Archaeologists Found an Ancient Alien Ring in the Tomb of Tutankhamun

Archaeologists Found an Ancient Alien Ring in the Tomb of Tutankhamun

A very interesting artifact has been discovered buried together with one of the most famous Egyptian rulers to date.

Tutankhamun is the most discussed Egyptian ruler, he had a short reign due to dying at an early age, it’s still unclear as to how he died, there is some evidence that he died from infection on a stab wound.

Either way Tutankhamun’s grave had been treated differently from others, perhaps out of spite since he died so young, it’s not unusual to see strange objects together with Pharaohs mummies, but this time a very interesting one was found, perhaps the most!

Buried together with Tutankhamuns mummy is a strange ring, showing a humanoid creature that strongly resembles an extra terrestrial, he is seen holding a strange staff, hovering above the ground, he does have human characteristics, but its definitely not human.

Alien ring" found in Tutankhamun's tomb

Some experts say its the ancient Egyptian god Ptah, but the rings age and Ptah timeline don’t match, the ring is about 500 to 600 years BC, and Ptah lived around 6000 years ago as said by Egyptian texts.

And some other experts say that it’s an alien race, which Egyptians had contact with regularly, explaining the almost impossible to create buildings and pyramids in Egypt!

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