Why 3Do All Pyramids Line Up With Cardinal Points

Why Do All Pyramids Line Up With Cardinal Points?


Is it the Gods who are insane, or is it just mankind?

Why Are Pyramids Found All Over the World?

To Become Gods, or Not?

To Achieve the Stars?

Teotihuacán is said to signify “the site where mankind become Gods.”

Did you realize that they were all utilized as a SEPULTURE?
Is it a coincidence?

Egypt has over 100 pyramids, but there are other pyramids in India, China, South America, and Italy.

Why is this the case?

Today, hundreds of pyramids may still be seen all across the world, from India to Peru. Interestingly, the pyramids are all oriented to the cardinal points of north, east, south, and west, which are typically symbolized by their letters N, E, S, W. They also embedded holy geometry/math into them and utilized them as a sepulture.

We know that pyramid construction was once a common activity all around the planet. Unknown peoples built huge pyramids in Mexico around six thousand years ago. Massive man-made mounds have been built in China, the United Kingdom, North America, and on distant Pacific islands. The Great Pyramids of Giza are architectural, engineering, mathematical, and astronomical marvels. Then there are the incredible technological advances. For example, huge tunnels excavated hundreds of yards into limestone bedrock with nearly precise 90-degree angles may be found beneath the pyramids. This type of drilling equipment has only been around for perhaps a century or so in our civilization. But that’s not the only thing that piques our interest. Take, for example, granite obelisks. In a renowned demonstration, Christopher Dunn brought a block of granite, a hammer, and a copper chisel — the same equipment Egyptians used to carve thousands of tons of granite obelisks. The copper chisel was damaged after a few strokes, but not a single stone fragment was moved.



Christopher Dunn, an Egyptologist and author of “Giza Power Plant,” analyzed the data, and this is what Alan F Alford said about his findings.

“Chris Dunn discovered that several relics exhibited the same markings as traditional twentieth-century machining procedures, such as sawing, lathe, and milling practices.” He was most intrigued, though, in indications of trepanning, a contemporary processing method. This method is used to dig a hollow in a hard stone block by drilling first and then breaking out the remaining “core.” Petrie had examined both the hollows and the cores and was astounded to discover spiral grooves on the core indicating a drill feed rate of 0.100 inch per turn of the drill. This appeared to be impossible at first. Dunn discovered in 1983 that industrial diamond drills with a drill rotation speed of 900 revolutions per minute and a feed rate of 0.0002 inch per revolution could cut granite. These technicalities imply that the ancient Egyptians cut their granite at a feed rate 500 times faster than 1983 technology!” -Alan F. Alford, “Gods of the New Millennium: The Shocking Truth About Human Origins” (44)

And, interestingly, the base length of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacán is nearly comparable to the base length of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Teotihuacán literally translates as “the location where mankind become Gods.” The Nahuatl-speaking Aztecs gave the city the name Tethuacn years after its destruction about 550 A.D.

Were their pyramids and temples used to alter the soul after death? That is exactly what the Egyptians did. As did the Ancient Tibetans, Egyptians, and Native Americans, all of whom created elaborate arrangements for the deceased to prosper in the afterlife. The Mayans and Egyptians both thought that King, Pharaoh, and Heroes were reincarnated as stars.

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