Why did the Anunnaki decide to mine gold on Earth in order to save Nibiru?

Why did the Anunnaki decide to mine gold on Earth in order to save Nibiru?

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According to Sitchin, the Anunnaki tampered with prehistoric people’s DNA 450,000 years ago by combining their genes with theirs and putting them to work mining Earth’s natural resources, such as gold. He says that Nibiru has a lengthy elliptical orbit and approaches Earth every 3,600 years. He went on to say that the planet was inhabited to sophisticated human-like species who were taller than humans. Some 450,000 years ago, they were lured to Southeast Africa’s gold wealth.

Sitchin’s explanation, on the other hand, fails to explain why gold was so important to the Anunnaki that they had to mine it in Africa. Furthermore, it is uncertain why the Anunnaki, as a capable alien species, did not create gold or mine it from asteroids. Instead of building gold mines in Africa, which would require manipulating Hominid DNA to create a Slave Species of human gold miners, they might build robots or use artificial intelligence to dig the gold.

What was the Anunnaki’s need for gold? Aliens used gold to shield sunlight from their atmosphere and rescue their home planet Nibiru, according to ancient extraterrestrial theorists. In space exploration and astronomy, gold is essential.

The atmosphere of the Anunnaki Planet Nibiru was deteriorating, according to Zechariah Sitchin’s book “The 12th Planet.” The problem might be solved by suspending gold particles in Nibiru’s atmosphere and injecting a new covering of small gold particles.

This would be comparable to the geoengineering study we’ve been doing. It might also reflect other ways for manipulating planetary atmospheres that we’re looking into, such as the atmospheric manipulation required for efficient Mars terraforming.

Even if the Anunnaki need gold to restore Nibiru’s atmosphere, this would not explain why they built gold mines instead of just treating the planet as a highly sophisticated Alien Civilization.

One theory is that production failed to meet demand, and it was preferable to deal with natural resources in gold mines, even if they were off-planet. As a result, gold mines may have been the greatest option for the Anunnaki in terms of exploiting Africa’s massive natural gold deposits.

While asteroids may contain gold, the amounts collected were inadequate to fulfill the Anunnaki’s needs on Nibiru. The Anunnaki may have mined asteroids for gold, according to the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

Due to the huge numbers uncovered in one location and a gravity atmosphere that permitted the building of automated mining rigs that could be run for an extended period in a habitable Earth environment, gold mines were the ideal choice for the Anunnaki.

1 Why did the Anunnaki decide to mine gold on Earth in order to save Nibiru

Instead of building gold-mining robots, why change DNA to create slaves (human species)?

The Anunnaki initially attempted to mine gold from the Mediterranean sea using technology onboard their ships, according to Sitchin’s “Lost Book Of Enki.” The Anunnaki only turned to gold mining when the amounts were insufficient.

The Anunnaki used Igigi (sometimes spelt “Igigu”), the younger generation of Ancient Astronaut Gods, as servants to mine gold on Earth before humans. When humanity revolted against the Anunnaki, they were eventually supplanted by humans. Heaven is divided into three domes, according to the ancient Mesopotamians. The stars occupied the lowest dome of heaven, while the Igigi, or younger gods, occupied the middle crown. Heaven’s highest and furthest dome was used to depict the sky god. (Click here to read the entire article.)

The decision to create a primitive worker by fusing Homo Erectus Hominid Genes with Anunnaki DNA was made only after the Igigi revolted due to the demanding nature of the work involved in the Anunnaki gold mines, so that the new worker could be intelligent enough to understand Anunnaki education and instructions as the latest labor force used on the Anunnaki gold mines.

The Anunnaki did not come to Earth to construct the primordial worker as a result. It was an unexpected development, according to the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis, following the Igigi insurrection. They were supposed to be the labour for the Anunnaki gold mines at first.

The Anunnaki Gods may have intended to limit their activities to gold mining in Africa, but Humans forced them to get more involved in Earth’s issues than they had planned.

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