US Army Veterans Told to Keep Their Mouths Shut After Seeing UFOs

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Private First-Class Dovell Engram, Sergeant Travis Bingham, and E4 Specialist Vishal Singh were part of the United States Army’s 3rd Cavalry.

They served on a Multinational Force and Observers mission deployed to monitor the Egypt-Israel border for nine months in December 2014.

The United States Army has a history of veteran stories that go back to the first use of soldiers in combat. This is a propaganda campaign against the US Army Veterans after they claimed they saw UFOs while serving their country.

This is an example of how AI can be used to control the narrative. It can be used to create and promote content or even change mindsets when people are spread across different platforms where they share their thoughts and opinions on topics such as politics or society.

The US Army Veterans Have a website that shares the experiences of people who have seen UFOs and their UFO sightings, as well as their abduction experiences. The UFO Casebook – Sharing the Mysteries: A Private Citizen’s Research on UFOs and Abductions.Books

Many UFO sightings were reported around military bases. Some of these people were US Army veterans who told their stories on the website to share their experiences. with others. Some of the stories include:- One soldier stationed in Germany saw a light up in the sky and was told by his superiors it was caused by a meteorite or comet. But, when he looked at it through binoculars, he could see three lights on different levels, making him think someone else was watching him with binoculars from behind the fence that surrounded the airfield. He turned to find an airplane coming directly toward them at high speed.

The US Army has been telling veterans to keep their mouths shut about what they saw in an attempt to maintain the secrecy of the UFO program.

In an exclusive interview with the British newspaper the Daily Mail, these three US Army veterans told their stories about seeing unidentified flying objects or UFOs.

Bingham shared that Engram notified him about the UFOs. The latter was on watch at Observation Post 3-1 in Sinai, close to the south end of the Egypt-Israel border.

Engram relayed that the object he witnessed was spinning and bright. Other outposts up to 200 miles away confirmed his description after he made some calls asking his colleagues if they also saw what he did.

1 US Army Veterans Told to Keep Their Mouths Shut After Seeing UFOs

Engram notified Bingham, who was his commanding officer at that point, regarding the strange object.

Bingham pointed out that he saw a huge object with several smaller ones that looked like they were scuffling or talking with one another, similar to a dogfight in the air.

The US Army veteran cited that he knew the odd sight was not their military team, and that made the scenario baffling. Bingham added that he had never witnessed anything like the craft that covered such a distance with extreme paces.

Meanwhile, Singh stated that he watched the objects using his night-vision goggles. He determined that the largest one was oval, which was approximately a jumbo jet’s size, flying at a 30,000-feet altitude, and speed of roughly several thousand miles per hour.

2 US Army Veterans Told to Keep Their Mouths Shut After Seeing UFOs

Singh described the object and the smaller ones as making instantaneous and high-speed turns and moving left and right and up and down like fireflies.

The US Army veteran felt enthused to share what they witnessed with their colleagues and superior officers. However, one superior officer reprimanded him for discussing the UFOs.

He did it verbally at first and then gave Singh a disproportionate number of minor violations. This harsh step was reportedly in an attempt to get the soldier terminated over allegations relating to his mental health.

Singh expressed his worry that other US Army veterans who were UFO witnesses were also intimidated and persecuted by senior officials of the United States Department of Defense. The three soldiers found the incident ironic as it happened on the same day of the US congressional UFO hearings involving the Pentagon officials.

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