Astrophysicist: “Alien invasion of Earth is planned”

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In the vast tapestry of the cinematic universe, tales of alien encounters are as numerous as the stars. But what if the silver screen’s depictions came to life?

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Jacco Van Loon, the guardian of knowledge at the Keele Earth and Space Observatory, located in the heart of England’s Keele University, paints a foreboding picture. He postulates that an advanced alien civilization might regard humanity as a threat, opting to wipe us out.

Delving into the chronicles of our cosmos, Professor Van Loon reminds us that while life on Earth began its dance roughly 3.5 billion years ago, the universe had already been spinning its tales for over 10 billion years. If life isn’t Earth’s exclusive privilege, entities far older and wiser than us could be lurking in the shadows.

Drawing parallels to Earth’s history, the professor suggests that these otherworldly beings, much like explorers of old, might not approach us with open arms. History has shown that new lands often beckon conquerors who, upon arrival, have shown little mercy to indigenous populations.

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“What if our celestial neighbors saw our blue planet, not as a home to us, but a refuge for themselves?” Van Loon posits. Whether escaping cosmic disasters, their own creations, or looking for new horizons, Earth might be their next outpost.

Furthermore, our position atop the food chain on Earth doesn’t guarantee universal safety. What if, to these beings, we’re nothing more than a delicacy?

However, all is not bleak in Professor Van Loon’s musings. While we might not be the talk of the cosmic town, the vastness of the universe suggests countless tales unfolding elsewhere. “To some, we might be but a blip, a fleeting thought, or deemed too insignificant to notice,” he comments.

Conversations echoing through the vast void of space, stretching over eons and distances we can’t yet fathom, could simply not have reached us. Yet, in this vast expanse, our own discoveries might soon unveil the existence of life twinkling on nearby celestial bodies.


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