Parallel Universe: Strange Coin Found in Mexico From 2039, New Germany

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Parallel universes are a mysterious topic that scientists want to explore. While we do not have the technology to go to these universes yet, there’s a chance that they do. What if there are visitors from other universes in our world? What if they accidentally left traces of their existence?

Our current understanding of the parallel universe theory is based on the idea that each one of our choices creates a branch in the fabric of time. For example, a new universe is created each time you choose to eat a burger for lunch instead of a salad. Another parallel universe is created each time a coin turns heads when you flip it.

Ultimately, with the millions and billions of choices humanity collectively makes each day, the number of parallel universes out there is impossible to count.

But what if there are only a few opportunities for branches in time to be created? What if only the large events in human history can significantly alter the timeline?

If so, there might be a universe where we preserved the Library of Alexandria and our technology progressed earlier. There could also be a universe where we’re studying Adolf Hitler’s artworks instead of his several war crimes. What if the timeline branched much earlier? What if humanity evolved into water-dwelling intelligent life instead? We do not have the capability of answering these questions yet. But the other universes might. A Mexican construction crew once found a coin that appears to have come from a different timeline.

The coin has engravings that point to something that did not happen in our universe. This object also appears to have come from the future, 2039, to be exact.

To better understand the coin, the workers decided to bring it to a university and have it investigated by a team of experts.

From what could be seen at the surface of the coin, it may have come from a “New Germany” where the Nazis won the war instead. The coin’s engravings look faded, but a swastika can be seen. The coin also has “All in one” engraved on the opposite side.

One day in the 1920s, a Mexican woman took her fishing equipment to the banks of a small river and found an old coin. The coin was from the year 2039 and it had the German Empire on one side and Mexico on the other.

This is not a hoax. A parallel universe really exists and there are possible ways to find it!

What if we could visit these parallel universes? What would they look like? And would they be as beautiful as ours?

There are two reasons why people who say this is fake usually say that:

1. They believe that our world couldn’t have just appeared out of nowhere

2. They think that this story was made up by someone who wanted attention or thought it was funny

This parallel universe was discovered in Mexico in the year 2039. The coin was found with a note, which reads “We don’t know the origin of these coins, but they have been circulating for more than a year now. The amount of them is constant and we have been able to identify almost all of them.”

Mexico’s president declined to reveal more details about the government’s investigation into this phenomenon, but reports state that some are concerned that it could be related to terrorism.

This discussion relates to a coin that was found in the State of Tlaxcala, in Mexico in May 2039. On one side, it has the letter “X” and on the other side, there is an unknown letter. The person who found this coin had a similar coin given to them by their grandmother. When they went to her home to confront her about this mystery, they found out that she passed away 2 years ago- meaning she must have sent this person a message through time.

The idea of a parallel universe is something that has fascinated people for centuries and it might be the future of humanity- with scientists predicting that we will come into contact with another universe within the next 10 years. Such a discovery would be astonishing and world-changing but would also raise so many new questions about our existence, our purpose, and what exactly is going on in “outer space”.

The video below discusses the coin in more detail for a more in-depth discussion.

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