S30 UFO: The Strange Flying Saucer Filmed Over the Nellis Afb Test Range

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Most of you know that the Niels Afb test and training range is home to some of our country’s most well-kept secrets. This is where a number of the world’s most highly classified black projects are done. The public knows that the U2, SR71, B2 aircraft, and F117A Nighthawk Stealth Warrior are based and tested here. But what if flying saucers are also housed in this secretive complex?

In early 2019, a UFO appeared on the radar of the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. The strange flying saucer was spotted by the members of the Northern Nevada Aerospace Authority who quickly started investigating what it might be. After a few hours, they concluded that it was just an optical illusion and it eventually disappeared from the radar.

The sighting sparked a lot of interest in social media as people speculated as to what could have been behind this weird phenomenon and some went on to call it an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

It was in the form of a light that caught the attention of an Air Force communications officer near the Nellis AFB Test Range. What he captured on his camera is something you have probably never seen before.

The UFO was found to be moving in a counter-clockwise direction and appeared to be “boiling,” or it had a lot of heat coming off it. The object drifted slowly down from the sky before disappearing from view, only to re-appear again over Indian Springs Air Field not far away at 3:30 am, according to the official report. After that video was released, many people speculate about what it might have been and where it came from.

On the evening of July 4, 2007, the strange lights were also filmed over Nellis AFB Test Range in Nevada. The footage was shot in time-lapse by civilian photographer “johnny”, who was home with his wife on that day.

On the night of July 4th, 2007, at 9:51 pm Pacific time Johnny’s wife looked outside and saw bright lights flashing over the Nellis AFB test range. Then she noticed that her camera was picking up the images on video. Johnny set up a camera and discovered the weird lights were actually about 60 feet away from him.”

The first thing Johnny did when he took a look at his camera footage was to contact emergency services to report the incident. The first aircraft sent to investigate arrived four hours later at 3:26 am, however, there were no traces left after they investigated ground radar readings and studied satellite footage.

Given this place’s secretiveness, it’s reasonable to suspect that the people working here are hiding something. While we know that here is where our most developed aircraft come from, let’s examine the S30 UFO spotted in there instead.


In 1994, a government-controlled, best-in-class, state-of-the-art radar captured a UFO on video in a region known as the Area S30 of the testing range. Hence, the name of the Unidentified Flying Object. 

These radars and cameras are used for stream warrior preparation and strategic information. The UFO went unnoticed for longer than the military base wanted.

Some argued that this UFO is a man-made mystery project. But it is well-known that the cameras are turned away or disabled whenever new aircraft types are tested. This is done for secrecy, but the fact that the cameras took a video convinced people that it was a UFO.

Since this information went public, people started trying to find where Area S30 was. However, no one has been successful thus far. Regardless, the search continues, with a mountain range being our only clue. So far, three possible locations are the most likely answers: Tolicha Peak, Quartz, and Black Mountain.


The search for Area S30 would have been easier if the video captured didn’t have the puffy glass cloud covering it. It is said that seeing this ‘cotton ball’ often happens when UFOs are seen. 

Regardless, the UFO seen is not conventional by any standard. It has no discernible wing or driving mechanism. And it was capable of maneuvering in all directions at unbelievable speeds. The item made surprising right-hand turns and ascended rapidly in a straight line.

When the footage slipped by the base’s admin and went public, it was the first UFO sighting released on television. Since then, S30 has become a subject of speculation and conspiracies.

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