Orion's Secret: Why Are So Many Ancient Megalithic Structures Oriented Towards Orion?

Orion’s Secret: Why Are So Many Ancient Megalithic Structures Oriented Towards Orion?


What did our famous forebears seek to convey to us in the distant past through their stunningly beautiful works? What does it mean that so many ancient monuments and archaeological structures point to Orion? Is this where our Gods came from?

These are the unresolved mysteries that have plagued humanity for decades.

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To keep track of the locations of close and distant celestial bodies, our predecessors built distinguishing monuments, calendars, and “observatories.” In antiquity, Orion was one of the most studied constellations. Its image was discovered 32,500 years ago in the т тs.

Scientists investigated ancient hyperborean sanctuaries on the Kola Peninsula in the White Sea, and their discoveries were related to conventional lines. The constellation Orion was visible on the resulting map.

The ‘oscillating pillar of Tatev,’ which is located in Armenian territory, is aimed at the Orion belt, a unique astronomical instrument that acts as “an everlasting sentinel of the most accurate account of space-time.”

This constellation is associated with a number of sites on the world. As new discoveries are made, the list becomes longer each year.

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Each country looks to be linked to the constellation, aiming to demonstrate its involvement in the immense cosmic power. This constellation used to be the center of the heavens for the whole planet, encompassing Egypt, Mexico, Old Babylon, and Old Russia.

It has been known as Orion from ancient Greek times. The Rusichi named it Kruzhilia or Kolo, after Carla, while the Armenians named it Hayk (believing that this is the light of the soul of their ancestor frozen in the sky). The Incas gave it the name Orion Chakra.

But what is it about Orion that makes it so important? Why are there so many monuments and archaeological structures devoted to it and associated with its movements?


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This idea is demonstrated by the Egyptian pyramids, which are earthly replicas, a three-dimensional map, and a copy of the brightest stars in Orion: “What is above is similar to what is below.” Not only that, but there are other structures as well. The two pyramids of Teotihuacán, as well as the Quetzalcoatl temple, are all located in the same region.

Believe it or not, some academics have drawn connections between the Orion belt and three large Martian volcanoes. Is it just a coincidence? Or are they man-made volcanoes rather than natural ones? … We’re not sure. These “signs” might have been left on any planet in the solar system, and the list goes on. This, however, is not the most significant factor. What did the ancient pyramid builders mean? What message did they hope to convey to their forefathers?

It’s an odd connection.

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The ancient Egyptians believed that their gods fell from the skies in human form after flying from the constellations Orion and Sirius. According to them, Orion (especially the star Rigel) was associated with Sah and, later, with the God Osiris. Sirius was the astrological symbol of Isis.

As various scientists have stated, the associations with Osiris are not coincidence. Orion, the strong hunter, is the earliest image of God in the human psyche, and all terrestrials recognize him.

Relationship with the Hopi people.

The Hopi Indians live in Central America, and their stone villages resembled a projection of the constellation Orion at the summer and winter solstices.

The Orion constellation is also considered to be a doorway to an earlier and more evolved parallel three-dimensional universe than our own. Perhaps our progenitors came from there and landed in the solar system?


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