We Sent A Message To Space In 1974, And In 2001, We Received A Reply.


In 1974, scientists sent a message to space including the Earth’s position in the solar system, our DNA structure, and other pertinent information. In 2001, we received an ignored reaction.

Carl Sagan transmitted the ‘Arecibo’ message into space through radio waves in an attempt to identify intelligent extraterrestrial life.

The communication to extraterrestrial intelligent beings was the most powerful radio broadcast ever sent into space by humans.



By comparison, the signal transmitted into space was a million times more powerful than a standard television transmission.

Aimed at a cluster of stars more than 25,000 light years distant, the graphic message was launched with the aim of receiving a comparable reaction from another civilisation one day.

The radio broadcast contains information about the position of our planet Earth inside our solar system, the fundamentals of mathematics and physics, and the sort of antenna used to transmit the signal — all of which should be understood by an intelligent extraterrestrial society.

Carl Sagan and his colleagues incorporated information about our species in the radio transmission, as well as in our DNA codes.


After a few years, the signal was forgotten. Then, 27 years later, in 2001, a ” Crop Circle ” shook the scientific community.

A pattern appeared in a farm field adjacent to the UK’s largest telescope and observatory, Chilbolton, which houses the world’s largest fully addressable weather radar, and the surprise was that it appeared to be a response to the 1974 transmission.

It was widely regarded as one of the most stunning and significant crop circles to have appeared on our planet, as this circle, unlike others, included a message from space.


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While many disregarded the crop circle at Chilbolton as yet another fake, research revealed that it included a message from another culture, or rather, a reaction from another society.

The Chilbolton Crop Circle was the ultimate response we had hoped for, describing a separate solar system in the cosmos, the emitter picture, non-human DNA, and some microwave antennas.

Surprisingly, a year before the extraterrestrial message was discovered, a circle of unknown shape emerged beside Chilbolton in the year 2000.

A year later, the riddle was solved, and it was discovered that the crop circle that emerged in 2000 was really a depiction of the microwave telescope that transmitted the signal to us.


Three days after the mystery response surfaced near Chilbolton in 2001, another crop circle with what seemed to be an extraterrestrial face was discovered.

According to the librarypleyades.net webpage, the binary code’s decimal counterparts have not been altered from the original ‘Arecibo’. However, the atomic numbers of the atoms that comprise life’s building blocks have been altered:

Silicon, an atomic number 14 element, was introduced precisely in the right sequence: between oxygen (atomic number 8) and phosphorus (atomic number 15).

Silicon’s critical function in carbon-based life was discovered in 1969 by the late Ben Volcani, a famous microbiologist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.


His work and that of his colleagues (including Charles Mehard at Scripps and Edith Carlisle at UCLA in the 1970s) established that silicon is required for the survival of a variety of terrestrial life forms as well as the structure of human cells: for example, in the union of cartilage and mineral aspects of bones.

The crop circle that emerged beside Chilbolton is still being discussed as an alien answer.

Many individuals, on the other hand, are adamant that not only is the 2001 Chilbolton a genuine communication from another intelligent extraterrestrial civilisation in the cosmos, but that we get such signals practically daily.


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