Unusual Skulls Were Found All Over the World, But What Are They?

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Anomalous Skulls were documented to be found in four different locations in the mid-20th century. These skulls appeared to come from a separate species in contrast to the Homo sapiens species. 

The Anomalous Skulls were discovered in four different locations, in the mid-20th century. The first was found in the Egyptian desert by archeologist, Sir Flinders Petrie. The second was found deep within a cave by professor Maurice Blache. The third was found on a beach in northern Brazil and is currently residing at a museum nearby. The fourth was discovered near Mohenjodaro, in the Indus Valley. The Anomalous Skulls are thought to be archaeological artifacts from a lost civilization that predates the modern era. They are believed to hold great spiritual significance and power due to their extraterrestrial origins, as well as their ability to attract “strange powers” which can be dangerous if mishandled.

The first one was found by a farmer named ‘Truitt’ who discovered a peculiar skull at his property, thus he called the police. It was the size of an average human’s head and the lower jaw was two feet long indicating that it might have been some kind of giant.

The unusual skull also discovered in a cave in a remote valley in China is one of many ancient relics, but unlike other artifacts that have been found, scientists are still unable to identify it with certainty.

In the past, some people have claimed that these skulls are evidence of ancient aliens. However, scientists have found that they can be explained by a much less exciting alternative – natural processes. They argue that these strange skulls are actually the result of underground water erosion and fossilization.

Museums are known for housing the most interesting collection of random archaeological finds from all over the world. However, when it comes to odd collections, the Ice Museum’s display of unusual skulls found around the world takes the cake. 

The museum houses highly perplexing skull forms found at different archaeological sites. Numerous researchers have theorized about these skulls. While some theories turned out to be incorrect, there are certain skulls whose extraterrestrial origins can still be proved.

Official scientific circles often assume the origins of these skulls. Regardless, until we find more accurate evidence, we cannot conclusively explain some of them. In essence, these skulls remain an unresolved anthropological topic. 

Among these skulls, the most notable ones came from ancient burial sites discovered across the City of Ica.

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These skulls are usually deformed around the temples. The wave of deformation would often continue upward to the forehead. This peculiarity resembled the form of a loaf. This loaf would often be three times the size of a typical human neck. 

modified maya skull museo nacional de antropologia e historia mexico by maunus

The official position of the scientific community on these skulls is not established yet. While some gave a logical, sound deduction that these are alien in origin, others sought to explain them more mundanely instead. Nonetheless, both theories use the same accounts from South American locations as their basis. 

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Regardless, these skulls remain difficult to explain. Regardless of the official position of the scientific community, some are convinced that these unusual skulls are from aliens. The elongated nature of these items is often associated with our idea of the alien form. 

Given its odd shape, it is reasonable to assume it is not human. After all, we didn’t see enough skulls shaped this way. And since they were mostly found littered across the world, there are speculations that these could be from an alien race who visited Earth and imparted knowledge to humans thousands of years ago. 

For now, we can’t explain these things yet. Before understanding their origins, we must find more skulls similar to these.

What do you think? Are these the skulls of aliens, or is there a mundane explanation for their origins?

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