Official Believes Sumerians Engaged in Outer Space Activities

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In the heart of Dhi Qar, Iraq, amidst the hushed wind and shifting sands, Kazim Finjan stood resolute in 2016. With conviction in his voice, he whispered tales of a time when the ancient Sumerians gazed at the stars not just in wonder but with understanding.

Finjan, Iraq’s transport minister of that era, unveiled a tapestry of legends: the Sumerians, according to him, were not just star-gazers but star travelers. He painted a vivid image of a time, around 7,000 years ago, when the skies of Ur and Eridu were graced by vast spaceports.

Yet, as tales often go, hard evidence eludes. From where did the Sumerians draw such advanced knowledge? The annals of history hail the Sumerians as pioneers, their realms nestled between the ancient rivers of Euphrates and Tigris. They scripted their tales in cuneiform, revolutionized transport with the wheel, and mapped the constellations.


Amidst their myriad creations, they erected monumental ziggurats, stairways they believed connected Earth to the heavens. These structures, it was believed, held within them the very gods the Sumerians revered – luminaries like Utu, Inanna, and the wise Enki.

While the intent behind these ziggurats remains shrouded in mystery, Finjan’s revelations left many in bewilderment. In an age where wood and minerals were scarce, and the Sumerians thrived as traders, how did they conceive, let alone act on, the idea of interstellar travel?

ancient spaceport

Yet, amid the dunes and the relics, a series of clay tablets whisper of the cosmos. These age-old scripts talk of celestial bodies and lunar phases, echoing observations made centuries before astronomers of the Renaissance era.

Perhaps, the city-states of Sumeria, under the gaze of their seven tribal deities, truly held secrets of the universe. And as Finjan’s words echoed in the chambers of modern-day governance, they beckoned us to ponder: Were the Sumerians mere observers, or were they the ancient astronauts of yore?

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