Fossil evidence indicates that the Egyptian Pyramids and Sphinx were originally immersed in sea water.

The whole Giza Necropolis, including the pyramids and the Sphinx, exhibits erosion, which some believe indicates the region was previously immersed in sea water. This view is bolstered by a single fossil.

Sherif El Morsi has spent over two decades working on the Giza Plateau, and in 2013 he collaborated with Giza for Humanity founder and fellow researcher Antoine Gigal to report his contentious finding of this fossil.

Dr. Robert M. Schloch was one of the first experts to really investigate the possibility that plateau formations are older than previously believed. In the early 1990s, he proposed that the Sphinx was thousands of years older than previously believed, ranging between 5000 and 9000 B.C., based on water erosion patterns discovered on both the monument and the surrounding granite.

107 1

Since then, Morsi has been delving further into the enigma. During one of his picture sessions documenting the erosion patterns of several of the region’s megaliths, he discovered evidence suggesting the area was underwater at one point.

“While photographing this historic beach line, I came dangerously close to falling off a second level temple block,” Mr. Morsi explained in a post published on the Gigal Research website. “To my amazement, the protrusion on the block’s top surface that nearly knocked me down was a petrified exoskeleton of an echinoid (sea urchin), a shallow water marine organism.”

The great Sphinx of Giza and the Pyramid of Khafre. (WitR/iStock/Thinkstock)

Morsi thinks that a sea surge once swamped the Giza Plateau. The Menkara temple site, in instance, may have been an old lagoon when the Necropolis, the Sphinx, the temple complexes, and other monuments were buried by the high sea.

According to some experts, the echinoid was revealed in the limestone through erosion and was a component of the original limestone that originated 30 million years ago. Morsi, on the other hand, refuted those claims, claiming that the creature was cemented, or petrified, relatively recently, citing evidence that the creature is lying gravitationally flat, in pristine condition, within the lagoon’s intertidal range, and is a large specimen in comparison to the tiny specimens typically found in limestone blocks.

102 1

“We can observe the immaculate quality and minute features of the exoskeleton perforation,” Morsi added, “which indicates that this aquatic organism petrified quite recently. It is not a body fossil, as the majority of 30 million-year-old fossils are, but has been petrified by the silt deposits that have filled its depression.”

Morsi thinks that the flood was rather large, reaching a maximum elevation of around 245 feet (75 meters) above the present sea level and forming a beach extending from the Khafra enclosure near the Sphinx to the Menkara temple. According to Morsi, pitting and tidal notches caused by waves and tidal ebbing pepper the stones in this location, indicating a 6.5-foot (2-meter) intertidal range.

Additionally, the stones at places such as the Sphinx, the Sphinx temple, and the first 20 courses of the Great Pyramid are thought to have eroded as a result of increased water saturation. Sediment and alluvial, or material, deposits are seen on temple blocks on shallow sea bottoms and lagoons. As the water recedes, an oozing spongy effect occurs in the rock.

102 2

It would take around 15 years for an echinoid to grow to the size of the fossil, which is 3 inches (8 cm). Additionally, the quantity of sediments and alluvium deposits, as well as intertidal erosion in shallower places, would take millennia, implying that the area was inundated for an extended period of time.

However, determining the precise year of the floods is challenging. Sea levels have changed by more than 400 feet (120 meters) during the last 140,000 years as large ice sheets grew and receded throughout glacial cycles, according to CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research.

Humans Are Aliens, According to an Expert, and We Were Brought to Earth Hundreds of Thousands of Years Ago

Whether you believe in creationism or evolution, the ultimate recurring question is how humans came to be. If you delve far enough, you may even begin to doubt that people are indigenous to the earth. Further investigation may lead you to consider if humans are the offspring of an alien progenitor race.

Seeding Evidence
In January 2015, the British newspaper The Express published a photograph of an unusual tiny rock spewing living stuff. Scientists hypothesized that the biological substance might contain genetic material, which they dubbed “the prelude to life.”

According to certain scientists, it was sent to Earth by an unknown race in order to continue seeding the planet with life. Seeding is the process of planting foreign organisms in a specific location with the intention of replicating life. The rock appears to have been sculpted by a sentient race.

02 1

Are We Being Surveilled?
Professor Milton Wainwright and his team from the University of Buckingham’s Centre for Astrobiology examined and evaluated the rock’s biological composition. They hypothesized that it indicated not just the presence of extraterrestrial life, but also the presence of complex and civilized beings monitoring our planet.

