Once upon a time, America was ruled by a race of giant beings known as “the Moon-Eyed Giants.”

According to legend, when the Cherokees first landed in Ohio, they were met by a swarm of Giants. Because these creatures could only see in the dark, the Cherokees nicknamed them “Moon-Eyed Men.”

According to legend, white giants’ bones were unearthed in Choctaw and Chickasaw land. Legend has it that the Choctaw fought a race of giants on what is now Tennessee territory.

2 Once upon a time America was ruled by a race of giant beings known as the Moon Eyed Giants

For many years, these stories were nothing more than myths and folklore. Nonetheless, future discoveries appear to contradict our knowledge of history, and many previously thought-to-be false statements have been proven to be right.

3 Once upon a time America was ruled by a race of giant beings known as the Moon Eyed Giants

According to a story told by the Comanches in 1857, a race of white giant men once inhabited a vast area of what is now America.

Their structures were fantastic and complex, as well as extremely sophisticated for their time, and they had no rivals among the other tribes. They destroyed the Indians’ land by erecting massive settlements and fortresses on it.

4 Once upon a time America was ruled by a race of giant beings known as the Moon Eyed Giants

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In Qumran, an ancient book of giants was uncovered.

We made the most astonishing findings around 50 years ago when we discovered the “Book of the Giants,” which is a collection of stories about a guy named Mani and his journeys across the country of the Giants.

This old book was apparently very popular among the Manikins, and if the information is genuine, it acted as both a bedtime story and a warning to the true believers of the time. But, unfortunately, we’re getting ahead of ourselves, so let’s start with the story’s content.

2 In Qumran an ancient book of giants was uncovered

In this chapter, we learn about the Giants, a race of tremendously strong and terrifying deities who would stop at nothing to destroy anything that comes into touch with them.

They were the result of an unholy union between God and mortal woman, and because the Giants were neither, they couldn’t handle it, opting to assault and destroy anything they could get their hands on, even cannibalizing each other to demonstrate control.

3 In Qumran an ancient book of giants was uncovered

When Enoch learned of the Giants’ deeds, he promptly set out to bring them to justice. The book is hazy on what happened to them in the end, but it is certainly open to interpretation if Giants still dwell among us or whether this is merely a random religious fairy tale warning youngsters about the consequences of doing inappropriately.

4 In Qumran an ancient book of giants was uncovered

Nothing is certain, save that this is an intriguing notion to speculate about.

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Former Apollo Astronaut: Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

For decades, many writers and researchers have been inspired by the belief that the human species was created by Ancient Aliens. While orthodox science ignores the old alien theory, several pieces of evidence supporting it have been uncovered all across the world.

The most basic relationship between the birth of civilization and the presence of extraterrestrial aliens may be found in history, as it was documented thousands of years ago in ancient manuscripts and clay tablets.

2 Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

The Ancient Sumerian King List, for example, portrays rulers who “descended from heaven” to rule over Earth for a total of 241,200 years, beginning with the first monarchy. Hermann Hilprecht, a German-American scholar, found this amazing inscription on a 4,000-year-old clay tablet at the start of the twentieth century. Hilprecht uncovered at least 18 comparable cuneiform tablets (c. 2017-1794 BCE).

They were not identical, but they shared information considered to have originated from a single Sumerian historical source. More than a dozen copies of the Sumerian King List have been discovered in Babylon, Susa, and Assyria, as well as the Royal Library of Nineveh, dating from the 7th century BC.

Unfortunately, traditional academics have refused to recognize that anything written down on the Sumerian King list is authentic, stating that the list is a mash-up of prehistorical and mythical accounts portraying Gods who reigned over the region for unusually lengthy periods of time.

3 Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

While the aforementioned ancient writings are impressive, maybe even more so are the numerous artifacts recovered all around the world depicting beings who are strikingly similar to modern-day astronauts.

While we’re on the subject of astronauts, Al Worden, a former Apollo 15 astronaut, had some fascinating things to say about alien life in an interview with Good Morning Britain. Al Worden was an American astronaut and engineer who served as the Command Module Pilot on the Apollo 15 lunar mission in 1971.

He is one of just 24 people on Earth who has flown to the Moon. During his time alone in the Command Module Endeavour, the former astronaut was named the “Most Isolated Human Being” by the Guinness Book of World Records. He stated that humans are the descendants of ancient aliens.

5 Sumerian Texts Show Ancient Alien Astronauts Created Humans

When a presenter on the British television show “Good Morning Britain” was asked why so much money is spent on space missions when there are so many problems on Earth, he gave an unexpected answer. He was questioned if he believed in aliens. The remark undoubtedly surprised everyone watching the interview.

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According to the former Apollo 15 member, not only were aliens real, but they had come to Earth in the ancient past and founded our civilisation, and all we had to do to discover proof was look at old Sumerian literature.

