Unmistakable evidence that Lemuria, the Lost Continent, existed in antiquity

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In an age forgotten by many, there exists a tale of Lemuria, a vast continent that once bridged the gap between India and Australia. Like its cousin legend, Atlantis, Lemuria vanished into the abyss of time, its mysteries buried deep beneath the waves.

Geological tales whisper of a time when, as the Mesozoic era waned, the seas surged, carving the land apart.

Ancient Indian scrolls recount that, 14,000 years in the past, our seas were tamer, with water levels 100 meters below today’s mark. But as the Earth’s fever rose, so did its oceans, swallowing not just land, but entire empires like Lemuria and Kumari Kandam.

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With the tools of the future now in our hands, one might think unveiling the secrets of this drowned continent would be child’s play. Yet, the abyssal plains are ever-shifting canvases – constantly reshaped by volcanic fury, tremors of the deep, and the ceaseless caress of the currents.

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Though the relics of Lemuria might elude our grasp forever, its legends will echo eternally, reminding us of realms lost in the annals of time.


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