Could this possibly be true? Have aliens been fertilizing the Earth since the dawn of time and are now observing our reactions? If this is the case, what is their purpose and why do they remain unknown to us?

Between Mars and Jupiter, scientists have discovered what appears to be a missing planet in the Asteroid Belt. Is the asteroid belt the result of an exploding planet from which an ancient civilization fled to earth? Could we be descended from an alien race that once inhabited another world? Could some of those aliens still be hiding or remaining undetected among us? Perhaps the founders of life on Earth prior to humans escaped extinction on their home planet and are now hiding on Earth, waiting to see if we destroy ourselves.

02 2

Is Earthly Human Life Related to Extraterrestrial Life?
Panspermia is a process by which biology spreads through space without the use of a spaceship. Living matter “hitchhikes” on the sun or inside rocks. According to some experts, Mars was formerly populated. Several cosmic boulders were “kicked” off the planet and fell on Earth in a “suitably welcoming region.” The presence of biological material from Mars in the rocks may stimulate research into the age-old issue, “Where did we come from and why are we here?” There are numerous hypotheses concerning extraterrestrials.

For instance, did aliens make their way here from an unknown world due to grave circumstances on their home planets? Are we descended from this people? Dr. Ellis Silver, an environmentalist and ecologist turned novelist, feels this is the case.

Dr. Silver outlines seventeen reasons why humans are not suitable to live on this planet in his book, Humans are not from Earth: A Scientific Evaluation of the Evidence. These, he says, are indications that humanity came from another world. While Earth fits certain of our species’ demands, he asserts that it is not as well suited to us as “whoever brought us here initially believed.”

Silver illustrates our inadequacy for life on Earth. For instance, he asserts that humans do not thrive in high amounts of sunlight, which we receive on a daily basis. He also adds that a sizable proportion of the world’s population suffers from chronic back pain, which he attributes to proof suggesting humanity originated on a planet with a lower gravity. Additionally, he observes that we are better programmed to exist on a 25-hour day rather than a 24-hour one.

Silver indicates that humanity may have originated from Alpha Centauri. The planet may have been subjected to some sort of apocalyptic disaster, from which a few residents escaped and made their way to Earth.

02 3

Are We Descended From Mars Refugees?
Scientists and academics believe that Humanoids once inhabited Mars, but a battle rendered the planet uninhabitable. This could have occurred as a result of the equivalent of two hydrogen bombs exploding 300,000 to 1 million years ago on Mars. Is it possible that some living creatures made their way to Earth prior to the destruction?

Are There Extraterrestrials Among Us?
In 1999, a source within the United States Defense Intelligence Agency told a reporter that his job was to research and monitor three extraterrestrial groups that were, and most likely still are, occupying Earth. According to the source, the alien species resides within mountains, beneath the ground, and beneath the sea in deep caverns.

The informant stated that he believes ETs wield considerable control over the planet and its population. According to him, the aliens are connected to Mars, Sirius, and Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2. The aliens who inhabit Earth bear a striking resemblance to humans. Their bodies consist of a head, two eyes, a mouth, two legs, and two arms. They conduct routine human studies and collect sperm, DNA, and other body samples.

Alien civilizations may be attempting to alter human biology in order to engineer artificial mutations. Is it possible that we are the offspring of an old alien species that is still studying, observing, and manipulating humans for unknown reasons?

Numerous deep space mysteries remain unsolved, with more questions than solutions. Immerse yourself in Deep Space: Solar System Mysteries and embark on a journey to learn about extraterrestrials and their influence and control over mankind.

According to a recent idea given by Dr. Ellis Silver, there are multiple tell-tale evidence in the human race suggesting humans did not develop ALONGSIDE other lifeforms on the planet.

The book ‘Humans are not from Earth: a scientific review of the evidence’ is essentially a summary of theories supporting and opposing man’s evolution on Earth. Dr. Ellis Silver, a renowned environmentalist and ecologist, evaluates thirteen prominent hypotheses and seventeen factors that imply HUMANS ARE NOT FROM EARTH in the book.

02 4

While humanity is supposedly the most developed species on the planet, it is surprisingly unsuited and ill-equipped for the Earth’s environment: it is harmed by sunlight, has a strong dislike for naturally occurring foods, has ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more, according to an interview with Dr. Ellis.

According to Dr. Ellis, humans may suffer from back pain as a result of our species’ original evolution on a planet with a lower gravity. Adding to the mystery, Dr. Ellis notes that newborns’ enormous heads make it difficult for mothers to deliver, which can result in both mother and child dying.

