Experts assert that Moses crossed the Red Sea after discovering a submerged ancient Egyptian Army

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Beneath the shimmering waters of the Gulf of Suez, an enigma from ancient Egypt’s past has resurfaced. The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities has announced a captivating discovery – the remnants of what appears to be a colossal Egyptian force from the 14th century BC.

While the initial mission was to uncover relics from the Stone and Bronze Age, the research team stumbled upon an extensive mass of ancient bones, eroded by centuries under the sea.

Under the watchful eye of Professor Abdel Muhammad Gader, who heads the exploration, the site has yielded the skeletons of approximately 400 souls, along with a trove of armaments, two chariot relics, and armor remnants.

These skeletal remains paint a story of a formidable army’s demise. But the plot thickens, as Professor Gader suggests a tantalizing connection: could these bones be a testament to the biblical tale of Exodus?

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The timeline, leading to Akhenaten’s rule, hints at an army consumed by the voracious waves of the Red Sea. Echoing the biblical narrative, where the Egyptian forces were vanquished by the Red Sea’s wrath as the Israelites secured their escape. The discovery beckons the question: Are we gazing upon history, or a legend brought to life?


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