The discovery of giants’ tombs in Crimea has archaeologists in awe (Video)

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In the enigmatic lands of Crimea, a discovery unfolded that challenged what we thought we knew about ancient civilizations.

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Amidst the restoration works near the Mithridates stairs at Kerch, the earth relinquished its long-kept secrets. An expansive necropolis, stretching up to 100 square meters, emerged. This burial site held the memories of those who once revered the shrine of John the Baptist.

Within its embrace, 27 resting places were revealed, including the heart-wrenching graves of twins and infants. These tombs held more than just bones; they cradled artifacts like bronze pendants and bracelets.

A unique tomb stood out, preserving felt clothing which served as a chronicle of time.

Yet, the pinnacle of this enigmatic discovery was the unearthing of a coffin, stretching more than 2.30 meters.

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Inside lay the remnants of a being, the likes of which defied understanding—a giant. In an age where the average individual was a mere 1.60 meters, the presence of a towering six-foot-plus individual was an anomaly.

An in-house anthropologist delved into the task of gauging the age of this mysterious resident. But the terrain and layered history of the site posed challenges. Layers of discarded waste from antiquity lay beneath the medieval necropolis, muddying the origins of the relics.

Despite these challenges, archaeologists are working closely with the Kerch-Feodosia diocese, seeking permission to further inspect these captivating remains.

While mainstream archaeology often shies away from tales of giants, discoveries like this reaffirm the whispers from ancient communities.

In a world where giants were once legends, Crimea beckons us to believe.

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