So how did we get here? According to Dr. Ellis, Neanderthals were most likely crossbred with another species in the distant past, possibly from the star system Alpha Centauri – one of the nearest solar systems to Earth.

According to Dr. Ellis, millions of people on the planet ‘feel’ as if they do not belong.

“This suggests (at least to me) that mankind formed on another planet and was transported here as a highly developed species,” Dr. Ellis continues. One reason for this… is that the Earth may be a jail planet, as we appear to be a naturally aggressive species here until we learn to behave.”

Dr. Ellis concludes that mankind did not emerge from that strain of life, but rather evolved elsewhere and was transferred to Earth between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago (as fully grown Homo sapiens).

02 5

Additionally, as stated by Robert Sepher, contemporary DNA sequencing has established that humanity as we know it is not a single ‘race’ descended from the same parent in Africa, but a hybrid species with a far more intriguing origin.

Numerous concerns have been expressed during the debate about Rh negative blood. If mankind evolved from a common ancient African ancestor, theories suggest that everyone’s blood would be compatible, however this is not the case. This raises a slew of problems that science has yet to properly address.

How did Rh-negative blood become prevalent? And why would a Rh-negative mother who is pregnant with Rh-positive children attempt to reject her own offspring? Is it possible that a fairly contentious theory may account for this? A theory asserting that humanity is not a single race, but a hybrid species.

Robert Sepehr’s book, Species with Amnesia: Our Forbidden History, provides additional information about the strange blood type Rh-negative. Not only does Species with Amnesia imply that humanity is a hybrid species, but the author also implies that highly advanced civilizations existed on Earth prior to us, only to be destroyed by some major global catastrophe, as history inexplicably teaches us.

Sepehr says that for every race that has perished, another has arisen, with a select few retaining the memories and holy knowledge of the previous race. In our vanity, we believe we have uncovered some of science and technology’s great truths, but we are actually only beginning to rediscover the tremendous wisdom of previous civilizations. In many ways, we are like to an awakened Species suffering from Amnesia, desiring to retrieve our lost past.

Source: Mrs. Raenae Wann

Dr.Andrew Basiago: “I have traveled physically through time and can demonstrate it”

Although most scientists believe time travel is “still” impossible, a Washington lawyer claims to have done so dozens of times during the Cold War as part of a secret project. (Basiago, Andrew)

51 2

Portals that connect to alternate timelines and dimensions have appeared in several books, films, and video games. Several of them travel to distant locations, while others move backward or forward in time, and the most powerful ones travel to alternate universes.

While the majority of people believe these gateways exist only in mysticism or science fiction, there are many people, including scientists, who are adamant that portals were opened in ancient times and, very probably, even today.

(Basiago, Andrew)

Two informants stated that the Department of Defense created Time Travel Technology more than 40 years ago. As early as 1967, the US government would have used a separate installation based on Tesla quantum access. (Basiago, Andrew)

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This technology has been used to conceal the location of military installations and to provide political and economic advantages by foreseeing the future. According to some, the CIA seized Tesla’s teleportation paperwork immediately after his death.

Michael Relfe, a former member of the US Armed Forces who claimed to have been a member of a US Operation of High Secret, is one of these two informants. He claims he was recruited in 1976 and spent the next two decades assisting in the maintenance and expansion of one of the two or more US Mars colonies.

These bases served as strategic research and defense objectives, and were constructed in the future to maintain their secrecy.

Dr. Andrew D. Basiago was a member of the DARPA Pegasus Project (1968–1972), which investigated time travel through a hologram of time and space. He asserted that the CIA was actively training groups of exceptionally brilliant American youngsters to serve as the first generation of explorers.

zs4 5

For various alarming reasons, the children were more fitted to this assignment. To begin, they were seen as perfect candidates due to their uncluttered minds and lack of impressions or experience. The United States government was interested in the consequences of time travel on developing bodies and brains. Adult participants frequently succumbed to insanity after multiple trips. Fortunately, innocent children lacked prior experience and beliefs that could have influenced them negatively. (Basiago, Andrew)

Another application of quantum technology has been discovered in the realm of political control. According to Dr. Basiago, individuals of future importance would be advised in advance of the responsibilities they would be expected to fulfill years later. He stated that he attended a luncheon in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the 1970s where George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush were briefed of their future presidency.

Basiago claims that he first saw photos of the Twin Towers attack on September 11, 2001, in 1971. They had been retrieved from the future and returned for analysis. This means that the US government was aware of 9/11 three decades in advance of its occurrence.

zs4 6

According to informants and those who support them, although being supported by the populace, this technology is kept hidden. This is not the first time these missions have been declassified as a result of their enormous potential.

