The Five Nikola Tesla Lost Inventions That Threatened The World Elite

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Most genuinely remarkable inventions alter the culture in which they are employed. Since sustaining the status quo is more profitable to those at the top of the social structure, they conceal ground-breaking discoveries that are beneficial to the world but dangerous to their very existence.

The engineering prodigy Nikola Tesla was by no means an exception. Here are a few of Nikola Tesla’s creations that “they” don’t want you to be aware of:

Demise Ray

In the 1930s, Nikola Tesla claimed to have developed Teleforce, a “death beam.” A powerful, finely concentrated beam of energy might be generated by the weapon, and it could be used to destroy enemy planes, hostile armies, or other unwelcome objects. He believed that counties might destroy one another too easily, which is why the alleged “death ray” was never created.

According to Tesla, a country could “destroy anything approaching within 200 miles… [and] will offer a wall of power,” making “any country, vast or tiny, impassable to armies, airplanes, and other tactics for invasion.” He said that attempts had been made to steal the invention.

His room had been broken into, and his documents had been examined, but the burglars—or spies—had fled empty-handed.

Oscillator from Tesla
In 1898, Tesla claimed to have built and deployed a small oscillating device that, when connected to his office and operating, nearly toppled the building and everything nearby. It was implied that the technology might simulate earthquakes in this manner. After recognizing the possible terrors such a device may cause, Tesla claimed that he “took a hammer to the oscillator to destroy it, telling his crew to profess ignorance to the origin of the tremors if asked.”

Some rumors claim that the government is still making use of Tesla’s research at places like the HAARP installation in Alaska.

System for Free Electricity
Together with JP Morgan, Tesla designed and built the enormous wireless transmission station known as Wardenclyffe Tower between 1901 and 1902. The Wardenclyffe Tower, in Morgan’s opinion, may provide wireless communication on a global scale. But Tesla had other plans.

Tesla hoped to transmit communications, telephones, and even facsimile images over the Atlantic to England and to ships at sea based on his theories about how the Earth might transport the signals. If the proposal was successful, everyone could gain power by burying a rod in the earth. Sadly, free electricity is not profitable.

And because it has the potential to fundamentally alter the energy business, this system might be extremely harmful for the world’s elite. If civilization didn’t depend on oil and coal to run, how different would it be?

The major world powers: could they keep the upper hand? Morgan declined to provide the funding. The undertaking was shelved in 1906 and never saw completion.

Flying Saucer

In 1911, Nikola Tesla told The New York Herald that he was working on a “flying machine” that could defy gravity.

My plane won’t have wings or propellers. If you saw it on the ground, you wouldn’t realize it was a flying vehicle. However, it will be able to fly at will, regardless of the weather, “holes in the air,” or downward currents, and at quicker speeds than have been accomplished thus far.

If desired, it will soar in such currents. Even in a breeze, it may remain perfectly still in the air for an extended period of time. Its lifting capacity won’t be dependent on any delicate mechanisms like the bird must use, but rather on effective mechanical action.

Tesla used a free energy source to power his flying saucer at a period when the aviation and automobile industries were still in their infancy and were dependent on oil and petroleum. Both his technology and his free energy system were destroyed.

Enhanced Airships

Tesla claimed that electrically powered airships could travel from New York to London in about three hours, eight miles above the ground. He also believed that airships may be propelled by the atmosphere itself and would never need to be refueled.

Unmanned airships might be used to transport people to a specific place or to conduct a long-range aerial strike. He never got credit for his invention. However, we now have unmanned drones that do combat missions, very quick supersonic planes, and space shuttle technology that enables us to circle the Earth in the upper atmosphere.

His labor, research, and innovations that he had in his hands before he passed away were allegedly physically stolen by the FBI, as has long been believed. Recent, extensively redacted Freedom of Information Act requests made by the FBI and made public have corroborated this notion.


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