Moon A NASA satellite has discovered what seems to be water on the Moon.

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NASA satellite circling the Moon observed water molecules moving on the Moon’s surface on the lunar dayside, and the findings were published in a groundbreaking Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter study.

This incredible Moon discovery disproves the long-held idea that the Moon’s surface is dry.

2 Moon A NASA satellite has discovered what seems to be water on the Moon

Until today, NASA had told us that the only places on the Moon where water could be discovered were tiny pockets of ice near the poles… However, we now know that liquid water exists on the Moon. Isn’t it fantastic?

The study’s author is Amanda Hendrix. “These incredible discoveries advance our understanding of the lunar water cycle, and they will surely be exploited by humans on future missions to the Moon,” she added.

“Humans will use lunar water to make fuel, radiation shielding, and thermal management, eliminating the need for future voyages to carry these materials from Earth.”

Dr. Kurt Retherford, the LRO’s Lyman Alpha Mapping Project’s main investigator, wanted to stress that this discovery is all the more relevant because NASA is anticipating a return to the Moon in the coming years.


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