“We are aliens, yet we mistake them for someone else.” We, on the other hand, arrived from somewhere else because someone else needed to exist, and they boarded a little spaceship and went here, landing and founding civilisation. Buy some Ancient Sumerian literature and read what they had to say if you don’t trust me. “They’ll tell you right away,” Worden added. He died away on March 18, 2020.

According to his own words, he was a devout follower of the ancient Sumerian writings. They demonstrate that humans and gods formerly coexisted, with people working as slaves to the gods and each Sumerian city guarded by its own deity. The first reference of a Sumerian creation narrative is found on a tablet recovered in Nippur, an ancient Sumerian city in Mesopotamia, in 1893.

According to the cuneiform tablets, in the beginning, Earth was ruled by human-like gods. When they first arrived on Earth, they labored over the earth and extracted the minerals to make it habitable. In addition, the poem hinted at a war between the gods and their slaves.

It is said that before humans, the Anunnaki (a group of ancient Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian gods) used the Igigi (also spelled “Igigu”), the younger generation of Ancient Astronaut Gods, as servants to mine gold on Earth, but that they were later replaced by humans when the Annunaki rebelled. For the ancient Mesopotamians, heaven is divided into three domes.

The stars dwell in heaven’s lowest dome, while the Igigi, or younger gods, lived in the middle dome. The highest and most outermost dome of heaven was personified as a divinity of the sky. Dr. Ellis Silver, author of “Humans Are Not From Earth: A Scientific Review of the Evidence,” agrees with Al Worden and believes that aliens first established life on Earth millions of years ago.

According to him, humans should have been the most powerful race in the universe, but the mortal body failed to live in the Earth’s environment, and it is easily wounded by sunlight, natural disasters, and sicknesses. “Mankind is considered the most evolved species on the world,” he said, “yet it is oddly inappropriate and ill-equipped for Earth’s environment: sun-damaged skin, a strong hatred for naturally occurring foods, ridiculously high rates of chronic disease, and more.”

Dr. Ellis concluded that humans did not evolve from that strain of life, but rather evolved elsewhere and were brought to Earth (as fully grown Homo sapiens) between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago.

The Old Testament Book of Enoch Was Prohibited in the Bible — It Containing Fallen Angels, Giants, and a Warning to Humanity

The book of Enoch is only one of many biblical books that have been prohibited and labeled fraudulent; this is true for many bible books since they are difficult to read, include numerous errors, and are just erroneous.

2 The Old Testament Book of Enoch Was Prohibited in the Bible It Containing Fallen Angels Giants and a Warning to Humanity

However, the book of Enoch is an exception; there are few to no errors, the language and syntax used are identical to the Bible, it discusses Angels and Guardians and the end of the world in the same way as the Bible, so why was it forbidden among the others?

Enoch is said to be Noah’s grandpa, a pivotal figure in the Bible who maintained constant touch with God. That also applies to Enoch, however in his work he discusses more evil topics.

3 The Old Testament Book of Enoch Was Prohibited in the Bible It Containing Fallen Angels Giants and a Warning to Humanity

Fallen angels are referenced frequently in the book, angels that came to Earth and did the prohibited, slept with human women, giving life to evil giants, yes giants, giants are also a prominent hypothesis in the Book of Enoch that is never addressed in the Bible. It also mentions the end of the world?

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On the Giza plateau, unexplained ancient staircases have been discovered (video)

The fourth abandoned pyramid of the Giza Plateau was recently discovered in the middle of nowhere. This discovery sparked a flurry of rucksacks, to say the least, because it is by far the earliest pyramid ever discovered in Egypt and is assumed to have been created by a different architect than those who built the other three pyramids here.

It all started when a group of experts decided to dig a massive staircase that appeared to lead nowhere at first. Soon after, they began digging, revealing the truth that this is, in fact, a concealed entryway to the fourth Pyramid.

1 On the Giza plateau unexplained ancient staircases have been discovered

The pyramid itself is quite fragile, to say the least, because it is the oldest of the groupings, and scholars believe it is tied to the ancient Sphinx, which predates the Egyptian civilisation as a whole.

Again, no one knows who developed it in the first place, but we do know that at the end of the day, there must be a reason for why we never heard of it before.

2 On the Giza plateau unexplained ancient staircases have been discovered

We’ve known about the Great Pyramid for hundreds of years, but we haven’t heard anything about the fourth pyramid. Why? Why?

To say the least, experts concur that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Don’t worry, just watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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Another UFO Crash in Antarctica – Visible on Satellite Images Since 1997, It’s Now Clear

Valentin Degterev, a Russian researcher, found an astonishing frozen extraterrestrial aircraft in Antarctica using Google Earth. He surprised his YouTube fans a few days ago by showing off his findings.

