Climbers Accidentally Discovered Frozen Caveman in Himalaya

Climbers Accidentally Discovered Frozen Caveman in Himalaya

There is not much that we know about this worlds and humanity’s past, however everyday we get closer and closer to reveal the truth, of what we are and what this world truly is.

A group of hikers, climbing the Himalayan mountains, report discovering something strange, after noticing an oncoming avalanche, they decided its best to take cover in a cave, the group consisting of 7 hikers, stayed in the cave for 2 hours, exploring around.

That’s when it happened, they discovered what supposedly to them was a frozen person stuck there for months, little did they know what it was.

What they discovered was in fact, much much older, 2.33 million years old to be precise, a homo-sapien, having lived in the Gelasian Pleistocene period, what gives its period away, is that the climbers report, along with the frozen body, there were tools and leather clothes together with it, an era characterizing Gelasian Pleistocene period.

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