They assert that the public has a right to know the truth regarding space exploration and the presence of humans on other planets; nevertheless, the contrary occurs. Teleportation has the potential to alleviate global transportation difficulties by allowing people and products to transfer instantly.

Additionally, it would aid in immediately dismantling the pyramid of existing despotic authority, which is precisely why this information is withheld.


Scientists are baffled by the discovery of a mysterious artifact known as the Galactic Disk.

The “Galactic Disk” is a mysterious artifact that has been unearthed in the Peruvian Metropolitan Museum, but no one understands what it is or what it is used for. The item was not even subjected to carbon analysis in order to date its manufacture. Conspiracy theorists, on the other hand, continue to speculate about who and when this amazing artifact was created.

Because of its resemblance to an extraterrestrial ship, many people assume it is a model. On the other hand, others believe it to be a map of our galaxy, as it shows the location of our solar system within our galaxy’s disk.

milky way

Ancient Indian Hindus may have built the disk to preserve information from a prior civilization, such as the Mahabharata, which tells the story of how God arrived to Earth and how they ended up in a nuclear war.

galactic disk

It’s important to remember that in each epic tale, the gods are always at odds with one another, creating an air of unfinishedness. For all we know, aliens may not exist, but they can be found all over the world.

As long as science continues to deny the existence of extraterrestrial life, artifacts like this will be displayed in museums throughout the world.

More details may be found in the following video.

Here’s the full video:

Ancient Alien Astronauts May Have Arrived On Earth In A Spaceship Using This 3000-Year-Old Artifact.

It’s safe to say that the most famous 3000-year-old spaceship-looking item that proves the ancient aliens’ existence on Earth is the 1973 discovery in Turkey of a spaceship-looking artefact. Zecharia Sitchin found the object.

Rather of being an old-fashioned stone statue, his stone likeness is a futuristic take on a contemporary rocket powered by scientists and a human in a spacesuit. Evidence that extraterrestrials may have visited Earth in the past may finally have been found with this new discovery.

2 19

According to Sitchin, copper from Mesopotamia or Cyprus was recently unearthed near Van Lake in Tushpa, modern-day Toprakkale. In the ninth century BC, Tushpa was the capital of Urartu. On the Armenian highlands around Van Lake, the Urartian kingdom was established. In Assyrian literature, Urartu makes its first appearance as a written name.

There were various reasons why Urartuans, who spoke an unidentified language related to Hurric, chose Assyrian cuneiform as their writing system. Incredibly, some scientists believe the stone relic is more than 3,000 years old. It is kept at Istanbul’s Archaeology Museum, which is closed to the public.

3 16

Sitchin claims that the rock item is a carved scale model of a spaceship, according to his book “The Earth Chronicles Expeditions.” 24cm in length, 9cm in height, and 8cm in width. In addition, he said that the monster’s rear will be equipped with a big exhaust engine flanked by four smaller exhaust engines. The head of the pilot of the rocket spacecraft was nowhere to be found.

In the spaceship-like rock sculpture, the existence of a pilot’s cabin shows that Earth had previously been visited by astronauts. He is reportedly seated in the capsule with his legs crossed, according to the latest reports. A skin-tight pressure suit has entrapped him.

The ancients were masters of space exploration. You’ve undoubtedly heard of the old nuclear war theory of flying machines from a long time ago. That our ancestors could travel through space and learn more about the cosmos than we do is widely accepted. Kazim Finjan, the Iraqi Transport Minister at the time, made an astonishing remark in the Dhi Qar newspaper in 2016. Claimed Sumerians had a spaceport and ventured outside the solar system.

4 12

A three-stage space rocket is depicted in a Sibiu manuscript that was unearthed in 1961, detailing the fundamentals of rocketry. Instructions for making liquid rocket fuel from fuel mixes are also included. Conrad Haas is listed as the author of the book, but many feel it was based on earlier works.

Ancient Mesoamerican gods were puzzled for decades about their aircraft’s power source, but fresh archaeological evidence has put light on the topic. Liquid mercury was discovered near the Teotihuacan Pyramid in Mexico in 2015.

Archaeologists have unearthed a massive dark pyramid in Alaska.

Archaeological anomalies under Alaska that science cannot explain are making headlines. Despite the lack of information, there is a substantial amount of evidence to support their claims.

