Scientists claim that the strange 3-finger ancient alien mummies discovered in Peru ‘are not human.’

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Amidst the chilling winds of the Peruvian landscape, a mummy whispers ancient secrets from the abyss of time. With a peculiar elongated cranium and only three fingers on each appendage, this relic from a forgotten epoch challenges our very understanding of humankind.

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Hailing from the enigmatic lands of St. Petersburg, a team of dedicated researchers unveil their preliminary findings on this otherworldly being unearthed near the legendary Nazca Lines, relics of a bygone 5th-century civilization.

Professor Konstantin Korotkov, a luminary from the Russian National Research University, contends that this mummy, affectionately named Maria, harbors the chromosomal count akin to humans. Yet, her very essence exudes an uncanny divergence, causing a ripple of skepticism around the globe.

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Could it be? Maria, unearthed beneath the sacred Peruvian soil, might not be one of us. Her physical attributes – the unique skull architecture and the defining three fingers – challenge established human anatomy.

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But Maria isn’t alone in this tapestry of enigma. Vavita, a younger specimen who met her demise at a tender age of nine months, accompanies Maria alongside four intriguing 70cm-tall male forms.

Peeling back the layers, Korotkov divulged to Sputnik, a Russian media conduit, “Each minuscule entity possesses paired limbs, eyes that have seen eons pass, and a mouth. Tomographic scans lay bare their skeletal framework. Their very composition sings a song so eerily similar to ours.”

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Yet, their skeletal tale isn’t solely of three fingers. These mummies possess a rib cage sculpted in a mysterious arc, each rib bone curving in semi-circles. Their craniums stretch backward, almost as if shaped by eons of cosmic winds.

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“The maw is present,” Korotkov’s voice drips with intrigue, “yet their mandibles remain stubbornly rigid, melding into a singular entity with the rest of the skull.”

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As they delve deeper into the mummies’ genetic tales, whispers arise of relocating these timekeepers from Peru to Russia’s cold embrace for a thorough examination.

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Korotkov muses, “Could Maria and Vavita be emissaries from a civilization that once soared higher than our wildest dreams?” While alien origins tantalize the imagination, the possibility that they hail from Earth’s ancient lineages cannot be dismissed. “Their tri-digit genetics could re-emerge, painting our future.”

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The very land where these guardians of time were discovered, Nazca, bears marks of ancient wisdom, engraved as vast lines in the desert. Among them? Depictions of beings with three fingers.

Though Maria’s preservation seems almost ethereal compared to mummies of old, scientists remain undeterred. They vow to unveil the genetic stories these entities harbor, considering their migration from the Peruvian deserts to Russian labs, all in the name of truth.


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