The Legendary Ancient Thunderbird Was Real, and it May Still be Alive Today

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Around 16,500 new animal species are discovered, identified, and categorized each year using modern DNA testing and mapping technology worldwide. Both extinct and unknown organisms are being discovered each day. But what if someone came face to face with the ancient thunderbird in modern times?

1 The Legendary Ancient Thunderbird Was Real and it May Still be Alive Today

Native Americans from North America used to carve totems and recount stories about the unusual beasts that lived in their lands. One of these is the Thunderbirds. These mythical creatures resemble massive birds capable of causing thunderstorms each time they flap their wings. They are essentially buffed-up versions of the butterflies in the butterfly effect.

They are considered servants of the Great Spirits of the World and live on lonely mountain peaks. As much as these monsters are feared, they are also revered by the people.

2 The Legendary Ancient Thunderbird Was Real and it May Still be Alive Today

Some think that these thunderbirds are Pterandonon. These are a genus of Pterosaurs and include some of the largest flying reptiles the world has ever seen. And, with the abundance of fossilized remains of this specie in America, they may be the same species.

3 The Legendary Ancient Thunderbird Was Real and it May Still be Alive Today

But it is strange because these flying lizards should have disappeared millions of years ago. But there is evidence that residents of the early North American region had multiple encounters with these giant birds from as close as 200 years ago.

4 The Legendary Ancient Thunderbird Was Real and it May Still be Alive Today

Other evidence includes photographs from 1864, during the American Civil War, where a massive bird-like creature lies dead beneath the boots of six American soldiers. As for the latest story we know of, in 1977, three youngsters from Illinois were hunted by a creature that resembled a big bird and only stopped when it got one of the kids and flew off.

5 The Legendary Ancient Thunderbird Was Real and it May Still be Alive Today

The evidence does not match up with the generally accepted timeline. Weird animals come and go, and with our technology, we should be able to uncover more species that may be hiding just under our palms. And, when the time comes, hopefully, we can find a plausible explanation for the existence of these thunderbirds.

Some of the most intriguing cryptozoological mysteries in the United States and Canada involve large, mysterious birds that have often been described as “thunderbirds.”

Reports of encounters with these giant, feathered animals date back over two hundred years. And while some cryptozoologists believe that thunderbirds may be a type of unknown pterosaur, or even a surviving prehistoric bird, it is possible that they are nothing more than legends and folklore.

The physical descriptions of these legendary animals vary widely. Some people say they saw them as having a bright red head and white body, while others describe them as being dark brown and black with white stripes on their wings. Other reports say they are tall and slender with long necks and powerful legs; while many other accounts note that they had short wings which resembled those of raptors like eagles. Whether or not thunderbirds are real is something we may never know for sure. But it’s undeniable that in cultures around the world for thousands

There are many ancient cultures that talk of these phenomenally gifted, sacred beings, and they often refer to them as Thunderbirds. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that this creature may still exist today.

It is an ancient Native American legend that a huge, thunderbird-like bird had once terrorized the people. The legend persists to this day and there are several stories about what might have happened to the bird and whether it was alive or not.

  1. The feathered creature may have died of natural causes in the distant past and its remains were somehow preserved by ice; alternatively, it may still be alive today, grateful for all of the generations that entrusted their secret to keeping him safe.

2. A different version of the story states that a hermit living up in the mountains managed to shoot one with an arrow as it flew overhead, leaving behind only its five-foot wingspan as evidence.

Watch this video to learn more about these mythical ancient birds that seemingly transcended time.

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