US Scientist Believes Aliens Have Been Entering the Earth

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Delving into the Enigmatic: The Portal Revelations of Frederick Portigal

In the vast realm of cosmic mysteries, renowned scientist Frederick Portigal, once an insider with a prestigious résumé, stirred the waters in 2021 with a startling claim. Alien behemoths, he declared, are emerging from concealed portals to grace Earth with their presence.

Having honed his craft at global giants such as Boeing Company, the United States Air Force, and other powerhouses like the National Science Foundation and Northrop Grumman, Portigal’s revelations were not to be taken lightly.

Portigal proclaims that extraterrestrial beings have chosen stealthy methods to descend upon our planet. He pinpoints three primary avenues: meteorites, wormholes, and the almost mythological stargates.

Interestingly, Portigal wasn’t pioneering this theory. Whispers of alien contact date back to the late 1800s when dark anomalies were spotted on Jupiter. A discovery later validated by NASA in the 1970s.

He passionately expresses the urgency for humans to shift perspective and view reality from an alien vantage point. “In our perpetual immersion in the mundane, we overlook the celestial anomalies unfolding before us,” Portigal mused. “Gazing upwards, we perceive only the superficial. Yet, by changing our vantage point, we unveil a realm that is both mysterious and intricate.”

Adding fuel to the speculative fire, a claim from an undisclosed NASA scientist suggests that extraterrestrial life is beginning to stake its claim on Earth.

Delving into Portigal’s expertise, his prowess with the Hyperspectral remote sensing method is unmatched. He even developed an advanced mathematical model to aid space observations using Landsat 7 data.

1 US Scientist Believes Aliens Have Been Entering the Earth

Astonishingly, Portigal managed to capture a breathtaking image of a UFO, spanning 250 meters and streaking across the sky at a staggering 48,000 kilometers per hour, all with the help of a hyperspectral imaging telescope – a technology rapidly becoming synonymous with space exploration.

Thanks to such cutting-edge instruments, designed for discerning alien phenomena, researchers hope to unlock the secrets of not just UFOs but terrestrial compositions too.

A brainchild of the United States Department of Defense, this hyperspectral telescope is humorously dubbed the “binoculars for alien hunting”. Portigal’s personal telescope served as its inspiration, receiving a generous infusion of US$750,000 from the Air Force Research Laboratory to bring it to life.

3 US Scientist Believes Aliens Have Been Entering the Earth

With tangible evidence in hand, Portigal posited that colossal motherships are discreetly visiting Earth, dispatching smaller vessels to dwell amongst us while they voyage back and forth.

4 US Scientist Believes Aliens Have Been Entering the Earth

Relying on what he termed ‘wormhole penetration technology,’ these entities move their plasmatic ships closer to Earth’s boundaries at unfathomable speeds. In the quietude of New Mexico, near the Petroglyph National Monument, Portigal’s telescope unveiled these ethereal entities’ balletic movements in the skies above.

5 US Scientist Believes Aliens Have Been Entering the Earth

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