In order to help us out, Linda Moulton Howe is here, since she has been studying the anomalies for a long time and believes she has identified a link between them and the Black Pyramid Theory that has been circulating since May 22nd, 1992.

dark alaskan pyramid

If China’s one-megaton device was tested under the deserts of northwest China, scientists would have an opportunity to scan the Earth’s crust to discover what sparked the seism.

A large pyramid-shaped structure was discovered under Alaska by this method. Former U.S. Army officer Mutschler later backed up the claims of the author of this article.

black pyramid found in alaska

All of these anomalies seem to be converging towards Alaska Triangle, which is where it’s located.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is said to be dwarfed by the Black Pyramid, making it the world’s largest man-made monument.

Many people believe that the pyramid was created by an ancient human civilization that had access to more sophisticated technology than we possess, while others believe that it is a remnant of extraterrestrial technology.

Discovered in Ecuador, the 7 to 8-foot-long skeletons were sent for scientific testing.

Discovered in Ecuador are 7–8 Foot Tall Giant Skeletons. To be analyzed in the lab British archaeologist Russell Dement’s bones unearthed in Ecuador and Peru are being analyzed in Germany, according to a study team led by him. Will these artifacts reveal the existence of a tall race of people who lived in the Amazonian rainforest hundreds of years ago?

z3 1

Bones dating from the early 1400s to the mid-1500s have been found by a Cuenca news site, and they stand between seven and eight feet (213 to 243 cm) tall.

“We are still in the early stages of our inquiry, and I can only give a general summary of what we have discovered,” Dement said. Our research is continuing, and thus I don’t want to make conclusions based on assumptions. Anthropological and medical implications are cited by Cuenca Highlife for the size of the remains.

It is possible to find human remains in Ecuador and Peru.

Late last year, Dement was informed that an Ecuadorian Shuar native had unearthed a skeleton some 70 miles from Cuenca. There was a woman’s rib cage and skull exposed by the water at the area, so Dement went there to collect them. According to the legend, the skeletal remains were unearthed 600 years ago. Found and rebuilt to seven feet four inches, the rest of the body’s bones were uncovered by archaeologists (223.5 cm).

Four academics from Germany’s Freie Universität with the cooperation of Shuar inhabitants formed a study team. The university provided funding for the excavation and research.

Dement said, “Even though I had been working with Freie for many years, I was afraid that they may not provide a money for someone hunting for giants,” citing the controversial nature of this field of inquiry. Even scientists may find this a little far-fetched, especially outsiders.


In light of the sensational nature of this, we must be extremely careful in our investigation because it will be met with a lot of mistrust,” he said.

Digging and mapping at two sites, one west of Cuenca and another on the Ecuadorian-Peruvian border, yielded five more tall bones, as well as artifacts, in six months. In the second site, Dement and his colleagues believe that the group has been in existence for at least a century and a half.

This indicates that the three whole skeletons, as well as the two half skeletons, were in high health.

Bone abnormalities are not evident in this patient, unlike in most cases of gigantism, according to the study’s lead author, Dement. All of the skeletons appeared to have healthy joints and a large lung chamber. According to Cuenca Highlife, “one of the bones that we have dated was of a girl who was about 60 years old when she died.”

Ornate funeral rites were commonplace. They were buried under a thick layer of dirt and covered with leaves. As a result, the bones were sealed and kept dry, preserving the skeletal remains.

Legends are resurrected in the modern world.

It was said that Dement had previously studied Amazonian indigenous communities for almost two decades and was aware of traditions referring to “very tall, pale-skinned individuals” that lived in the region at one time. Dement was depicted by the community’s elders as a benevolent Amazonian race that was welcomed by the Shuar and Achuar. According to the indigenous peoples, these people were just mythical figures from the domain of the spirits.

Real-life Giants

Since the revelation of the data, some stories have greatly exaggerated the significance of the findings, reporting seven feet as seven meters (making them 23 feet tall). A spurious skeleton of a “Ecuador giant” has also been falsely attributed to the bones, which were found in a now-defunct Swiss amusement park.

The scientific investigation of seven- to eight-foot skeletal remains unearthed in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian rainforests should not be deterred by these false accusations. According to legends of a fabled race, such bones exist, although they are not unheard of in scientific literature.

Other “giants,” such as Robert Wadlow, the “Alton Giant,” who is attributed with being the tallest person in recorded history, may easily be found. At the time of his death, Wadlow was 8’11” (2.72 meters) tall and was born in Alton, Illinois, in 1918.

z1 1

The skeleton of Charles Byrne, known as “The Irish Giant,” is presently on display at the Royal College of Surgeons of England in London as an example of modern gigantism. His skeleton measurements place him at a height of roughly 2 meters and seven inches.

