Unknown Underworld Tunnel Discovered Right Next to a Mexican Pyramid

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In Mexico, a Teotihuacan pyramid’s underground passageway was found by archaeologists. It was said to resemble the underworld. The size of the mysterious tunnel was determined through electrical scanning in the ancient city.

The find, according to archaeologist Veronica Ortega, demonstrated that Teotihuacans had copied the same design and buildings. This must have shown that the large constructions and the tunnels were interconnected.

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The distance between the Pyramid of the Moon and the center plaza is 10 meters (33 ft).

“The tunnel might have been used to construct the underworld, where life initially began to emerge as animals, plants, and life. According to Ortega, it’s probable that the tunnel was solely utilized for rituals, maybe as a component of festivals honoring the agricultural cycle.

Archaeologists will then need to descend the tunnel to further study it. Researchers believe that, unlike the last tunnel, this one has not been stolen.

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North of Mexico City is Teotihuacan, which translates to “place where gods were formed.” There used to be about 125,000 people living there. Human remains found at the location indicate that it was used for human sacrifices between the first and seventh centuries until being abandoned around 550 AD.

Mexican specialists found the tunnel in June inside Mexico City’s National Institute of Anthropology and History.


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