Another Ancient Statue was Recently Discovered on Mars

Another Ancient Statue was Recently Discovered on Mars

The curiosity rover has been to Mars for quite some time now, and it isn’t the first time it is sending back spicy pictures from the supposedly lifeless planet.

As we have discussed before The Curiosity rover’s mission is to explore and take pictures around Mars for us to see, but sometimes, here and there it captures something out of place.

In the past it has captured pyramids, weird objects like they are made out of intelligence life, even small black creatures moving around, and the surprises aren’t over yet.

This time it has captured a strange figure standing on top of a cliff just staring at what is seems directly into the curiosity rover!

Many people have described it as a ”Watcher” similar to those on Earth known as Mayan Watchers, mystical creature who gaze upon the civilization silently.

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