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Our Ancestors Were Ancient Aliens Who Left Earth 20,000 Years Ago

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Humanity has always pondered where it came from. Did we come from primates evolving and slowly traveling toward different corners of the world? Was humanity created by all-powerful gods, as others believe? Or were our ancestor’s ancient aliens who left us long ago?

The idea of ancient aliens leaving Earth 20,000 years ago has been around for a while. A controversial theory that suggests that humans are not the first inhabitants on this planet.

We start with the basics and look at evidence of human ancestry in the past history of Earth.

Some of the most popular ideas on ancient aliens are that they came to Earth in a spaceship or that they left behind advanced henge structures and pyramids as a sign of their presence.

However, new research has shown that our ancestors may have been ancient aliens themselves who left Earth 20,000 years ago and were then lost to time.

The discovery comes from recent gene analysis which has not only confirmed the theory but also given more insights into how we came to be humans today.

We are not alone, and humans were not the first ones settling on Earth.

There has been plenty of evidence that suggests that humans have been around for a lot longer than we thought it was. Research in mostly unconnected places has discovered ancient artifacts and remains which offers insight into how ancient civilizations lived and created things.

Ancient Aliens:

The Theory of Ancient Aliens is a documentary series that explores ancient unsolved mysteries, lost civilizations, archaeological data, and more to offer an alternative perspective to mainstream history as we know it. The series is hosted by Ancient Life expert Scott Wolterman.

In recent years, the world has slowly become more connected with the spread of internet use. This helped spark the increasing number of reports on alien abductions and close encounters. Despite not every claim being real and most being hoaxes, some are stuck in normal people’s minds and UFO scholars alike.

1 Our Ancestors Were Ancient Aliens Who Left Earth 20000 Years Ago

In these encounters, witnesses claim that when these extraterrestrial entities abducted them, the aliens showed them several holograms and projections about Earth’s true history. Some people claim to have even interacted with aliens who say they were on our planet long before we were. And some claim that we came from the very aliens they met. Witness statements vary, but they often say that the aliens were here as late as a few thousand years ago.

This gave rise to the supporters of a belief that these aliens are our ancestors, and they left Earth to help spark an evolution in another distant corner of the universe. However, with the limited technology of our time, there are several mysteries we are yet to understand.

2 Our Ancestors Were Ancient Aliens Who Left Earth 20000 Years Ago

Another fact that supports this idea is that myths and legends from different civilizations seem to say the same things. And people have taken this as a sign that these witnesses’ claims are true. And they are left wondering why these aliens did not contact everyone.

3 Our Ancestors Were Ancient Aliens Who Left Earth 20000 Years Ago

Maybe only a few have been granted the privilege of knowing what truly happened in our history. Maybe they are the few lucky ones who aliens granted the information we need to survive the storms ahead.

All we can do is discern and process the information we have available. And use them to improve our lives as we prepare for what lies ahead.

For now, the best thing we can do is to look at our DNA and find the first clues to our origins. A huge portion of human DNA remains unknown. What makes us certain is that it doesn’t contain the answers to the questions we’ve always asked.

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