Devil’s Bible: The World’s Largest Manuscript

Devil’s Bible: The World’s Largest Manuscript

Codex Gigas, aka Devil’s Bible is one of the biggest and most interesting manuscripts humans have found. It lengths 3 feet, and its so heavy 2 people are in need to lift it.

This manuscript is said to be built by the skin of 140 animals, and it was all done in one nights work by a monk in prison, scheduled for execution. It’s said the monk sold his soul to the devil in order to be able to finish this massive manuscript.

Many stories surround this book, including doom, disaster and misery to those who seek it. Although this could just be propaganda from the church (wouldn’t be the first time.)

It’s written in Latin, sometime in the 13th century, although the codex’s origins remain unknown. It’s a complete translation from latin of the Bible including 5 other texts.

The other 5 texts, contain what seem to be exorcisms, dark magic and such, which is why it was prohibited from the public.

It’s said such a manuscript would take a full 5 years to finish, not including the illustrations, with them a full 10 years, and to think a monk could have done it in one night it is amazing.

The Devil’s Bible is currently on display at National Library of Stockholm.

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