There are three phases in the evolution of extraterrestrial societies

There are three phases in the Evolution of Alien Societies

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“Transmission of Information by Extraterrestrial Civilizations,” written by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kardashev in 1964, became a classic in the field. In it, he devised a three-stage scale for measuring civilization’s evolution.

According to Nikolai Kardashev’s theory, all civilizations in the universe progress through three distinct stages of evolution. The only thing left to do is figure out which criteria to take into account.

According to the scientist, since ethical social concerns such as protecting the health of all people cannot be assessed even hypothetically in extraterrestrial countries, this approach should be avoided.

Instead, he used energy as a starting point, which is something that any physicist can relate to. For civilizations that employ it to advance technologically, this has a direct impact. Three sorts of civilizations exist according to Kardashev, based on how they utilise energy.

First type

Civilizations exist here that harness the full potential of the planet’s energy resources. A neighboring star’s light is one of several sources of illumination in the area.

For example, the Sun gives the Earth the equivalent of hundreds of atomic bombs per second.

The first kind of society would be able to make full use of it. Because we haven’t figured this out yet, humanity is still in its infancy.

Second Type

All of the star’s energy, not just the part that gets to Earth, is put to good use by these advanced societies.

The “sphere” notion was coined by Nobel winner Freeman Dyson. A civilisation of the second type might theoretically form a sphere around the parent luminary and utilise the radiation for its own purposes.

Compared to the first sort of civilization, this one would be 10 billion times more powerful.

Third Type

These super-civilizations harness the power of the galaxy’s many billions of stars to power their technological prowess.

They could use Dyson spheres or some other more esoteric approach to do this. A society like this one will be 10 billion times more powerful than the second type.

“After the first kind, we shift from the category of “imaginary” to the category of “god-like,” says American astronomer Adam Frank in a recent piece for Big Think.”

Imagining a swarm of orbiting satellites collecting solar energy and beaming it back to Earth through electromagnetic radiation is not difficult. This is the first step we’ll take.

It is, nevertheless, necessary to devour whole planets to produce the Dyson sphere. When will we be able to wield such authority? It’s the third class of gods that have absolute power over the entire universe.

In the Kardashev scale, however, this is not the most important factor. Its greatest strength rests in its capacity to direct our creative impulses.

There are billions of items in the universe that can be interpreted by the human brain. So we’ll need tools to help us keep our concentration. With their guidance, we can only conceive what we could become when we cross the bounds of space and time.

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