Strange Artifacts from Mexico Prove the Aliens Were Here on Earth

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Strange artifacts are the main proof we have that ancient aliens were here on Earth. They serve as definitive proof for believers in the extraterrestrial and the paranormal.

So far, we’ve found hundreds of artifacts that could point towards aliens visiting our world at least once. There are also a few artifacts with counterparts from different ancient civilizations and areas that seem to prove that alien lifeforms contacted humans from all over the world.

While artifacts give signs of alien visits in the past, abductions point to their presence in the present. One of these is the abduction of Maurizio Cavallo. He was abducted in 2012 by extraterrestrials from Planet Clarion.

The aliens who allegedly kidnapped him went to planet Clarion before coming to Earth. This planet is in the Eagle Galaxy, about 150,000 light-years away from the Milky Way Galaxy. He claimed that these aliens led him to a secluded base deep in the Amazon forest. Once he arrived, they removed all his reservations and fears to prepare him to receive fresh information as soon as he arrived.

But that is not the most intriguing part. He captured pictures of these aliens, who appeared to be an odd mix of humanity and something extraterrestrial in nature.

According to him, the aliens from planet Clarion are cosmic defenders. He said they were the rainbow lords and the caretakers of the universe. He argues that these extraterrestrial entities are higher lifeforms and are immortals who emerged from the cosmos. Contrary to popular belief, they did not come from a planet but the “source.” Around the same time, this Cavallo was abducted, and workers found strange artifacts in Mexico. While the Mexican government only released limited information on these artifacts, they all point to Mayan and alien connections.

2 Strange Artifacts from Mexico Prove the Aliens Were Here on Earth
3 Strange Artifacts from Mexico Prove the Aliens Were Here on Earth
4 Strange Artifacts from Mexico Prove the Aliens Were Here on Earth

So far, other than these images, no other information about these artifacts has been released. And as you can expect, the people of the internet have different viewpoints on these finds.

Until experts in the subject matter weigh in on the conversation, we can’t conclude anything. But, as far as internet speculations go, these prove that aliens contacted the Malays and helped them by giving them information to help their civilization flourish.

The article talks about the strange artifacts of Mexican origin which give evidence of aliens living on Earth back in our history.

The discovery of these artifacts proves that the ancient civilization was aware of extraterrestrial life and had developed advanced technology. According to the author, this is one of the most important archeological findings in recent years.

The study of ancient civilization is a hotly debated topic among historians and archaeologists. Detractors of the theory believe that human civilizations were more or less distinct from one another and that there was rarely any contact between people living in different areas of the world. This controversial belief was shattered when a group of archaeologists found a series of objects that suggest there was frequent contact between civilizations living in northwestern Mexico and Central America with cultures situated in southern parts of North America.

As an archaeologist myself, I would be remiss to not mention that these findings are particularly fascinating because they provide evidence for the possibility that life on Earth may have more than just one origins.

A group of archaeologists has recently come forward with some intriguing new findings related to artifacts discovered in northwest Mexico’s Sonora Desert, which they believe are evidence of extraterrestrial contact during pre-Columbian times.

When you look at all this data, it’s hard to come up with any other explanation besides

Mexico is one of the most famous countries that has been home to strange artifacts. The country has a rich history and culture with some of the finest art and architecture, as well as natural wonders. But among all these, the existence of strange artifacts from Mexico has not been confirmed.

This particular piece of the artifact was found in a Mexican cave back in December 2017. And it is said to be proof that aliens were on earth back in ancient times.

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