A huge 60-ton log that is more than 40,000 years old was found in a swamp in New Zealand. It might help solve the world’s biggest puzzle

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In the midst of constructing a new power station, an artifact from antiquity, a 40,500-year-old Kauri log, surfaced, promising insights into a cosmic puzzle that once shifted the very essence of our planet.

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Source: Top Energy NZ

This mammoth 60-ton relic whispers tales of the enigmatic Laschamp Event, a moment in history when the Earth’s poles danced in reversal, changing their very positions.

Hidden nine meters deep on an island in the Northern realms of New Zealand, this ancient behemoth required an excavation of a colossal 900,000 cubic meters of soil before revealing its secrets. Upon its discovery, the local Maori tribe became its custodians, cherishing its age-old stories.

Curiosity arose as the tree’s age synchronized almost perfectly with the Laschamp Event’s timeline, an epoch when Earth’s magnetic dynamics played a celestial game of tag. Researchers are now peeling back the layers, eyeing the tree rings, seeking clues about this magnetic shift’s exact onset and duration.

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Source: Top Energy NZ

The repercussions of such a magnetic upheaval, which weakened Earth’s protective shield and invited more of the Sun’s fierce radiance, might have choreographed dramatic climatic ballets.

Alan Hogg, a luminary from the University of Waikato, remarked on the tree’s singularity, emphasizing the serendipity of its discovery and its potential to unlock future revelations. Esteeming the tree’s grandeur, he speculated its lifespan ranged between 1500 to 2000 years before it met its end.

Upon its unveiling, the sacred tree found solace in Ngwh Marae, where it was received with ceremonial warmth by the Maori’s hap.

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Source: Top Energy NZ

The tale of its relocation is one of Herculean effort. Carving and lifting sections of the log, weighing tons, required the might of two 130-ton cranes. A laborious journey spanning 5 kilometers and 4 hours, the log was eventually placed in its resting site, marking a union of the past with the present.

H/T: Daily Mail Online

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