A Pentagon Insider Revealed the ‘Anunnaki’ Alien Gods Will Return Soon

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In the vast cosmos, hidden mysteries whisper tales of ancient gods known as the Anunnaki, believed to have guided past civilizations to incredible zeniths. Shrouded in legend, these enigmatic entities have left behind traces and cryptic messages. And though some argue they vanished millennia ago, whispers within the Pentagon hint at an impending reunion.

Stan Deyo, an insider privy to the Pentagon’s secrets, suggests a profound revelation: the Anunnaki, the legendary Sumerian deities, are set to revisit Earth. Their anticipated arrival demands our readiness to receive them.

Two celestial entities, Ison and Encke, stand out amidst the multitude. While countless celestial bodies bear mere codes, these two bear names. Is there an Anunnaki touch involved? Some say that Ison’s name is derived from Anu, a prominent Anunnaki leader, suggesting the comet might serve as Anu’s celestial chariot.

1 A Pentagon Insider Revealed the Annunaki Alien Gods Will Return Soon

Conversely, Encke resonates with another divine entity, Ea or Enki, a deity symbolic of creation, intelligence, water, and craftiness. Some even theorize that our very planet’s name, Earth, derives from this ancient god.

As legends unfurl, there emerges a belief that these sky-gods played a pivotal role in shaping humanity. And now, a stunning revelation emerges from the Pentagon’s labyrinth: The Anunnaki, it seems, originated from Earth! Astonishingly, the genetic fabric that constitutes us holds a 78% similarity to theirs, underscoring their hand in our creation. These otherworldly titans, with their alabaster complexions and raven-black hair, reportedly departed to unknown realms eons ago.

In a conversation with Russia’s NTV News, the insider unveiled a prophecy: these celestial entities would descend at our planet’s most dire hour. Their mission? Not only to guide us through ecological calamities but to shepherd us towards stellar expansion, teaching us the art of lunar and Martian colonization. Possessing advanced arsenals, they might also

offer assistance against earthly threats like terrorism. With extraterrestrial weaponry, adversaries such as ISIS or Al Qaeda might meet their match.

But beyond just survival and dominance, the Anunnaki’s return carries a deeper purpose. They seek to elevate us, merging our essence with technology, pushing us towards a higher state of consciousness. As we ascend, we’d transition from our present realm to an evolved one, empowering us to master our fate.

Recent years have seen skies tainted with peculiar anomalies. Many view these as signs of extraterrestrial life, while others believe them to be manifestations of these age-old Sumerian entities. Intriguingly, these aerial oddities emerged in regions devoid of stars or planets. And the impact? Witnesses recount how these celestial visitors could transform their surroundings in mere moments.

If indeed these skyward anomalies herald the return of Anunnaki vessels, it’s conceivable that such truths are suppressed by governing bodies, particularly if these “comets” are hurtling towards us.

However, such concealment keeps mankind in the dark. Yet, this startling disclosure from our Pentagon source gifts us the opportunity to brace for the Anunnaki’s impending arrival.

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