Ancient skeletons were unearthed earlier this year in Varna, Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast city with an ancient culture and civilisation that dates back more than seven thousand years. In describing the bones, the narrator said that they belonged to “a tall person.”

We may assume that the ancients had a concept of “giants” because of several instances where persons or organizations were considered “giants” throughout history.

A year later, according to Dement, the results of the claimed Freie University research will be made public. Dement is said to be analyzing DNA samples from Shuar communities in the vicinity of the dig site to see if they match the skeletal remains found there.

There are many tales and beliefs about Ecuadorian giants that have been passed down through the centuries because of the people who lived there hundreds of years ago and how they interacted with the Shuar and Achuar people.

Cuicuilco, the world’s oldest pyramid?

As time passes, we tend to lose sight of the mysteries surrounding our past, culture, and origins.
Pyramids may be found in every part of the globe; there are thousands of pyramids of varying shape and size, and countless of unknown pyramids waiting to be discovered. We are all known with the Giza Plateau and its pyramids; in Mexico, we have multiple pyramids that predate the Aztecs and Maya; and in Asia, we have enormous pyramids that defy conventional wisdom. However, there are other lesser-known pyramids. The Cuicuilco pyramid is one of them.

This pyramid is located on the outskirts of Mexico City, and according to some researchers, it is the world’s oldest pyramid. Cuicuilco was found in the 1920’s by archaeologist Manuel Gamio as a result of his observation of an unusual structure on a natural hill. In 1922, Byron Cummings of the University of Arizona began excavations, removing a thick layer of lava and other debris to reveal a circular pyramid with four storeys and constructed entirely of uncut stones on flattened clay. The Cuicuilco pyramid is around 18 meters tall and 20 meters in circumference, although its original height is thought to have been over 27 meters.

5716742 orig 1

Cuicuilco is surrounded by a thick volcanic lava field known as “Pedegral de San Angel.” The lava field is roughly 80km2 in size.
Additionally, researchers unearthed a Stele near the Cuicuilco pyramid, which is considered proof of a relationship between the architects of Cuicuilco and the Olmec civilisation, which is regarded to be Mesoamerica’s mother culture.

In contrast to other pyramids, such as the Egyptian, the issue is not how, but when. To solve this issue, scholars considered the lava that buried the pyramid, which indicates that the Pyramid of Cuicuilco was built prior to the eruption that covered it in lava. According to academics, this eruption occurred 8000 years ago, once again casting doubt on established history, as the oldest known American pyramid is estimated to be 2000 years old.
Taking into account the historical period at hand, orthodox archaeology asserts that humans were incapable of constructing such structures 8000 years ago.

Due to archaeology’s inability to comprehend this chronology, academics propose that the pyramid was constructed more recently, implying that Cuicuilco is not 8000 years old, but rather 2100 years old. However, based on the physical evidence found at the pyramid, the thick coating of lava, and the time period of the eruption, the pyramid was built approximately 8000 years ago.

Numerous stone-carved female figurines were unearthed at the pyramid in 1924. Surprisingly, these figurines have a striking resemblance to those discovered in Europe during the Paleolithic period. Researchers discovered enigmatic sculptures portraying individuals wearing helmets and strange-looking outfits resembling modern-day diving suits among the figurines.

Most significantly, how big of an impact would the Cuicuilco pyramid have on our knowledge of history? Is it conceivable that humans were on Earth thousands of years earlier than conventional wisdom suggests? And that these prehistoric beings have technological prowess? And not as primitive as some studies would have you believe?

8919440 orig 1

The fact that the Cuicuilco pyramid is around 8000 years old suggests that the original pyramid builders began on the American Continent, eventually extending to other areas.

At the moment, the Cuicuilco pyramid is not being explored; regardless of how old or significant the find may be for history, researchers have opted to cease study on the pyramid and its inhabitants. Perhaps scholars are concerned that what they will discover will dramatically alter the course of history in a variety of ways.

A Personal Diary of a Missing Scientist Establishes The Existence Of Aliens, UFOs, And Secret Government Projects

A paper labeled Project Pulsar claims that it has uncovered some potentially lethal facts on aliens, UFOs, and other covert government projects.

According to the paper, the material made public is thought to be the personal notes of a scientist employed by the US government throughout the years.

The scientist was tasked with visiting crash sites, interrogating captured alien life forms, and analyzing the findings.

