Aliens, according to a new theory, are trans-dimensional beings capable of moving via light

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In a realm where light and consciousness intertwine, could beings from other dimensions be what we perceive as extraterrestrials? A fresh perspective emerges, grounded in the mysteries of quantum science.

Andrew Collins, an established scholar delving deep into the roots of humanity, challenges conventional wisdom in his riveting tome, “Origins of the Gods”. He ventures to say that what we term “aliens” might just be entities from different dimensions.

In Collins’ vision, the enigma of UFOs and their accompanying phenomena isn’t as straightforward as metallic crafts from distant galaxies. It’s more profound.

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At the heart of his argument lies a captivating nexus between these UFO sightings and the very essence of consciousness. He posits that those who’ve witnessed such events might be inexplicably tethered to them.

Collins’ audacious revelations about the nature of UFOs and these “aliens” stem from a profound exploration of quantum realms and the intricacies of theoretical physics.

The science suggests that many UFOs could very well be manifestations of pure, solidified light. Plasma, the dominant substance pervading the universe, is at its core.

To fathom plasma, one must recognize that it’s birthed when atoms are fragmented, releasing light photons in the process. This metamorphoses everything into sheer luminescence.

Intriguingly, recent insights suggest that light behaves with intention. Some pioneering physicists speculate that plasma could harbor what they term “proto-intelligence”, an essence capable of transiently inhabiting plasma environs. More so, plasma might just be a conduit to dimensions beyond our ken.

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Collins muses, “Considering the revelations about plasma and proto-intelligence, could it be that our reality is nestled within an intricate lattice of energy?”

Dubbed as trans-spatial entities, these intelligences intertwined with space plasma could mold the fabric of our three-dimensional space-time, all the while existing outside its confines.

Eminent thinkers like David Bohm have postulated that plasma might embrace life-like states, or “proto-intelligent” realms. These fleeting entities, springing from the so-called implicate order, might momentarily inhabit the spaces within plasma.

Recent forays into this domain suggest an even more fascinating possibility: Plasma might be a key to realms that exist outside our spatial dimensions.

Collins also delves into the often wordless exchanges reported between humans and these transdimensional entities. Grounding this in the quantum principle of entanglement, he suggests that certain particles within our brain might resonate with their counterparts within these plasma states. This resonance, birthed from an intrinsic connection, might be the channel through which these entities communicate, perhaps guiding us in subtle ways, a dance that has perhaps been unfolding since time immemorial.

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