Using Google Earth, massive underwater alien bases were discovered.

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As the headline says, the usage of Google Earth has lately revealed two massive extraterrestrial bases, which experts have yet to explain.

MEXICOGEEK, a Youtuber, discovered the first extraterrestrial base submerged. On July 15, he made a find and published a screenshot, saying he found it while searching along the coast of the Gult of California.

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Many people believe that this is a massive alien metropolis of some sort that spreads for over 70 kilometers. It is distinguished from other underwater structures by the fact that it was constructed artificially, since it is made up of 70 miles of straight symmetrical lines.


The second alien base was discovered between Curacao and Puerto Rico, off the coast of Venezuela.

It appears to be more complex than the other, having a total length of well over 90 miles. It’s made up of 90-degree twisted lines that zigzag from one end to the other, giving it a unique appearance.

Because it is so close to the southern end of the Bermuda Triangle, some scientists believe it is unlikely to be a coincidence.


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