The researcher claims to have seen this strange object in photographs taken in 1997, although it was more coated in ice at the time. Now that the ice has melted, he can thoroughly inspect and identify the intriguing item.

Another UFO Crash in Antarctica - Visible on Satellite Images Since 1997, It's Now Clear

He believes it is most likely a crashed UFO, an ancient item going back hundreds of thousands of years.

Decterev wishes to launch an expedition to Antarctica, but no commercial firm could retrieve such a 2000-foot-long, 300-foot-tall item.

There are numerous mysteries in Antarctica, such as the Antarctic pyramids and other crashed UFOs and UFO entrances that we can see using Google Earth.

However, commercial companies are not authorized to do research there; you can probably guess why…

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UFO Encounter Described in Egyptian Papyrus

From cave art to the Bible, ancient accounts and images of “flying boats” may be found all throughout the world.

Others were pointed or triangular, some were round or spherical, some were red and appeared like fire circles, while others were yellow and spat fire.

Most traditional scientists are suspicious of these accounts and depictions, seeing the early occupants of Earth as unsophisticated humans who reported observations of natural occurrences with extreme zeal or referring to these events as mass hysteria.

However, the ancient Egyptians are recognized for their excellent knowledge and methods, particularly their mastery of astronomy, which was much superior to that of any other culture during that time period.

The Tulli Papyrus, an ancient manuscript that tells about enormous flying vehicles spewing fire that roamed the Egyptian sky before disappearing into space, is an intriguing piece of evidence of ufo contacts in the past.

The document was discovered in an antique store in Cairo, Egypt, in 1933 by Alberto Tulli, Director of the Vatican Museum’s Egyptian Section, from whom the papyrus got its name.

Many experts dispute the validity and significance of this text, which would alter our existing understanding of history or, at the at least, add an amazing truth concerning supernatural beings or extraterrestrials.

The Tulli Papyrus incident was observed by Egyptian pharaoh Tutmés III, who lived during the 18th Dynasty, and he subsequently instructed his scribes to write about it so that he would be “remembered forever.”

2 UFO Encounter Described in Egyptian Papyrus
Decoration of the tomb of Tunts III.

The bizarre episode occurred about 1480 BC, and it was observed by the whole Egyptian army, in addition to Pharaoh.

The following is the translation of the enigmatic papyrus:

"In the year 22, in the third month of winter, at the sixth hour of the day, the scribes of the House of Life observed a circle of fire emanating from heaven." He exhaled a horrible odor from his mouth. I was deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening His physique was both long and broad. I was deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafening He approached His Majesty's residence. The writers' hearts grew confused as a result, and they threw themselves face down. As a result, they informed Pharaoh. His Majesty directed that the scrolls of the House of Life be examined and that he reflect on what was going on."

Some of the papyrus has been destroyed by time, and some have been misconstrued, but the majority of the writing is accurate enough for us to grasp what transpired on that wondrous day.

The following is the rest of the text:

"Now, after a few days, these things have grown in number in heaven." Its beauty surpassed that of the sun and stretched to the four corners of the sky. The point from where these rings of fire came and vanished was high and broad in the sky. Pharaoh's troops stood guard, His Majesty in the center. It was right after dinner. Then these fire rings ascended higher in the sky and proceeded south. Fish and birds plummeted from the sky. A marvel not seen since his homeland's inception. And Pharaoh brought incense to make peace with the earth, and it was commanded that what transpired be inscribed on the scrolls of the House of Life so that it would be remembered forever."

If this document is real, it reveals a highly crucial period in human history, when UFOs were witnessed by hundreds of individuals in ancient Egypt, including their king.

Despite the fact that the book makes no mention of a landing or physical touch with the weird flying object or creatures, it recounts a one-of-a-kind experience that strangely ended when fish and birds dropped from the sky as the things fled.

The ancient Egyptians most likely considered this as a heavenly marvel, a symbol of enormous significance as well as great power over life and death.

The Tulli Papyrus’ Unknown Fate

3 UFO Encounter Described in Egyptian Papyrus
Copy of The Tulli Papyrus.

Unfortunately, the genuine Tulli Papyrus has been lost or purposely buried, leaving only replicas.

When scholar Samuel Rosenberg requested access to the original Vatican document, he was given the following response:

"The Vatican Museum does not hold Papyrus Tulli." It's now dispersed and untraceable."

Some of the most significant papers in human history are said to be housed in the Vatican. If such is the true, it is logical that they have opted not to release this vital papyrus.

Other attempts to research The Tulli Papyrus were unsuccessful. A request was also submitted to Dr. Walter Ramberg, a physicist working for the US embassy in Rome, who responded:

"Dr. Nolli, the current Director of the Vatican Museum's Egyptian Section, stated that Professor Tulli had bequeathed all of his goods to a brother who was a priest at the Lateran Palace." The renowned papyrus was most likely given to this priest."

