Secrets for Zone 51, Aliens and “StarGate”

Secrets for Zone 51, Aliens and “StarGate”

Information is leaked about UFOs, time machines and elite plans, and a possible extinction of humanity, these become credible because a former Zone 51 worker has leaked this information.

His name is Dan Burisch and he is a former employee in the United States Military Forces. He has a doctorate in microbiology, and was also in the secret premises of Area 51.

While he was studying at the University of Las Vegas in 1986, an unknown visitor suddenly came to him, and that visitor was the known “secret” government. And invites him to work on a classified project.

Zone 51

He started working in a Nevada State Government office a year later. There they took tissue samples, examined them in a special place, and reported where they came from.

After 5 years Burisch in 1994 he goes to an underground base which was part of Area 51. And that’s where the Aquarium Project begins.

There Burisch discovers that the government had spaceships and extraterrestrial beings. There was information on a race known as ORIONS from the star system Z.

There he also reads a copy of the treaty by Eisenhower with beings known as the P-50 and the Orions.

He says that a place called the Gulf of Galileo had spaceships, and exactly one of them was described by Bob Lazarus and the one that crashed in Roswell.

And he then talks about the concept of foreigners as foreigners and divides them into two categories:
Foreigners coming from other worlds and foreigners coming from the future.

People of the Future *Aliens

These are divided into four groups and classified with the letter P, meaning “present”, plus the years leading up to the future.

For example, Roswell is known as P-24 and means present plus 24 thousand years, and others are known as J ROD P-45, J ROD P-52 and P-54.

J ROD worked for 2 years for a woman of this breed and took blood samples because she was suffering from an illness and became a participant in the project precisely to find a cure.

He established a friendly relationship with her, and had violated all security protocols when he embraced her.

he telepathically transmitted much information about the future of mankind and a nuclear catastrophe.

In that telepathic broadcast he portrays horrific events where many people die and many of them hide underground to survive. 24,000 years later, time travel was possessed by the most advanced beings on the planet, and for that reason they traveled to Roswell.

Civilizations in our Galaxy

It was also learned that some of the survivors settled on the Moon, Mars and Orion. P-52 or Orions come from there, were terrestrial but came to colonize other worlds.

Responsible for the nuclear catastrophe and the cause of many kidnappings are the hostile P-45 creatures.

Eisenhower met with these beings to prevent a recurrence of the catastrophe. He made diplomatic pacts in exchange for technology.

It is an instrument or called a three inch long and wide cube that made predictions for the future, this instrument was given by the Orions to the president, and today it is used by the most powerful

Majestic 12 and StarGates

Burisch made a statement that he worked under Majestic 12 and said that there is equipment built on Earth based on alien technology.

Instructions for their production are said to be found in Sumerian tables, and were used to communicate with civilizations outside our Solar System. And that was the way people or objects telepoted to other points in our universe.

Burisch says that during the experiments he saw a person die. The device was called Looking Glass as it was to observe the probabilities of future events.

It also says there are about 50 of these devices. And what was mentioned a little above was the way they were able to verify whether there was a high probability that the catastrophe happened because of StarGates.

Everything may seem unbelievable but Dan Burisch has provided a lot of evidence and arguments, and these cast a lot of doubt on what governments are hiding.

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