The Mysterious Pyramid of Scotland's Cairngorms National Park

The Mysterious Pyramid of Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park


Scotland may be the least probable area to witness this type of archaic architectural structure. Still, believe it or not, a pyramid may be found in Scotland’s Cairngorms National Park, serving as a fascinating royal and historical landmark.

The area, set among the Scottish forests, is often popular with visitors due to its captivating ancient Middle-Aged castle ruins and antiquities.

2 The Mysterious Pyramid of Scotlands Cairngorms National Park
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Meanwhile, this mystery Scottish pyramid has ties to the royal family. In truth, it is one of the 11 Scottish Cairns, a carefully arranged collection of stones erected to honor members of the British Royal Family. The pyramid in question, in particular, was created to represent Queen Victoria’s love for Prince Albert.

This is the largest of the 11 Cairns, created following Prince Albert’s death as a memorial to his life and love of the great outdoors. It is situated in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park, just past the Balmoral Royal Estate in Aberdeenshire.

From afar, the edifice is stunningly gorgeous, and it is surrounded by a tranquil and verdant wooded forest. It takes a little climbing up into the Cairngorms to get to the pyramid and witness the exquisite arrangement of stones for yourself, but it’s well worth the journey for the interesting views in Scotland.

Make sure to stop and take breaks while you trek through the Cairngorms, as the natural views and sounds you’ll encounter along the journey are incomparable and soul-soothing. As you approach the pyramid, take in nature’s splendor.

There are several ways to reach there, but it’s best to take the circle through the woods, which will gradually take you up the hiking trail where you’ll find the other, much smaller cairns dedicated to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s children.

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