Unfortunately, the priest also died, and his things were split among his heirs, who may have rejected the papyrus as of little worth, unaware of its historical significance.

It is improbable that the Vatican would let a document of such value slip through its fingers, but if it did, we can only expect someone to come into it at an antique store, like Alberto Tulli did.

A Giant crashed Disc-Shaped UFO was captured on Mars

Jean Ward, a renowned ufologist and virtual paleontologist, has revealed his astonishing discovery.

The ufologist noticed blueprints of a giant plate formed piece that likely destroyed as it slammed with the planet’s surface in a NASA rocket photograph of Mars’ outer layer.

The unusual object, which measures around 15 meters in length, is partially covered by Martian dirt.

According to the ufologist, this implies that the UFO had a high velocity before to impact, thus the pilot of the mechanical assembly sought to slow its growth on the planet’s outer layer.

The ufologist admits that even before the descent, the UFO was gravely wounded since its pilot had no choice but to make a crisis landing.

The expert draws attention to the fact that even outsider boats have drawbacks.

Here’s the full video:

The image under consideration here (PSP 001984 1735) was obtained by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on December 29, 2006.

In Egypt Prior To The Pharaohs, There Is Evidence Of An Advanced Civilization

No other location on Earth compares to Egypt’s Giza Plateau. Anyone who has even a passing interest in history or civilization is aware of this. Because it is on this plateau that the Great Pyramids and their carved guardian, the Great Sphinx, are located.]

Although several ideas exist, no one knows for certain who built the Giza Pyramids or carved the Sphinx, or when they were created. Any assertion about who constructed them or when they were erected is just speculation.

In view of the numerous ideas surrounding these strange monuments, I believe it is impossible to overstate the theoretical character of the pyramid builders.

What impresses out most at Giza is not only the scale of the pyramids’ construction, but also the Great Pyramid’s interior plan; three chambers, one of which is underground, and their connecting tunnels.

The corridor leading to the so-called King’s Chamber is thirty-six feet high! All other passages, on the other hand, were not built tall enough to accommodate the ordinary man or woman.

Additionally, there is the King’s Chamber’s and Queen’s Chamber’s distinct configurations. Both of these chambers have two shafts, one on each side. The east wall of the Queen’s Chamber features a corbelled niche, while the ceiling of the King’s Chamber is formed of five granite slabs placed one over the other. It is unknown why these rooms were created in this fashion.

The accepted hypothesis is that the pyramids were tombs and that King Khufu changed his mind about the location of his burial chamber, which explains why the Great Pyramid has three rooms. However, when compared to traditional Egyptian burial practices (the mastaba and the tombs in the Valley of the Kings), the Giza pyramids, particularly the Great Pyramid, perform poorly in terms of the Egyptian notion of a tomb.

Ancient Egyptian Perspectives on the Afterlife

Egyptians believed in an afterlife, and the tomb played a significant role in their belief. As King Tutankhamun’s tomb attests, the deceased’s chamber of interment was to be lavishly furnished with art and brimming with the deceased’s treasures.

They did not do this procedure for superstitious purposes, as one might think. According to their beliefs, it was practical to prevent that person’s energy (spirit) from being reabsorbed into Nature’s spiritual power.

According to the ancient Egyptians, Ba animated a living being, whereas Ka represented the energy originating from that being. Although not identical, the Ka and the Ba are analogous to what conventional Western philosophy could regard to as spirit and soul. Another significant part of Egyptian religion was the ankh, which was pictured as the crested ibis.

2 In Egypt Prior To The Pharaohs There Is Evidence Of An Advanced Civilisation
Ancient Egyptian Afterlife Beliefs – Ancient Egypt Religion

The Ka, symbolized by outstretched arms in art, was considered to be the aspect of man’s consciousness and energy (man’s spirit or inner character) that was connected to the immediate world. It is the part of ourselves that is related to the physical body; where it lived, its belongings, and the people it knew.

The Ka can be compared to one’s individuality, which is separated from the body upon death and naturally seeks a means to reappear. The Ba, depicted by a winged human head or occasionally by a human-faced bird, symbolized the immortal aspect of consciousness.

When someone died, it was their wish and the family’s hope that the deceased’s Ka would seek a method to remain connected to their Ba. To assist in achieving this eternal unity, the family gathered the deceased’s things and deposited them in the tomb with the mummified body.

Mummification protected the corpse from disintegrating and returning to the Earth’s dirt, whilst the tomb and its contents functioned as a ‘home’ for the Ka. As a result, the Ka retained its spiritual identity and was able to search out its Ba in order to reach ankh, which resulted in the deceased’s resurrected and glorified form transcending the bounds of an earthly realm.

