Massive Underwater Alien Bases Were Spotted by Google Earth Satellites

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As the title says, people found massive underwater alien bases using Google Earth. The Satellite images revealed two massive structures underwater, and experts haven’t been able to explain what they are.

The underwater alien bases were discovered by Google Earth satellites in a remote area of the Pacific Ocean. There is still no explanation of what these underwater alien bases are or what they were used for, but many experts believe that this discovery could be a key piece to understanding extraterrestrial life.

There is a lot of speculation on the discovery, but it’s now been confirmed that there are indeed massive structures underneath the Pacific Ocean.

The Pacific Ocean is home to the world’s largest ocean floor and deepest ocean trench, both of which are being explored by modern technology. Scientists have confirmed that vast underwater caves and tunnels do exist and are hidden from most humans. But now mankind is experiencing even stranger things that are far more mysterious. 

Google Earth satellites have revealed the existence of massive underwater alien bases that are located all over the planet.

One of these bases was discovered in March 2017 by an undergraduate student from the University of Puerto Rico when using Google Earth to try and locate a friend’s house. Another one was found by an amateur who found what looked like a UFO on Google Earth.

These discoveries were made possible with the use of technology such as advanced satellites, computers, and maps. This will allow humanity to discover unknown things about our planet that may not be revealed for many years or centuries.

The underwater bases are believed to have been built by an ancient civilization that left Earth tens of thousands of years ago before the ice age. This theory is based on the latest news about these underwater bases, which have recently been found. 

Google Earth satellite images captured what is believed to be massive underwater fractal-inspired alien bases. What are these mysterious structures and where did they come from? Nothing definitive can be said.

A YouTuber named MEXICOGEEK was the first to discover the extraterrestrial base submerged under millions of tons of water. On July 15, he published a screenshot he says was near the coast of the Gulf of California. He said he found something interesting while looking through the Google Earth website.

0 sunken base

People claim that this is an enormous extraterrestrial metropolis about seventy miles long. While there are other underwater formations worldwide, this one is different. It is made up of symmetrical lines stretching over 70 miles, and the chances are, these structures were artificially made. 

These geometric formations could not have occurred naturally. The lines are too straight, and they all converge on several points as if they were designed that way. 

As soon as people found the screenshots MEXICOGEEK published, they also tried their hand at looking for other underwater bases using Google Earth. It took some time before someone succeeded, but they found another.

1 ufo base venezuela

Another person found the second Extraterrestrial underwater base off the coast of Valenzuela. This base is smack in between Curacao and Puerto Rico. 

Compared to the first one, this looks even more intricate. It was also larger at 90 miles long. The structure had 90-degree corners and several zigzagging lines spanning the whole width of the structure. 

It would be tougher to prove that this occurred naturally, cementing that these discoveries are alien bases made by extraterrestrials with technology we do not have. 

What makes this base even more interesting is its proximity to the Bermuda Triangle. Experts think that this could not have been a coincidence.

8.5 Miles Giant Satellite images revealed an Ancient Pyramid that is thought to be the legendary Atlantis

Notably, someone also found a pyramid under the Pacific Ocean near the coast of Mexico. This structure is much smaller than the two mentioned above. Still, its proximity to other ancient civilizations led some people to believe it could be the lost City of Atlantis. 

While there are no plans to explore these areas yet, people would often come back to Google Earth to periodically check on these structures.


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