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According to a dubious idea that has a surprisingly significant following, Earth is some sort of experimental nature reserve or farm held by aliens who govern the evolution of humans.

Who then are the true rulers of Earth? And what intentions do they have for humans?

There are numerous signs that individuals are in the care of other, far more powerful creatures, acknowledged Charles H. Fort, an American writer and journalist who collected tales of weird and unexplainable incidents.

“I believe that we belong to someone and are their property.” He writes in The Book of the Damned, “At one time, when the Earth was still a lure, representatives of other worlds investigated it, colonized it, and even battled for it among themselves, because of which it is now in someone’s ownership (ed. 1919).

What did he mean exactly? Fort claims that paranormal events demonstrate how little we still understand about the world around us and that some instances (such as encounters with unusual animals and vehicles) raise the possibility that humans are not the only intelligent race that inhabits Earth.

Because they view the existence of Homo sapiens as a “necessary evil,” these “someones” avoid coming into touch with us. Why?

“Let’s say we can domesticate pigs, cattle, geese, etc. Then, will we forge diplomatic ties with hens that are devoted to their heritage? Fort clarified.

In other words, aliens (or some of the true “masters of the earth”) carry out their plan on “our world,” with little regard for the people who occasionally see them. The most intriguing aspect is that Fort had no knowledge of the names “UFO” or “flying saucer,” despite the fact that they were only coined twelve years after his passing.

However, based on the data he gathered, he came to the conclusion that forces are at work on our land for whom humans are not conversation partners but rather something like to bugs or test subjects.

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People’s farm
The Spanish ex-Jesuit Salvador Fraicedo (1923), a very colorful and contentious person, is a proponent of Fort’s theory and its successor (although in a considerably modified version). He, like his brother and sister, were raised in a devout home and made the decision to dedicate their lives to serving God.

He encountered significant societal injustices and pathologies while serving in Latin America, which he criticized and for which he was imprisoned in Venezuela.

After leaving the order, Fracedo pursued his second passion, which was UFOs and supernatural phenomena. He gathered “a ton” of information about these topics, which he used to support his claim in his most well-known book, “Human Farm,” that both aliens and aliens from parallel realities, who are higher on the evolutionary scale than humans, view Earth as a field for experimentation and obtaining various benefits. The Earth’s Invisible Masters (1988 ed.).

“Our planet resembles a large city. As an illustration, consider the sky where birds soar. Another area where cats move is roofs. The streets below include people, dogs, and other animals living side by side.

We discover a large universe of pipelines and wells, which likewise has its residents, when we think of them as distinct levels of existence. It is difficult for a rat to comprehend why a person climbs down a well, according to Fracedo, who claimed that he was as as shocked as the rat to encounter people of a “higher order” on earth.

What are these beings trying to get from us? They approach the person with quite different objectives, claims Fracedo. Some individuals believe that “humanity,” a massive social undertaking, is currently underway on Earth, in which THEY are in charge of overseeing the evolution of Homo sapiens and conceiving the many faiths that the former Jesuit described as “opium for the people”:

“Aliens developed religions for humans to manipulate our thought processes. For this, specialized individuals have been employed for thousands of years (prophets-founders of great religions). Although we are unsure of the general design, each religion appears to have a distinct function. Most likely, the mental, social, and emotional state that each of them produces is what causes this, he wrote.

The goal of these “manipulations” is unclear, but it’s possible that the true rulers of Earth are trying to prevent Homo sapiens from evolving further and from upsetting their plans, which may include colonizing the Blue Planet, by employing the “divide and conquer” strategy.

Regarding our predicament, Fracedo penned, “The world is a farm.” “It resembles an animal farm that is operated logically. The harsh reality is that nothing will change. Because breeders are more intelligent and able to foresee the animals’ behavior, it is difficult for the animals to revolt against them.

The animals consume ideology because the farm is administered wisely, which prevents animal insurrection. But this is insufficient. It is vital to develop a system of moral principles that, in their perspective, keeps individuals engaged in intrapersonal conflicts and struggles all the time.

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The Zoo Hypothesis

Fort and Fricedo’s ideas may sound like science fiction, but you should be aware that scientists have also begun to explore the possibility that mankind is a “colony” watched over or managed by extraterrestrial intelligence.

One of them was American astronomer John A. Ball, who in the 1970s, while looking for a way to resolve the Fermi paradox, came to the theory that extraterrestrials may view the Earth as a large reserve and keep an eye on humans.

It’s conceivable that extraterrestrial civilizations are drawn to humans. Their researchers can examine us. Maybe they even think we’re fascinating to them. Aliens may therefore silently observe us without interfering. The Zoo Hypothesis is this, according to Ball.

The proponents of the theory that views the universe as a super-task of computer simulation built by creatures from a parallel reality take a different approach to the topic of the “humanity overseers.”

The physicist Silas Bean reignited this debate a few years ago by making the case that it is conceivable to identify whether we are living inside of someone else’s computer (although at the moment this is beyond our technical capabilities).

Merrill Lynch analysts’ thoughts, which claim that there is a 20–50% likelihood that we are living in a simulation, has sparked a lot of discussion.

Professor Hans Moravec, a futurologist and one of the inventors of the aforementioned idea, wrote: “A simulated environment in which self-sufficient animals exist.” “It (the world) can exist as a computer program that discreetly analyzes data in a hidden location without disclosing any details about the struggles and joys, accomplishments and failures of the individual within.

“Events in a simulation take place in line with the program’s specified logic, which establishes the rules of physics that apply there. A resident of a simulation can determine some of these rules via diligent testing and deduction, but they will never be aware that the simulation even exists, he continued.

Who can design space simulations, and what use do they serve for people? And are they to blame for the enigma surrounding the “anthropic principle,” which states that basic physical laws have been “tuned” to for life to exist in the form we currently recognize?

But we are unable to make any firm statements about the cosmic demiurges, the god-programmers who created our existence.

Scientists speculate that these might be creatures from a parallel universe or, as philosopher Nick Busström admits, creatures from a very distant future. These creatures would have computers with enormous computing power, allowing them to recreate their ancestors’ lives as part of an experiment on a scale that would be difficult for us to comprehend but not for those creatures who have been developing computer technology for thousands of years.

So, are we actually, somehow, someone else’s property? And is a project actually being carried out where we have a little role?

Sadly, there are no clear-cut solutions, and it is impossible to determine whether the quest for “leaders” is not an effort to discover the enigmatic “God,” albeit in a new form and with a different name.

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