Numerous residents of Indonesia recorded a large UFO.

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The video below was sent to residents of a village in Indonesia’s southern Kalimantan region a few nights ago, and it quickly became popular on the Asian section of the Internet.

In the late evening, according to accounts, a huge circular disk lit by the moon appeared over the hills close to the village. The end of the world or an alien invasion were two popular beliefs among the natives.


Fortunately, neither of these things happened, but this does not take the mystery surrounding the aforementioned incidents out of the picture. Unfortunately, the video is of low quality because it was taken using a faulty video camera on an old phone, which made it difficult to clearly detect the irregularity.

The strange disc-shaped item, however, was not a regular cloud, according to all first-hand eyewitnesses to the occurrence. Instead, it seemed to be a mystical energy cluster that was encircled by the moon’s brilliant light.


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