Pyramids and the Egyptian Tomb Concept

As with the pharaonic tombs cut into the Valley of the Kings, royal mastabas created throughout the early dynasties – some as early as 3000 BCE – were also designed with the concept of ‘home’ in mind, specifically as it related to a person’s Ka.

As an example, Mereruka’s mastaba, from the sixth dynasty, was built in mansion-like proportions with thirty-two chambers and embellished with sculptures and paintings representing, among other things, views of animals along the Nile River.

The Giza pyramids lack the characteristics of Egyptian home life that were so skillfully interwoven into the architecture of their tombs. The Giza pyramids are devoid of any form of art or hieroglyphics, which is unusual of Egyptian tombs.

Thus, why are the Giza pyramids typically regarded as graves of fourth-dynasty Pharaohs? The reason for this is that the Giza complex is associated with another construction ten miles south at Sakkara, where the Egyptians really built tombs in the shape of pyramids.

Gaston Maspero (1846–1916), a French Egyptologist, found hieroglyphics inscribed on the underground chamber of the Pepi I Pyramid (second king of the sixth dynasty) near Sakkara in 1881.

Subsequent studies revealed that a total of five pyramids at Sakkara also held inscriptions from the Old Kingdom’s fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth dynasties.

Dr. Samuel A.B. Mercer (1879–1969), a University of Toronto professor of Semitic Languages and Egyptology, released a comprehensive English translation of “The Pyramid Texts” in 1952 in a book of the same name.

The Pyramid Texts, according to Mercer, comprised ‘words to be uttered’ on burial rituals, magical formulas, and religious hymns, as well as pleas and requests on behalf of the departed king.

With the confirmation of the Sakkara pyramids being graves, the associative logic dictated that all pyramids must be tombs. Additionally, given the presence of two cemeteries (mastaba fields) to the east and west of Giza’s northernmost pyramid, presuming that all pyramids are tombs was a reasonable conclusion. However, the state of the Sakkara pyramids — the majority of which are considered to have been built after the Giza pyramids – complicates this logical relationship.

Only Djoser’s ‘Step Pyramid’ in Sakkara is in decent shape, despite the fact that it is not a true pyramid. (Originally a mastaba, the Step Pyramid was converted into a pyramid.) The remainder of Sakkara’s pyramids, the most of which date from the fifth and sixth dynasties, are in ruins and resemble mounds of debris.

Egyptologists agree that Djoser’s Step Pyramid at Sakkara was built during the third dynasty and served as a precursor to the fourth dynasty pyramids on the Giza Plateau. Following the completion of the Giza pyramids, for whatever reason, the focus of pyramid construction went back to Sakkara.

3 In Egypt Prior To The Pharaohs There Is Evidence Of An Advanced Civilisation 1
David Degner / Getty Reportage

This poses an explaining difficulty. What was the Great Pyramid if not a tomb? Is it a mystical shrine for initiation rituals or a public works project aimed at national unification? Or was it something totally different?

Although there are other theories, the only one that I am aware of that encompasses every facet of the Great Pyramid’s internal architecture is Christopher Dunn’s notion that it was a device. Dunn believed that the Great Pyramid was a contraption for generating electricity by transferring tectonic vibration to electricity.

There are a variety of reasons why Dunn analysis should be accepted. To begin, he discusses the Great Pyramid’s internal architecture and all other evidence in a coherent manner.

Second, he exemplifies the technical abilities necessary for precision building. Third, Dunn’s experience and career are in precise fabrication and manufacturing, which uniquely qualifies him to offer an expert judgment on the Giza pyramid builders’ skills and tools.

The reality is that modern construction companies could not build the Great Pyramid without first devising specialized tools and procedures for dealing with stone blocks weighing between ten and fifty tons. Such an undertaking would be comparable to the construction of a hydroelectric dam or a nuclear power plant, which would need tens of billions of dollars in resources.

While our current economy is distinct from that of the ancient world, the resources necessary now are same to those required then! The stone must be mined and transported, and the laborers compensated.

The fact that an enormous amount of resources were devoted to the development of the Giza pyramids over an extended period of time implies, in my opinion, that pyramid construction was functional, and not for any fourth dynasty pharaonic vanity of possessing the world’s largest headstone.

Evidence and Perspectives on Prehistory

To my mind, the evidence strongly suggests that early dynasty Egypt was much different. Around 3000 BCE, the development of civilization began with the creation and expansion of permanent communities in the Lower Nile Valley.

Giza and its environs were chosen as the focal point for early Dynastic Egypt because ‘civilization’ had previously been there, as shown by the three pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Without knowing why the pyramids were built, the early Egyptians thought they were graves as well.

