Giant 8.5 Mile Ancient Pyramid Was Discovered Using Satellite Images, It Is Believed To Be Legendary Atlantis

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In the enigmatic depths of the Pacific Ocean, just to the west of Mexico, whispers of the fabled City of Atlantis may have found validation. A mysterious edifice resembling a pyramid, with dimensions ranging from 3.5 to potentially 11 miles, has been discerned via Google Earth.

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The revelation, shared in a video on YouTube, has ignited debates worldwide. Could this be remnants of an ancient submerged city? Or perhaps something from beyond our world?

The discovery was credited to Marcelo Igazusta from Argentina. He described this oceanic marvel as “a radiant structure in the Pacific.” “This impeccable pyramid spans at least 8.5 miles along its base,” commented Scott C Waring, a known extraterrestrial enthusiast, in his conversation with The Express. “In reality, it might even surpass 11 miles when measured conservatively.”

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Amidst the speculative murmur, suggestions range from this being the vestige of an age-old civilization to it being of otherworldly origin. Conspiracy aficionados are torn: Is this a sunken relic or perhaps a beacon of extraterrestrial origins?

“It’s an epochal revelation, regardless of its origins. Even if it’s not a vessel from another galaxy that found refuge in our seas, it remains a monumental historical discovery,” Waring further speculated.


He mused, “Imagine an 8.5-mile wide pyramid, unparalleled in size, lying in proximity to the renowned pyramids of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations.”

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