Official Believes Sumerians Engaged in Outer Space Activities

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In 2016, Kazim Finjan made an astonishing proclamation during his business tour to Dhi Qar, Iraq. This Iraqi transport minister claimed that the ancient Sumerians possessed their own spaceport.

He also mentioned that these people actively journeyed around the solar system. Finjan believed the first-ever spaceship platforms and airports were erected in the ancient towns of Ur and Eridu some 7,000 years ago.

However, the Iraqi transport minister did not explain why there was no proof of the Sumerians’ existence or where the latter obtained their technology to back his belief.

The ancient Sumerians reported in history books were an advanced civilization that existed approximately 7,000 years ago. They lived between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers in Mesopotamia, which eventually became Babylonia and is now in Syria and Iraq.

Additionally, the ancient Sumerians invented the cuneiform script, the wheel, irrigation, saws, and other tools. They were behind the invention of harpoons, beer, chariots, sandals, geometry, and arithmetic, among many other things.

These primeval people worshipped many deities or gods. The Sumerians prayed to sun gods Utu and Sin, moon god Nanna, sky god Anu, and heaven queen Inanna.

Wind lord Enlil and Enki, who is the god of creation, water, crafts, knowledge, and mischief, were also among the gods the Sumerians worshipped.

The Sumerians exhibited their desire for the higher realm. Scientists and historians have offered several explanations regarding their ziggurats’ function.

The ziggurats were expansive buildings erected in ancient Mesopotamia. The Sumerians believed the gods resided in the temple atop these structures.


Thus, only the priests and other highly respectable people could enter the buildings. Scientists have numerous theories regarding how the multi-tier temples arose.

One of their beliefs is the requirement to keep the structures in positive condition for as long as possible, for they were constructed for the deities.

Therefore, every subsequent tier was built on top of the preceding one. Furthermore, the number of platforms may correspond to the number of well-known god figures. Finjan’s audience felt surprised to hear his announcement because nobody had expected him to express such beliefs as a government official.

ancient spaceport

Furthermore, Lower Mesopotamia lacked minerals and wood. The ancient Sumerians have occupied traders.

The ancient Sumerians were alleged to have engaged in Outer Space activities. This was said by the god Enki of Nippur and was later confirmed through archaeological findings. Ancient civilization had not developed a space launch vehicle, but it did make use of an early form of rocket propulsion – a model using clay pots filled with heated air that had been burnt at one end and allowed to cool at the other end. The ancient Sumerians left behind clay tablets on which they wrote about their astronomical observations. These tablets suggested they observed stars, planets, constellations and the moon’s phases almost 400 years before Galileo Galilei did so in 1610 CE.

The Sumerian data helped allow for dates for when these events may have happened – including what is called the midpoints between lunar cycles (cou

The Sumerians are one of the earliest civilizations in history. They have not received much attention from historians because there is no contemporary evidence that corroborates their existence.

Official Believes Sumerians Engaged in Outer Space Activities

One of the interesting things about the Sumerian civilization is that they did not consider themselves a nation but instead as a city-state. They believed that their city was surrounded by seven tribes, each with its own god and temple.

Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia are widely known to have been the first humans to develop the written word, and many scientists believe that they were also the first people to engage in outer space activities.

Babylonian king Hammurabi believed that humanity’s gods bestowed their knowledge on Sumerians, who were then able to use their intelligence in order to develop tools and write down what they discovered.

Sumerians are widely known for having developed a literate society in ancient Mesopotamia, and there is a great deal of evidence that suggests that they engaged in outer space activities. The Babylonian king Hammurabi believed that humanity’s gods bestowed their knowledge on Sumerians, who were then able to use their intelligence in order to develop tools and write down what they discovered.

These facts make it challenging to cite where the materials for what Finjan claimed as spacecraft originated.

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