As a result, they revitalized the Giza Plateau and transformed it into a Necropolis, then extended to Sakkara, where they constructed tombs in the pyramid style, but of poorer quality and without the talents displayed by the original Giza pyramid builders. Because pyramid construction, even the smaller ones at Sakkara, was resource intensive, the Egyptians returned to the ancient mastaba for burying their elite.

This scenario, which necessitates an older civilization with high technological capabilities, introduces another difficulty. It contradicts the conventional paradigm of history. However, the existence of an older civilization does not rely solely on the Giza pyramids. Additionally, there is the Sphinx, which was geologically dated in 1991 by the team of John Anthony West and geologist Dr. Robert Schoch to be between 7,000 and 9,000 years old.

4 In Egypt Prior To The Pharaohs There Is Evidence Of An Advanced Civilisation

Add to that the megaliths of Nabta Playa in southwestern Egypt, which, according to astronomer Dr. Thomas Brophy, are thought to have been a star gazing diagram that links not only the distance from Earth to the belt stars of Orion, but also their radial velocities. Another ‘perplexing’ find is the 1260-ton foundation stones for the Baalbek temple in Lebanon, west of Beirut, one of which was left in the quarry.

While history undoubtedly conceals mysteries, there is sufficient evidence to support the argument that civilization is considerably older than previously assumed. According to the ancient Egyptians, history corroborates this. According to the Papyrus of Turin, which contains a comprehensive list of rulers prior to Menes (before 3000 BCE), the following:

“…the renowned Shemsu-Hor, who reigned for 13,420 years.”
Up until Shemsu-reign, Hor’s 23,200 years “

These two sentences are evident in the king’s list. Egyptian history, according to their archives, spans 36,620 years. The argument that the years on the king’s list do not correspond to real years but to an other, shorter unit of time appears to be an attempt to explain away rather than to explain.

The ancient Egyptians had a complex calendar system based on a 365-day year that was regularly adjusted by the star Sirius’ predictable and cyclical nature. Every 1,461 years, Sirius’s heliacal rise signaled the start of a new year. A single Sirius cycle is 1,461 years long, with each year equal to 365.25 days.

In essence, the ancient Egyptians’ ‘leap year’ began with the marking of the New Year with the heliacal rise of Sirius. Of course, calculating the duration of Sirius’ cyclical nature takes thousands of years of stellar observation, which implies that the beginnings of pharaonic Egypt, or its source of knowledge, must be in the distant past.

Egyptologist Walter Emery in the late twentieth century appears to have agreed in general that ancient Egypt’s roots reach deep into prehistory. Emery thought that ancient Egypt’s written language evolved beyond visual symbols, even during the first dynasties, and that signs were utilized to express sounds in addition to a number system. When hieroglyphics were stylized and incorporated into architecture, a cursive script was already widespread. His conclusion was as follows:

“All of this indicates that the written language underwent a lengthy period of development, the remnants of which have yet to be discovered in Egypt.” [3]

Additionally, ancient Egyptian religion attests to a lengthy period of growth. Their faith, which is more akin to a philosophy of nature and existence than a religion ‘ is founded on a degree of complexity that appears to be more scientific than legendary in all regards.

Egyptian Thought’s Symbolism and Nature

Of course, those who are skeptical of this approach to history would like to know where the proof for this technological and ancient civilization is located. If such a society existed, there would very certainly be overwhelming evidence to support it. I would concur with the skeptic if a purely uniformitarian approach to geologic formation were widely regarded as reality.

Mass extinctions, on the other hand, appear to be a reality as a result of environmental catastrophism caused by volcanism, asteroid or comet impact, or stellar (gamma) radiation.

5 In Egypt Prior To The Pharaohs There Is Evidence Of An Advanced Civilisation

There have been five major mass extinctions in Earth’s history, according to geologists: the Ordovician (440–450 million years ago), the Devonian (408–360 million years ago), the Permian (286–248), the Triassic (251–252 million years ago), and the Cretaceous (144–65 million years ago). Although many of these cataclysms occurred long before the current human form, there are two recent worldwide calamities.

Mount Toba in Sumatra erupted around 71,000 years ago, releasing a huge amount of ash into the atmosphere. It was the greatest volcanic eruption in the previous two million years, about 10,000 times the size of the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens.

The resulting caldera generated a 100-kilometer-long by 60-kilometer-wide lake, resulting in catastrophic and long-lasting climatic impacts. A six-year volcanic winter followed, followed by a thousand-year ice age. The volcanic winter decreased world temperatures due to its sulfuric smog, resulting in drought and starvation, decimating the human population.

Geneticists predict that the population has been reduced to between 15,000 and 40,000 people. Lynn Jorde, a professor of human genetics at the University of Utah, believes the number might have been as low as 5,000. [4]

Even more recent is the enigmatic calamity that occurred at the conclusion of the Ice Age, approximately 10,000 years ago. Nobody knows for certain if it was caused by a natural phenomena or an asteroid collision. What is known is that the environment had a profound effect on the lives of individuals who lived throughout that time period.

