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Theorists and scholars believe they have discovered an underground military outpost used by the Anunnaki. Worst of all, it appears that the Pentagon had already discovered it.

There has been much speculation that the planet has secret alien bases. Is it feasible, however, that any Anunnaki underground bases remain?

Anunnaki technology might be found at one of the planet’s most critical strongholds. It’s possible that Enki’s army, as well as other ancient Mesopotamian gods, sought sanctuary atop Mount Bucegi in Romania.

Underground Base of the Anunnaki

This installation is known to several of the controllers who have been tasked with mapping and geolocating subterranean military bases. Electromagnetic technology appears to cloak it, giving it “invisibility.”


The existence of a hole in the area of Mount Bucegi was revealed in 2002. This odd hole pierced the rocky set’s innards.

The entry instantly led to a flawlessly constructed tunnel, indicating that it had to have been created intentionally, according to the experts.

This feature, together with the possibility of an electromagnetic field surrounding it and satellite photographs, implies that it is an underground facility.

According to theories, the Pentagon was the first to find this installation, having identified an energy wall and a frequency of vibration surrounding the “entry.”

Furthermore, its features are comparable to those of another subterranean base discovered in Baghdad, Iraq, shortly before the ” Iraq War ” began.

It is thought that this was the true reason why US soldiers invaded Iraq, and that others had taken control of the nation without the Iraqis being aware of it.

Technology that is unknown

The US Army was able to breach the base’s defenses because to sophisticated unknown weapons brought by two Pentagon generals and the US President’s adviser. The electromagnetic safety wall was just around 60 meters from from the entrance to this subterranean base.

Theorists claim that weapons with sophisticated technology for humans were discovered within. Plasma beams and technology capable of rapidly piercing through the earth’s crust.

They entered a big gallery after traveling through the massive tunnel, which could be seen with amazing clarity despite the energy barrier being disconnected.

The other active barrier, which was directly in front of the first, began to produce even more energy. The police continued their descent, noting two massive stone sculptures, each about 2 meters high, facing one other.

There were cuneiform writings in them, similar to those found in the Cueva de los Tayos or Lake Titicaca, although they were of an unknown provenance.

According to authorities, this had proto-Sumerian traits that were very comparable to those found in the Pokotia Monolith.

It’s believed that this underground base, along with the one discovered on Mount Bucegi, were utilized by ancient Anunnaki monarchs during a millennium-long conflict. The presence of ancient astronauts might be confirmed by this idea.


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