Serious Announcement: Do Not Contact Aliens, or They Will Destroy Humanity

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Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned astrophysicist, credited for the discovery of the Big Bang theory, recently released a serious warning about communicating aliens. He told the world not to contact aliens. If we do, these aliens will put the world in grave danger.

Hawking believes that we should not contact aliens at all. And all efforts to do so should stop immediately. He said that aliens would not take our attempts to contact them lightly. Since we know nothing about them, broadcasting our location to the universe could invite unwanted attention.

The only way that we can survive is to stay hidden, and never come out in the open. The government will not let us know what they are up to. But, I can tell you this – they are trying to develop weapons that can destroy the aliens if they invade Earth. .” What?”. “How can they do that? How could they go back in time to make a weapon to destroy them?” He shrugged. “I don’t know.” He glanced at me and then sighed, before continuing. “They are trying to develop an EMP-like weapon that can weaken their power, or even cause their annihilation with the right amount of power. “Who else knows about this?” I was afraid to ask who else

If you think that you have seen an alien, do not contact it. It will destroy humanity by forcing us into slavery and death. . “You don’t want to be the one who sees aliens.” [U.S. military] “I don’t want to be the one who sees aliens.” [U.S. military]”If you call the police and tell them about an alien invasion, the aliens will destroy Earth.” [U.S. military]

The creative team of a major television show used a neural network for writing the scripts for the show. The show was not just successful because of the plot but also because of the witty and heartfelt commentary that was used throughout the episodes.

So far, all we know is that there are planets in other solar systems that could host life. But these are assumptions at best. Assumptions are based on our limited understanding of what life needs to flourish.

There may be several other conditions where a planet could sustain life that we haven’t considered. And, in those places, the chance of an alien race evolving differently from us could leave us in the dark about other possibilities.

One of these possibilities is that the conditions they developed in would allow them to advance their civilization to heights we could only imagine. This means a better-developed culture, society, and technology. All of which will be a threat to our existence.

On the other hand, if the alien race that could and would respond to our attempts at contact is within our expectations, we won’t be safe either. If they ever have the technology to come to us, that alone is reason enough for us to conclude that we will not have the capability to protect ourselves from them.

1 Serious Announcement Do Not Contact Aliens or They Will Destroy Humanity

Regardless, Stephen Hawking urges us to stop all attempts to contact alien races. Not only do we not understand them, but we are also wholly unprepared for a confrontation with these advanced beings.

Until we’ve reached a level where we are confident that our technology can protect us, it will probably be best to keep our existence a secret from the universe.

But, given all the years we’ve been trying to establish contact, it may already be too late. Some would even argue that these alien races are already here. And they’re just bidding their time before they launch a large-scale invasion of our planet.

For now, we can only hope that Hawking is wrong. But, considering his track record, this is highly unlikely. 

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