Numerous North American animals became extinct during the end of the Ice Age, including the mammoth, camel, horse, ground sloth, peccaries (pig-like hoofed mammals), antelope, American elephant, rhinoceros, huge armadillo, tapirs, saber-toothed tigers, and enormous bison.

It had a comparable effect on climates in lower latitudes in Central and South America, as well as Europe. Additionally, these territories have uncovered signs of widespread extinction. Nonetheless, the mechanism that precipitated this Ice Age-ending calamity remains unknown.

If an old technological civilization existed in the distant past, what are the chances that it would survive a global disaster intact? The Toba eruption’s estimates are not promising. Neither are the scenarios for a hypothetical asteroid strike that astronomers and climate scientists are developing now.

Archaeological evidence indicates that anatomically modern man (Cro-Magnon) first emerged in Western Europe 40,000 years ago. Where they come from has always been a source of consternation. They must have moved from Africa, as this is the natural conclusion.

However, such migrations necessitate the existence of a host culture, which there is no evidence for.
Nonetheless, a plausible site for this host civilization would have been around the Mediterranean Sea’s coastlines, which were likely formerly a series of fresh water lakes.

If there was an early civilization in the Mediterranean region, it would have perished in the inferno that transformed those lakes into a salt-water sea.

If it were true, the vestiges of individuals who lived on the outside of that civilization would appear to us now as anomalies such as the Giza pyramids and the Baalbek gigantic stones.

Although Western Europe’s Cro-Magnon civilizations were once a part of a large Mediterranean civilization, they would also look as an oddity. For us, it would be as if they materialized out of thin air.

By Edward Malkowski

Giza’s Ancient Pyramids and their strange relationship with Orion’s belt

Due to their comparable positions, there is a theory that the Orion is somehow connected to the Earth’s pyramids. Robert Bauval’s book The Mystery of Orion was the first to examine this in the 1990s.

2 Gizas Ancient Pyramids and Their Strange Relationship to Orions Belt

As one might imagine, the three Egyptian pyramids of Giza are exactly aligned with the Orion Belt’s three-star pattern.

To put it mildly, the Giza pyramids have always been unique, as they are not tombs in the manner of the majority of other Egyptian pyramids.

3 Gizas Ancient Pyramids and Their Strange Relationship to Orions Belt

According to astronomers, there are three primary reasons why these might be connected to the Orion Belt.

4 Gizas Ancient Pyramids and Their Strange Relationship to Orions Belt

To begin, the pyramids all point toward the Milky Way, which contains the Orion Belt.

Second, as seen in this figure, the first two pyramids are aligned, while the third, by far the smallest, is misaligned. Experts say this was done deliberately to represent the three stars of the Orion Belt.

5 Gizas Ancient Pyramids and Their Strange Relationship to Orions Belt

Finally, as previously stated, they are all pointing specifically at Orion. How do you feel about this hypothesis? What does all of this imply?

The Submerged Pyramids Of Rock Lake, Wisconsin

Since the early 1830s, when the first pioneers arrived in the southern section of Wisconsin, between what is now Milwaukee and Madison, the indigenous Winnebago or Ho Chunk people had spoken about a “sunken hamlet of rock tepees” beneath Rock Lake.

The Submerged Pyramids Of Rock Lake, Wisconsin

Their narrative was rejected as Indian legend until two duck hunters peeked over the side of their boat during a water-clearing drought at the start of the twentieth century.

They were confronted by a large pyramidal structure that sat darkly and enormously in the depths of Rock Lake. Since then, deteriorating subsurface visibility has masked the buried building in dispute, aided by pollution.

2 The Submerged Pyramids Of Rock Lake Wisconsin
Wisconsin’s Rock Lake map

Dr. Fayette Morgan, a local dentist and early civilian pilot in Wisconsin, saw Rock Lake for the first time from an altitude vantage point on April 11, 1936. He spotted the black shapes of two rectangular structures on the bottom of the lake near its center from the open cockpit of his lanky biplane circling at 500 feet.

He made numerous passes and immediately saw their consistent proportions and monstrous size, which he judged to be above 100 feet apiece. Dr. Morgan hurried home for his camera after landing to refuel, then flew off immediately to catch the submerged items on film. By the time he returned across the lake in the late afternoon light, the lake’s submerged monuments were disappeared.

Subsequent and repeated attempts to photograph or even rediscover them from the air failed until 1940, when they were discovered again by a local pilot, Armand Vandre, and his rear cockpit observer, Elmer Wollin.

