Moon Mission Veteran Claims Human Lineage Traces Back to Ancient Aliens

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In a world brimming with the unknown, the future may hold the key to unraveling mysteries that have long perplexed humanity. Imagine a groundbreaking discovery, perhaps an ancient artifact unearthed in a future archaeological dig, that irrevocably alters our understanding of history. Such a find could unequivocally demonstrate the influence of extraterrestrial forces on our past.

Consider the enigmatic Tree of Knowledge: Is it merely a metaphorical concept, or could it represent a tangible link to otherworldly wisdom? This is just one of many questions that challenge our perception of history and reality.

Continuing our exploration, we encounter Ooparts — Out of Place Artifacts. These artifacts, often hidden in plain sight, suggest that advanced technologies may have been known to our ancestors, yet deliberately concealed from the masses. A striking example is a seemingly anachronistic object resembling a modern watch, depicted in ancient art.

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence linking the dawn of civilization to extraterrestrial entities lies within ancient texts. The Ancient Sumerian King List, for instance, chronicles a line of rulers who governed for a staggering 241,200 years, tracing their origins to divine beings from the heavens.


While these ancient manuscripts are intriguing, even more fascinating are the numerous artifacts discovered globally. These objects depict figures bearing a striking resemblance to modern astronauts, further fueling speculation about our otherworldly connections.

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In a remarkable interview with Good Morning Britain, Al Worden, a former astronaut and Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot, shared his insights on extraterrestrial life.

Al Worden, renowned for his lunar mission and recognized as the “Most isolated human being” in the Guinness Book of World Records, shared a profound perspective during his orbit around the moon.

When asked about his beliefs in extraterrestrial life, his response during the Good Morning Britain interview was unexpectedly enlightening.


Worden suggested that not only do aliens exist, but they also played a pivotal role in the genesis of human civilization. He urged viewers to delve into ancient Sumerian texts for evidence of these claims, asserting that these ancient writings explicitly support his views.

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