The Azores archipelago has a mysterious underwater pyramid.


It is claimed that a massive submerged pyramid has been found between the Azores islands of Sao Miguel and Terceira.

This was a revelation to Diocleciano Silva, who couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing him. He detected a perfectly-shaped pyramid structure on the sonar when he was fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Silva validated the 40-meter depth of the mysterious underwater structure after a second look at the GPS devices and maps (131 feet).

The four cardinal compass directions are all on the same side of the rectangle. According to estimates, the pyramid’s base is 8000 square meters.

The Portuguese Hydrographic Institute was informed of the unexpected find. Ice Age glaciers or an ancient civilisation might be to blame for this.

There have been no responses. The precise location is still a mystery.

Supposedly, the Azores’ underwater pyramid rises to a height of 60 meters (196 ft). The list isn’t exhaustive.

“It’s awe-inspiring in form. It’s a pyramid in every respect. The vertices are also perfectly North-South aligned, like the Giza Pyramids in Egypt; “Diocleciano Silva describes this phenomenon.

The fabled Atlantis is a sailor’s fantasy come true. Is it there, as the Portuguese sailor claims? What are the Azorean submerged pyramid’s mysteries? Can we attribute it to human ingenuity or is it more likely the result of pure chance?



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