However, as their single-engine airplane banked over the lake’s south end at less than a thousand feet, they were taken aback by a completely new sight. Under fewer than twenty feet of water, a colossal, perfectly centered triangle structure pointed directly north lay beneath them. A pair of black circles were next to one another towards the peak.

At least eight buildings lie beneath the surface of Rock Lake. Skin divers and sonar have mapped and photographed two of them.

The Limnatis Pyramid, as Structure No. 1 is known, has a base width of 60 feet, a length of around 100 feet, and a height of approximately 18 feet, but only about 10 feet emerge from the silt and muck. It is a truncated pyramid constructed almost entirely of spherical, black stones. The stones are squarish on the truncated top. It is possible to distinguish the remnants of a plaster covering.

3 The Submerged Pyramids Of Rock Lake Wisconsin

Vandre and Wollin projected that each of the delta’s equal sides would be 300 feet long. To the northeast of the triangle was a small, narrow sunken island, perhaps 1,500 feet long and 400 feet wide. More startling was the discovery of a straight line running under water from the southeastern shore to the top of the drowned delta.

When Frank Joseph reported the discovery with local geologist Lloyd Hornbostel, he thought the line was the remnants of a large stone canal that connected Rock Lake to Aztalan, three miles distant.

Aztalan is presently a 21-acre archaeological park surrounded by a stockaded wall that partially encloses two clay temple mounds known as the Sun and Moon Pyramids. The ceremonial center was twice the size at its heyday in the late 13th century. At the time, it consisted of three circular walls flanked by watchtowers that encircled a triad of pyramidal earthworks topped by wooden shrines.

Aztalan belonged to the Upper Mississippian Culture in its last stage, commencing approximately 1100 A.D., and thrived throughout the American Midwest and South, although carbon dating experiments indicated its oldest known beginnings in the third century B.C.

It had a maximum population of around 20,000 individuals who resided on both sides of the walls. They were headed by astronomer-priests who positioned their pyramids exactly for the purpose of computing many astronomical events, such as the winter solstice, moon phases, and Venus locations.

Around 1320 A.D., the Aztalaners set fire to their city, abandoning it to the flames. They escaped to the south, according to surviving Winnebago oral tradition. Their exodus, interestingly, paralleled the abrupt development of the Aztec state in the Valley of Mexico.

“The finding of underwater buildings there may be a precursor to a far larger one to come, when we finally turn our attention to the sea and search its depths for the lost fountainhead of terrestrial civilization—Atlantis.

Rock Lake is noteworthy for its submerged stone structures—pyramidal burial mounds of men who worked in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula’s copper mines between 3000 and 1200 B.C. According to Frank Joseph, the mines were undoubtedly dug and controlled by engineers from Atlantis, and so at least some of the underwater tombs include the bones of Atlantean laborers.

Sources: Atlantis Rising Magazine Vol. 25: “Rock Lake Unveils Its Secret – Fly over Makes New Underwater Discoveries” by Frank Joseph; The Atlantis Encyclopedia by Frank Joseph

An Ex-Navy Officer Exposes The Truth About Antarctica

Everyone is aware that Antarctica is the world’s most mysterious continent. And the continent’s mystery deepens when we find that the FAA has established a No-Fly Zone in its center. However, before we continue down the rabbit hole any further, we need take a close look at the Piri Reis Map.

The Piri Reis map portrays the today’s ice-free Antarctic continent as a verdant continent. Around 500 years ago, a Russian expedition commanded by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev unearthed this one-of-a-kind chart.

1 An Ex Navy Officer Exposes The Truth About Antarctica 1

While escorting a party of explorers and scientists on the cold continent, a navy officer recalls his escapades. He also witnessed a medical emergency in Antarctica. When the naval officer was forced to travel the Antarctic ice due to a medical emergency, he noticed a massive ice crack.

2 An Ex Navy Officer Exposes The Truth About Antarctica

He said that the whole team of researchers he accompanied to Antarctica vanished abruptly for two weeks, during which no one could locate them. When they returned from wherever they had gone, they were outraged by what had occurred and were instructed not to speak about it by high officials.

In 2012, a satellite photographed an odd oval object in Antarctica.

3 An Ex Navy Officer Exposes The Truth About Antarctica

This weird structure is on the ice, and early examination has revealed that it is either a natural phenomena or a man-made construction.

4 An Ex Navy Officer Exposes The Truth About Antarctica

However, this is not a one-off occurrence. Numerous fascinating constructions, unusual artifacts, and even huge pyramids have been discovered in Antarctica over time. The image below depicts an unidentified object that collided with a hill in Antarctica.

One thing is certain: Antarctica has always been and will continue to be a mystery area not accessible to the general public.

5 An Ex Navy Officer Exposes The Truth About Antarctica

There are ideas that an old subterranean society exists, and that certain gateways in Antarctica offer access to this realm.

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