The document’s authors have not identified the scientist, but say that he kept track of his meetings with alien life forms and UFO crash sites. Additionally, the letter said that the scientist was found to have kept personal notes and was due to be terminated. However, he departed the nation before that could happen.

The scientist’s notebooks reveal many extraterrestrial cultures, their biology, and the language used for communication. Additionally, Auricmedia’s publication sheds insight on nine extraterrestrial languages: Nordic, Pleiadian, Vegan, Syrius, K’Thai, Orion, Antarian, Grey Universal, and Universal Communication symbols.

cz5uwgovqaa2epo orig orig 1

Additionally, the paper gives information on extraterrestrial pharmacology for humans. According to the study, aliens possess Psionic Power (the capacity to mentally manipulate one’s environment, rearrange or create matter, and/or display illusions).

proxy orig 1

The paper puts to light many government initiatives that have been kept secret from the public. As an example, consider Project MK-ULTRA. According to the article, Germany encountered extraterrestrial life forms equipped with advanced technology from outer space during the first world war.

“For millennia, many extraterrestrial cultures have been observing the human genetic process. Their existence on Earth has intensified as a result of the genetic changes that began in the past century (1900s), first slowly and then rapidly. Their reprosits were finally occurring, but the technical psychic new human being was rapidly maturing and setting its sights on alien domination,” the paper said.

The MK-ULTRA Endeavor, according to the report, is a continuing Central Intelligence project. The project’s main purpose is mind control.
The document also revealed that the US intelligence community was involved in other infamous high-tech procedures, including memory erasure, hypnotic resistance to torture, truth serums, post-hypnotic suggestions, rapid induction of hypnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, and non-ionizing radiation.

Concerning extraterrestrial hostile takeover, the study implies that the notion of hostility is erroneous. “If ETIs have been studying and engaging with Earth for decades, what is the point of delaying a hostile occupation?” The relatively significant surge in UFO and ETI activity that occurred in the mid-1940s, coinciding with the birth of the human nuclear era, indicates a serious worry about human hostile capabilities,” the research said.

This might indicate that the aliens are concerned with the long-term wellbeing and survival of humans, or with the possibility of human aggressiveness being transmitted to their distant cultures.

Earlier this year, a former government emergency specialist confessed about the Area 51 military outpost on his deathbed. According to Express, he reported that he was seen inside an extraterrestrial flying saucer at the facility.

proxy 1 orig orig 1

At the ET Disclosure Hearing in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, a 92-year-old Paul Hellyer disclosed that if he wanted to learn about the operation of an extraterrestrial ship, he would “ask the present head of emergency measures.”

“I know this because I interviewed the previous one, who is now dead, and he went to Langley and the CIA asked if he wanted to see one of these spacecraft,” Helper said.

“They flew him to Area 51 and let him to enter one and watch and take notes.”
With these fascinating information, it looks as if the reality of aliens and UFOs cannot be disregarded as a conspiracy idea.

Archaeologists astounded: “Giants’ graves discovered in Crimea” (Video)

During archaeological digs in the Crimea, researchers discovered a Byzantine Empire necropolis including the grave of a giant.

encuentran tumba de un gigante en crimea 1 1 1

While work on the restoration of the Mithridates staircase in Kerch proceeded, archaeological excavations in the vicinity started concurrently.

This uncovered up to 100 square meters of a necropolis, which included the graves of visitors to John the Baptist’s temple.

There have been 27 graves found to far, including several of youngsters and twins. Additionally, additional components, such as bronze pendants or bracelets, may be included.

They even discovered felt clothing in one of the graves. This was very beneficial since it enabled them to date the discovery.

Giant’s tomb in the necropolis

The discovery was unusual in and of itself, but got much stranger when they discovered a burial box measuring more than 2.30 meters in length. When they unearthed it, they discovered what looked to be a giant’s skeleton.

Given the normal physique of the indigenous people in the past, discovering a skeleton of a guy over six feet tall contradicts the facts.

Given that the average height of the people at the time was 1.60 meters, there is no explanation for how the bones of this giant ended up in the region.

The team’s anthropologist analyzed the bones in the aim of determining the age of the individual buried there.

encuentran tumba de un gigante en crimea 2 1

The remains must be analyzed to discover their origin

Difficult excavation

Excavation progress has been sluggish because of the challenging terrain. Historically, trash was just dumped on the ground.

Then, throughout the Middle Ages, a necropolis was constructed on top of all the old ruins. As a result, archaeologists have struggled to provide a precise explanation of the origins of everything discovered.

At the present, the specialists are negotiating with the bishop of Kerch-Feodosia in order to remove and analyze the discovered bones.

