Unprecedented Find in Africa: A Stone Composed Largely of Oxygen

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In 1990, a discovery in Sierra Leone by Italian geologist Angelo Pitoni piqued the interest of the scientific community. Pitoni found an unusual stone, gifted by a local Fulah chief, that defies conventional understanding. Known as the Sky Stone, this artifact, with its captivating blue hue and mystifying white lines, has become a subject of intrigue and speculation.

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Upon his return to Europe, Pitoni presented the stone for analysis at the Institute of Natural Sciences of Geneva and University La Sapienza in Rome. The results were astonishing. The Sky Stone was neither turquoise nor any identifiable mineral. Its unique color, a deep, celestial blue, remains unexplained despite extensive studies by numerous universities and laboratories.

The enigmatic nature of the Sky Stone deepened when it underwent rigorous testing at the University of Utrecht. Subjected to strong acids and extreme temperatures exceeding 3,000 degrees Celsius, the stone’s composition remained unaltered. However, when a small piece was pulverized and examined under a microscope, it surprisingly lost its color.

Further analysis revealed that an astounding 77.17% of the stone consists of pure oxygen, a composition unheard of in known minerals. The rest is a mix of carbon, calcium, and an unidentified element. Even more baffling, researchers found an organic compound within the stone that is currently unknown to science.

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Dated at 55,000 years old, the Sky Stone’s origins spark a multitude of questions. Is it a relic from an advanced ancient civilization, or could its roots be extraterrestrial? The mystery deepens with the revelation that similar stones have been found in other parts of the world, notably in Brazil.

An American artist and designer, Jared Collins, expressed interest in a similar piece of Sky Stone held by a dealer, but was unable to acquire it for further study. This refusal to sell or even price the stone adds to the enigma surrounding these rare artifacts.

Today, the Sky Stone stands as a testament to the unknown, a challenge to our understanding of materials and history. Its composition, predominantly of pure oxygen, and the mystery of its origin continue to captivate scientists and enthusiasts alike.

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