings in the Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy, episode 444. (attached above).

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