Experts are still investigating the strange skeleton’s origins and the rationale for its extraordinary size. Additionally to elucidating its roots.

Giants were prevalent in many ancient civilizations, despite the fact that conventional archeology attempts to conceal these kinds of discoveries. However, finds such as the one in Crimea demonstrate that they existed.

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Is Antarctica Home to Massive Ancient Pyramids?

Antarctica was formerly a pleasant, human-friendly environment.

Thousands of tons of ice have covered the planet for 12 thousand years, prompting scientists to think that evidence might be found there. According to our sources, similar proof has been found before in the shape of far older pyramids than Egyptian pyramids.

Ancient Aliens

People have long speculated about ancient, perhaps man-made buildings in remote, inaccessible locations, and few places fit this description more than Antarctica.

Egyptian pyramids are considered to be magnificent examples of massive man-made structures.

When these pyramids were built over four thousand years ago, Egypt was one of the world’s most wealthy civilizations.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the World’s oldest and most ancient Wonders.

While we are all familiar with the Egyptian pyramids, have you heard of the ones in Antarctica? Antarctica is made up of 98 percent ice, which is a mile thick. It experiences temperatures as low as -89C on the fifth-largest continent (-128F).

pyramids on antartica 1 1

It is often referred to be an unfriendly place. It was found in the early 1800s, despite widespread assumption that symmetry needed a southern continent.

Humans must endure severe weather, glaciers, seas, and storms in order to visit. We must bear in mind that many people perished throughout the process of discovery.

Scientists inhabit Antarctica. Except for the penguins. While a cruise ship may transport tourists there for the day, people cannot comfortably live there without special equipment or considerable effort (or for very long).

Food is scarce, and there is just a tiny amount of vegetation. Everything else must be imported, including clothes, food, construction materials, medicine, and fuel. The notion that Antarctica has been blanketed in ice for almost 1,000 years has received little attention.

Until recently, when three pyramids were discovered by a team of European and American specialists.

Two were situated about 16 kilometers inland, while the third was closer to the shore. They have been likened to Egyptian pyramids by scientists.

This is a major discovery that has been kept secret in the media owing to the potential repercussions of disclosing it.

If Antarctica has pyramids, they predate recorded history. Despite the lack of official confirmation, speculations of their existence have circulated. These unusual structures fascinate ufologists and intellectuals.

Numerous hypotheses have been proposed to explain the Antarctic formations. Alien civilizations established on a clandestine military facility with access to ancient civilizations? (with breakthrough technology).

Others believe they were created naturally. At the moment, there is no evidence to support or refute these allegations, but if The X-Files taught us anything, it is that “the truth is out there.”

These pyramids in Antarctica have been photographed many times. A selection of images from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, a multi-national underwater mission.

Numerous questions are raised by these pyramids. Perhaps Antarctica was not always so cold. If not, we may assume that these buildings were built and ancient civilizations called them home.

If an ancient civilisation existed in Antarctica many years ago, critics assert, there would be evidence of life today. If there are pyramids in Antarctica, this should be sufficient evidence that an ancient civilization flourished there in the past.

This must now be recognized by the archaeological community. We are constantly gaining knowledge on climate change. According to several Egyptologists, the ancient Sphinx is around 10,000 years old.

Why are they aware? Water erosion on the Sphinx reveals past climate change. If Africa and other areas of the globe have seen dramatic changes, why should Antarctica be any different? What if scientists were able to establish conclusively the existence of Antarctica’s pyramids? If they were created by humans, they would alter history.

Today’s archaeologists and specialists would struggle to accept such conclusion since it contradicts their present views.

However, since this is about finding the truth, belief should be irrelevant. Theoretically, an incredible number of ancient civilizations might be hidden all across the globe.

Other discoveries in Antarctica include pollen particles discovered by climate scientists in 2009, which led to the conclusion that palm palms formerly flourished there and summer temperatures reached 21° C.

In 2012, scientists identified over thirty bacterial species in water samples from Lake Vida (East Antarctica). Why would another remarkable discovery be unusual? Are the Antarctic pyramids nothing more than beautifully carved mountains? If that is the case, why do they resemble Egyptian pyramids so much? If they are, they bear an eerie similarity.

The only logical answer is that these are man-made structures. Thousands of years ago, when the temperature was just perfect, an ancient civilisation flourished under the thick ice layers, building the Antarctic pyramids.

Assuming this hypothesis is correct, we will need to reinvent history and our worldview. I, for one, am unable to.

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